British Society of Cinematographers
HeadquartersPinewood Studios, England
  • United Kingdom
Key people
Christopher Ross BSC, President

The British Society of Cinematographers (abbreviated B.S.C. or BSC) is an organisation formed in 1949 by Bert Easey (23 August 1901 – 28 February 1973), the then head of the Denham and Pinewood studio camera departments,[1] to represent British cinematographers in the British film industry.

The stated objectives at the formation of the BSC were:

There were originally 55 members. Currently, there are 256 full, honorary and associate members. For a British cinematographer, membership of the BSC is an affirmation of the high standard of their craft. The members of the British Society of Cinematographers are entitled to use BSC as postnominals in motion picture and television credits.

Notable members

BSC members have won 22 Academy Awards over the last 95 years. Below is a list of some of their most notable members.[2]


The current president of the British Society of Cinematographers is Christopher Ross BSC.[3] The BSC Board of Governors is made up 18 Full Members and a co-opted member from the Associate Membership. The 2022–23 Board of Governors are:

The BSC employs four members of staff. Audra Marshall serves as Secretary of the BSC, Frances Russell serves as Treasurer, Duncan Bruce serves as Membership Engagement and Social Media and Helen MacLean runs the BSC office.

Award categories




In popular culture

In the 1981 film The Great Muppet Caper, Kermit and Fozzie comment on the opening credits as they appear. When the name of the film's cinematographer Oswald Morris with his post-nominal letters appears, Fozzie asks, "What does B.S.C. stand for?", to which Kermit perplexedly replies, "I don't know."[citation needed]

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