A list of British films released in 1920.


Title Director Cast Genre Notes
Alf's Button Cecil Hepworth Leslie Henson, Alma Taylor Adventure
All the Winners Geoffrey H. Malins Owen Nares, Maudie Dunham Crime
The Amateur Gentleman Maurice Elvey Langhorn Burton, Cecil Humphreys Drama
The Amazing Quest of Mr. Ernest Bliss Henry Edwards Henry Edwards, Chrissie White Comedy
Anna the Adventuress Cecil Hepworth Alma Taylor, Jean Cadell, James Carew Crime
As God Made Her Maurits Binger, B. E. Doxat-Pratt Mary Odette, Henry Victor Romance Co-production with the Netherlands
At the Mercy of Tiberius Fred LeRoy Granville Peggy Hyland, Campbell Gullan Drama
At the Villa Rose Maurice Elvey Manora Thew, Langhorn Burton Crime
The Auction Mart Duncan McRae Gertrude McCoy, Charles Quatermaine Drama
Aunt Rachel Albert Ward Isobel Elsom, Haidee Wright Drama
Aylwin Henry Edwards Henry Edwards, Chrissie White Drama
A Bachelor Husband Kenelm Foss Lyn Harding, Hayford Hobbs Romance
The Barton Mystery Harry T. Roberts Lyn Harding, Hilda Bayley Mystery
Beyond the Dreams of Avarice Thomas Bentley Henry Victor, Frank Stanmore Drama
The Black Sheep Sidney Morgan Marguerite Blanche, George Keene Romance
The Black Spider William Humphrey Mary Clare, Lydia Kyasht Crime
Bleak House Maurice Elvey Constance Collier, Berta Gellardi Drama
Brenda of the Barge Arthur Rooke Marjorie Villis, James Knight Romance
Broken Bottles Leslie Henson Leslie Henson, Nora Howard Comedy
Build Thy House Fred Goodwins Henry Ainley, Ann Trevor
By Berwin Banks Sidney Morgan Langhorn Burton, Eileen Magrath Romance
Calvary Edwin J. Collins Malvina Longfellow, Henry Victor, Charles Vane Drama
The Case of Lady Camber Walter West Violet Hopson, Stewart Rome Mystery
Castles in Spain Horace Lisle Lucoque C. Aubrey Smith, Lilian Braithwaite Romance
The Channings Edwin J. Collins Lionelle Howard, Dick Webb Crime
The Children of Gibeon Sidney Morgan Joan Morgan, Langhorn Burton Drama
Colonel Newcome Fred Goodwins Milton Rosmer, Joyce Carey Historical
Darby and Joan Percy Nash Derwent Hall Caine, Ivy Close Drama Screenplay by Hall Caine
David and Jonathan Alexander Butler Madge Titheradge, Geoffrey Webb Adventure
A Dead Certainty George Dewhurst Gregory Scott, Poppy Wyndham Sports
Desire George Edwardes-Hall Dennis Neilson-Terry, Yvonne Arnaud Fantasy/horror
The Duchess of Seven Dials Fred Paul Cecil Mannering, Marjorie Hume Romance
Duke's Son Franklin Dyall Guy Newall, Ivy Duke Drama
Enchantment Einar Bruun Henry Krauss, Mary Odette, Eric Barclay Drama
Ernest Maltravers Jack Denton Cowley Wright, Lillian Hall-Davis Drama
The Ever Open Door Fred Goodwins Hayford Hobbs, Daphne Glenne Melodrama
The Face at the Window Wilfred Noy C. Aubrey Smith, Gladys Jennings Crime
The Fall of a Saint W. P. Kellino Josephine Earle, Gerald Lawrence Crime
The Fordington Twins W. P. Kellino Dallas Anderson, Mary Brough Drama
Foul Play Edwin J. Collins Renee Kelly, Charles Vane Crime
Garryowen George Pearson Fred Groves, Hugh E. Wright Sports
General Post Thomas Bentley Douglas Munro, Lilian Braithwaite Drama
The Golden Web Geoffrey Malins Milton Rosmer, Ena Beaumont Mystery
The Great Gay Road Normand McDonald Stewart Rome, Pauline Johnson Romance
The Grip of Iron Bert Haldane George Foley, Malvina Longfellow Crime
Helen of Four Gates Cecil Hepworth Alma Taylor, James Carew Drama Long believed lost, rediscovered in Canada in 2008
Her Benny A. V. Bramble Lottie Blackford, Robert Vallis Romance
Her Son Walter West Violet Hopson, Stewart Rome Drama
Her Story Alexander Butler Madge Titheradge, Campbell Gullan Drama
Hobson's Choice Percy Nash Joe Nightingale, Joan Ritz Comedy/drama
The Hour of Trial A.E. Coleby Cecil Humphreys, Janet Alexander, Maud Yates Crime
The House on the Marsh Fred Paul Cecil Humphreys, Harry Welchman Crime
The Hundredth Chance Maurice Elvey Dennis Neilson-Terry, Mary Glynne Drama
The Husband Hunter Fred W. Durrant C.M. Hallard, Madge Titheradge, Tom Reynolds Drama
John Forrest Finds Himself Henry Edwards Henry Edwards, Chrissie White Romance
The Joyous Adventures of Aristide Pujol Frank Miller Kenelm Foss, Pauline Peters, Barbara Everest Comedy
Judge Not Einar Bruun Fay Compton, Fred Groves, Eric Barclay Drama
Kissing Cup's Race Walter West Violet Hopson, Gregory Scott, Clive Brook Sport
Laddie Bannister Merwin Sydney Fairbrother, C. Jervis Walter Drama
