Introduced17 September 1992
TLD typeCountry code top-level domain
RegistryMacao Network Information Centre
SponsorGovernment of Macau
Intended useEntities connected with
Actual useGets limited use in Macau
Registration restrictionsLimited to local businesses and organizations in Macau
StructureSecond-level registrations are now available to registrants who already have the same name at third level
Registry websiteMONIC
.mo can also refer to the file extension of binary files that have been compiled from .po files using GNU gettext.

.mo is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Macau.

The registry for this domain name is operated by the Macao Network Information Centre (MONIC). Operated by the University of Macau since 1992, MONIC administers the registration of the country-code domain names ccTLD.

To further promote the development of services, the Government of Macau changed the operation entity of MONIC. Effective from 12 March 2011, HNET Asia Limited [1] appointed by the Macau government, is responsible for operating MONIC.

HNET aims at optimising and developing the Macau domain name. It will be contributing to the development of the internet industry in Macau, as well as deploying Chinese domain names (including at the Top-Level, .澳門), DNSSEC and other capabilities for the registry.

At present, domain names are open to local businesses and organisations and cannot be registered by the general public.

Domain name registration

Second-level Domain name registrations:

Third-level Domain name registrations:

Internationalised top level domain

In early 2015 two new top level domains were reserved for Macau. They are .澳门 (in simplified Chinese) and .澳門 (in traditional Chinese). MONIC has requested these domains.

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