General elections were held in Kenya in May 1948.

Electoral system

The seats in the Legislative Council were distributed according to a race-based franchise. Eleven Europeans were elected from single-member constituencies defined as Part A; five Indians (two of which were required to be Muslims) were elected from three Part B constituencies, and one Arab was elected from a single nationwide Part C constituency. Four Africans and nine Europeans were nominated members.


Elected members

Constituency Candidate Votes % Notes
European seats
(19 May)
Gerald Hopkins 299 58.4 Elected
Clive Wilfrid Salter 152 29.7
Arthur Sutcliffe 61 11.9
Coast Shirley Victor Cooke Unopposed Re-elected
Kiambu Wilfrid Havelock Unopposed Re-elected
Mombasa George Nicol Unopposed Re-elected
Nairobi North
(14 May)
Ernest Vasey 391 61.2 Re-elected
Stanley Ghersie 248 38.8
Nairobi South
(12 May)
Derek Erskine 627 72.2 Elected
Norman Harris 141 16.2
George Alfred Tyson 101 11.6
Nyanza George Maitland Edye Unopposed Re-elected
Rift Valley
(12 May)
Michael Blundell 356 50.6 Elected
Francis Scott 273 38.8
Sidney Farrar 74 10.5
Trans Nzoia Albert George Keyser Unopposed Re-elected
Uasin Gishu Laurence Maconochie-Welwood Unopposed Elected
Ukamba Dorothy Shaw Unopposed Elected
Indian seats
(28–30 May)
Chunilal Madan Elected
Ibrahim Nathoo Elected Muslim
Bhagar Singh Biant Singh Biant
Eastern Ambalal Bhailalbhai Patel Re-elected
Mohamed Ali Rana Elected Muslim
(13–15 May)
Ahluwalia Pritam Re-elected
Dharm Bir DauletRam Kohli
Arab member
Colony and Protectorate Mohamed Abdulla Shatry Elected
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Appointed members

Member Position
African appointees
Eliud Mathu
Appolo Ohanga
James Jeremiah
John Kipsugut arap Chemallan
European appointees
Norman Frederick Stewart Andrews Deputy Financial Secretary
Samuel Reginald Boyd Director of Public Works
Stuart Gillett Director of Agriculture
John Basil Hobson Solicitor-General
Ernest Meredyth Hyde-Clarke Labour Commissioner
Arthur Hope Jones Secretary for Commerce and Industry
Norman MacPherson MacLennan Director of Medical Services
Robert Patrick Director of Education
George James Robbins Commissioner of Lands, Mines and Surveys
Source: Kenya Gazette[4]


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