1928 New York gubernatorial election

← 1926 November 6, 1928 1930 →
Nominee Franklin D. Roosevelt Albert Ottinger
Party Democratic Republican
Popular vote 2,130,193 2,104,129
Percentage 48.96% 48.34%

Governor before election

Al Smith

Elected Governor

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

The 1928 New York state elections were held on November 6, 1928, to elect the governor, the lieutenant governor, the state comptroller, the attorney general, a U.S. Senator and a judge[1] of the New York Court of Appeals, as well as all members of the New York State Assembly and the New York State Senate.


The Workers state convention met on June 10.[2]

The Socialist state convention met on July 15 at Albany, New York.[3]

The Republican state convention met on September 29 at Syracuse, New York.[4]

The Democratic state convention met on October 2 at Rochester, New York.[5]


Four Democrats and two Republicans were elected in a tight race.

The incumbents Tremaine and Copeland were re-elected.

The Democratic, Republican and Socialist parties maintained automatic ballot access, the Socialist Labor Party did not re-attain it, and the Workers Party did not attain it.

1928 state election results
Office Democratic ticket Republican ticket Socialist ticket Workers ticket Socialist Labor ticket
Governor Franklin D. Roosevelt 2,130,193 Albert Ottinger 2,104,129 Louis Waldman 101,859 William F. Dunne 10,741 Charles H. Corregan 4,213
Lieutenant Governor Herbert H. Lehman 2,078,921 Charles C. Lockwood 2,064,882 Herman J. Hahn[6] 105,806 Franklin P. Brill[7] 11,715 John E. DeLee[8] 5,198
Comptroller Morris S. Tremaine 2,053,971 Harry B. Crowley 2,038,306 Elizabeth C. Roth[9] 117,346 Lovett Fort-Whiteman 12,370 Henrietta Silver 6,733
Attorney General Albert Conway 2,014,769 Hamilton Ward, Jr. 2,081,279 William Karlin 118,797 Juliet S. Poyntz 12,464 Simeon Bickwheat 5,701
Judge of the Court of Appeals Leonard C. Crouch 2,006,239 Irving G. Hubbs 2,067,046 Hezekiah D. Wilcox[10] 120,076
U.S. Senator Royal S. Copeland 2,084,273 Alanson B. Houghton 2,034,014 McAlister Coleman 111,208 Robert Minor 11,956 Henry Kuhn[11] 5,543

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