SK-NIC logo.png
TLD typeCountry code top-level domain
Intended useEntities connected with
Actual usePopular in Slovakia
Registered domains380,408 (2018-08-24)[1]
Registration restrictionsN/A
StructureNames can be registered directly at second level, or at the third level beneath
Registry websiteSK-NIC

.sk is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Slovakia. It is administered by SK-NIC a.s.

SK-NIC, a. s., is the administrator of the top-level domain .sk. It has been recognised since the mid-1990s by the manager of the DNS root zone, the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority, as the delegated manager of .SK (changing its name from EUNET Slovakia to EuroWeb Slovakia in 1999 and to SK-NIC in 2006).[2]

In 2006, SK-NIC also entered into an agreement with the Slovak Government unique among country codes in Europe, voluntarily transferring some of the competences of domain administration to the State, and submitting to levels of service requirements and a policy-making committee comprising representatives of the internet community as well as the Government.[3]

SK-NIC is the most successful country-code Top Level Domain registry in Europe in open engagement of its community as resellers, with over 5900 accredited registrars at its maximum in Slovakia (note: there are only three other ccTLDs registries in the European region with over 1000 registrars, and as an example there are only over 40 registrars in neighbouring Czech Republic or 300+ in Germany, largest registry domain-wide).[4]

It has also perfect 100% DNS availability since it has been managed by SK-NIC, a.s. All staff and technology used by SK-NIC, a.s., is situated in Slovakia, where it operates with perfect 100% of DNS availability rate since it as a fully owned subsidiary of the global group CentralNic, listed on the London stock Exchange.[5]

CentralNic acquired SK-Nic from a private Netherlands-based company in December 2017.[6]

Before the split in 1993, the former Czechoslovakia used the domain .cs.


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