Lady Audley's Secret Jack Denton Margaret Bannerman, Manning Haynes Drama
Lady Noggs: Peeress Sidney Morgan Joan Morgan, George Bellamy Drama
Lady Tetley's Decree Fred Paul Marjorie Hume, Hamilton Stuart Drama
The Land of Mystery Harold M. Shaw, Basil Thompson Edna Flugrath, Norman Tharp Drama
The Last Rose of Summer Albert Ward Daisy Burrell, Owen Nares, Minna Grey Romance
Law Divine H. B. Parkinson, Challis Sanderson Eva Moore, Evelyn Bent Crime
Little Dorrit Sidney Morgan Lady Tree, Langhorn Burton Drama
The Little Welsh Girl Fred Paul Humberston Wright, Booth Conway Drama
London Pride Harold M. Shaw Edna Flugrath, Fred Groves Comedy
Lorna Doone Horace Lisle Lucoque Dennis Wyndham, Bertie Gordon Romance/drama [1]
Love in the Wilderness Alexander Butler Madge Titheradge, C.M. Hallard Drama
The Lure of Crooning Water Arthur Rooke Guy Newall, Ivy Duke Romance
The Manchester Man Bert Wynne Hayford Hobbs, Aileen Bagot Drama
A Man's Shadow Sidney Morgan Langhorn Burton, Violet Graham Crime
Mary Latimer, Nun Bert Haldane Malvina Longfellow, Warwick Ward Drama
The Mirage Arthur Rooke Edward O'Neill, Dorothy Holmes-Gore Romance
Mr. Gilfil's Love Story A. V. Bramble Robert Henderson Bland, Mary Odette Drama Based on a short story by George Eliot
Mrs. Erricker's Reputation Cecil Hepworth Alma Taylor, Gerald Ames Drama
Nance Albert Ward Isobel Elsom, James Lindsay Drama
The Night Riders Alexander Butler Maudie Dunham, Albert Ray Western
Nothing Else Matters George Pearson Hugh E. Wright, Moyna Macgill Comedy
Oranges Lemons Maurits Binger, B. E. Doxat-Pratt Reginald Barton, Constance Worth Drama Alternative title is Fate's Plaything.
Pillars of Society Rex Wilson Ellen Terry, Norman McKinnel Drama
The Pride of the North A.E. Coleby Cecil Humphreys, Nora Roylance Sports
The Pursuit of Pamela Harold M. Shaw Edna Flugrath, Douglas Munro Drama
A Question of Trust Maurice Elvey Madge Stuart, Harvey Braban Adventure
The Rank Outsider Richard Garrick Gwen Stratford, Cameron Stratford Drama
The Romance of a Movie Star Richard Garrick Violet Hopson, Stewart Rome Romance
Saved from the Sea W. P. Kellino Nora Swinburne, Wallace Bosco Crime
The Scarlet Kiss Fred Goodwins Maud Cressall, Philip Hewland, Marjorie Hume Sports
The Scarlet Wooing Sidney Morgan Eve Balfour, George Keene Drama
The Shadow Between George Dewhurst Doris Lloyd, Lewis Dayton Simeon Stuart Crime
The Story of the Rosary Percy Nash Malvina Longfellow, Charles Vane Drama
A Son of David Hay Plumb Poppy Wyndham, Ronald Colman Sports
The Sword of Damocles George Ridgwell Jose Collins, H.V. Esmond Crime [2]
The Tavern Knight Maurice Elvey Eille Norwood, Madge Stuart Historical
A Temporary Gentleman Fred W. Durrant Owen Nares, Madge Titheradge Comedy
A Temporary Vagabond Henry Edwards Henry Edwards, Chrissie White Comedy
The Temptress George Edwardes-Hall Yvonne Arnaud, Langhorn Burton Drama
Testimony Guy Newall Ivy Duke, David Hawthorne Crime
Three Men in a Boat Challis Sanderson Lionelle Howard, Manning Haynes Comedy
The Tidal Wave Sinclair Hill Poppy Wyndham, Sydney Seaward Romance/drama
The Town of Crooked Ways Bert Wynne Edward O'Neill, Poppy Wyndham Drama
Trent's Last Case Richard Garrick Gregory Scott, Pauline Peters, Clive Brook Mystery
Trousers Bertram Phillips Queenie Thomas, Jack Leigh Drama/romance
True Tilda Harold M. Shaw Edna Flugrath, Teddy Gordon Craig Drama
The Twelve Pound Look Jack Denton Milton Rosmer, Jessie Winter Drama
Two Little Wooden Shoes Sidney Morgan Joan Morgan, Langhorn Burton Romance
Uncle Dick's Darling Fred Paul George Bellamy, Athalie Davis Comedy
The Ugly Duckling Alexander Butler Albert Ray, Florence Turner Comedy
Unmarried Rex Wilson Gerald du Maurier, Malvina Longfellow Drama
Unrest Dallas Cairns Dallas Cairns, Mary Dibley Romance
Walls of Prejudice Charles Calvert Josephine Earle, Dallas Anderson, Zoe Palmer Drama
Watch Your Step Geoffrey H. Malins Ena Beaumont, Victor Robson Comedy
With All Her Heart Frank Wilson Milton Rosmer, Mary Odette Drama
The Woman of the Iron Bracelets Sidney Morgan Eve Balfour, George Keene Crime
Won by a Head Percy Nash Rex Davis, Frank Tennant, Vera Cornish Sports drama
The Worldlings Eric Harrison Basil Gill, Ivy Close Drama
Wuthering Heights A. V. Bramble Milton Rosmer, Colette Brettel Romance First film adaptation of Emily Brontë's novel

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