A list of British films released in 1925.


Title Director Cast Genre Notes
Afraid of Love Reginald West Jameson Thomas, Moore Marriott Drama
The Apache Adelqui Migliar Mona Maris, Jameson Thomas Drama
The Blackguard Graham Cutts Jane Novak, Walter Rilla Drama Co-production with Germany
Bulldog Drummond's Third Round Sidney Morgan Jack Buchanan, Betty Faire Crime
Chu-Chin-Chow Herbert Wilcox Betty Blythe, Herbert Langley Adventure Filmed in Germany
Confessions W. P. Kellino Ian Hunter, Joan Lockton Comedy
A Daughter of Love Walter West Violet Hopson, John Stuart Drama
A Girl of London Henry Edwards Genevieve Townsend, Ian Hunter Drama
The Gold Cure W. P. Kellino Gladys Hamer, Jameson Thomas Comedy
The Happy Ending George A. Cooper Fay Compton, Jack Buchanan Drama
King of the Castle Henry Edwards Marjorie Hume, Brian Aherne Drama
The Lady in Furs Edwin Greenwood Miles Mander, Margaret Yarde Drama [1]
The Last Witness Fred Paul Fred Paul, Isobel Elsom Crime
Livingstone M. A. Wetherell M. A. Wetherell, Simeon Stuart Biopic
Money Isn't Everything Thomas Bentley Olive Sloane, Lewis Gilbert Romance
Mutiny Floyd Martin Thornton Nigel Barrie, Walter Tennyson Adventure
The Pleasure Garden Alfred Hitchcock Virginia Valli, Carmelita Geraghty, Miles Mander Drama
The Presumption of Stanley Hay, MP Sinclair Hill David Hawthorne, Betty Faire Drama
The Prude's Fall Graham Cutts Jane Novak, Warwick Ward Drama
The Rat Graham Cutts Ivor Novello, Mae Marsh, Isabel Jeans Drama
A Romance of Mayfair Thomas Bentley Betty Faire, Henry Victor Romance
Satan's Sister George Pearson Betty Balfour, James Carew Adventure
The Secret Kingdom Sinclair Hill Matheson Lang, Stella Arbenina Fantasy
Settled Out of Court George A. Cooper Fay Compton, Jack Buchanan Drama
She Leander de Cordova, G. B. Samuelson Betty Blythe, Carlyle Blackwell Adventure Co-production with Germany
Somebody's Darling George A. Cooper Betty Balfour, Forrester Harvey Comedy
Sons of the Sea H. Bruce Woolfe D. C. Kenerdine, Dorothy Barclay Adventure [2]
The Squire of Long Hadley Sinclair Hill Marjorie Hume, Brian Aherne Drama
Trainer and Temptress Walter West Juliette Compton, James Knight Sports
Venetian Lovers Walter Niebuhr, Frank A. Tilley Arlette Marchal, John Stuart Drama Filmed in Germany
We Women W. P. Kellino John Stuart, Reginald Bach Comedy
Ypres Walter Summers War Documentary reconstruction

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