A list of British films released in 1928.


Title Director Cast Genre Notes
Adam's Apple Tim Whelan Monty Banks, Lena Halliday Comedy
Adventurous Youth Edward Godal Derrick De Marney, Dino Galvani Adventure
Afterwards Lawson Butt Marjorie Hume, Julie Suedo Drama
Angst Hans Steinhoff Gustav Fröhlich, Henry Edwards Drama Co-production with Germany
Balaclava Maurice Elvey, Milton Rosmer Cyril McLaglen, Benita Hume War
The Blue Peter Arthur Rooke Matheson Lang, Gladys Frazin Adventure
Boadicea Sinclair Hill Phyllis Neilson-Terry, Lillian Hall-Davis, Clifford McLaglen Historical
Bolibar Walter Summers Elissa Landi, Michael Hogan Adventure
Champagne Alfred Hitchcock Betty Balfour, Gordon Harker, Jean Bradin, Fanny Wright Comedy
Chick A. V. Bramble Bramwell Fletcher, Trilby Clark Drama
The City of Youth E. H. Calvert Betty Faire, Lilian Oldland Drama
Cocktails Monty Banks Harald Madsen, Enid Stamp-Taylor Comedy
The Constant Nymph Adrian Brunel Ivor Novello, Mabel Poulton Drama
A Daughter in Revolt Harry Hughes Mabel Poulton, Edward O'Neill Comedy
Dawn Herbert Wilcox Sybil Thorndike, Gordon Craig Drama
Easy Virtue Alfred Hitchcock Isabel Jeans, Frank Elliott, Franklin Dyall Drama
The Farmer's Wife Alfred Hitchcock Jameson Thomas, Lillian Hall-Davis, Gordon Harker Romantic comedy
The First Born Miles Mander Madeleine Carroll, Miles Mander Drama
For Valour G. B. Samuelson Dallas Cairns, Roy Travers War
The Forger G. B. Samuelson Nigel Barrie, Lillian Rich Crime
The Gallant Hussar Géza von Bolváry Ivor Novello, Evelyn Holt Romance Co-production with Germany
God's Clay Graham Cutts Anny Ondra, Trilby Clark Drama
The Guns of Loos Sinclair Hill Henry Victor, Madeleine Carroll War/drama
The Hellcat Harry Hughes Mabel Poulton, Eric Bransby Williams Romance/drama
His House in Order Randle Ayrton Tallulah Bankhead, Ian Hunter Drama
Houp La! Frank Miller George Bellamy, Frank Stanmore Comedy
The Infamous Lady Geoffrey Barkas, Michael Barringer Arthur Wontner, Walter Tennyson Drama
A Knight in London Lupu Pick Lilian Harvey, Ivy Duke Drama
The Lady of the Lake James A. FitzPatrick Percy Marmont, Benita Hume Romance
Life Adelqui Migliar Adelqui Migliar, Marie Ault Drama
A Light Woman Adrian Brunel Benita Hume, Gerald Ames Romance
A Little Bit of Fluff Wheeler Dryden Syd Chaplin, Betty Balfour Comedy
Love's Option George Pearson Dorothy Boyd, Patrick Aherne Adventure
Mademoiselle Parley Voo Maurice Elvey Estelle Brody, John Stuart Drama
The Man Who Changed His Name A. V. Bramble Stewart Rome, Betty Faire Thriller
Maria Marten Walter West Trilby Clark, Warwick Ward Melodrama
Moulin Rouge Ewald André Dupont Olga Chekhova, Eve Gray Drama
Not Quite a Lady Thomas Bentley Blanche Sweet, Haddon Mason Mystery
Number 17 Géza von Bolváry Guy Newall, Lien Deyers Crime Co-production with Germany
Palais de danse Maurice Elvey Mabel Poulton, John Longden Drama
Paradise Denison Clift Betty Balfour, Alexander D'Arcy Drama
The Passing of Mr. Quinn Julius Hagen, Leslie S. Hiscott Stewart Rome, Trilby Clark Mystery
The Physician Georg Jacoby Miles Mander, Elga Brink Drama
The Price of Divorce Sinclair Hill Wyndham Standing, Frances Day Drama
A Reckless Gamble Widgey R. Newman Wally Patch, Simeon Stuart Sports
The Ringer Arthur Maude Leslie Faber, Annette Benson Crime
The Rising Generation Harley Knoles, George Dewhurst Alice Joyce, Jameson Thomas Comedy
S.O.S. Leslie S. Hiscott Robert Loraine, Bramwell Fletcher Adventure
Sailors Don't Care W. P. Kellino Estelle Brody, John Stuart Comedy
The Second Mate J. Steven Edwards David Dunbar, Cecil Barry Adventure
Shiraz Franz Osten Himansu Rai, Enakshi Rama Rao Drama Co-production with Germany and India
Sir or Madam Carl Boese Percy Marmont, Ossi Oswalda Comedy Co-production with Germany
A South Sea Bubble T. Hayes Hunter Ivor Novello, Benita Hume, Alma Taylor Comedy
Spangles George Banfield Fern Andra, Forrester Harvey Drama
Sweeney Todd Walter West Moore Marriott, Judd Green Crime
Tesha Victor Saville, Edwin Greenwood María Corda, Jameson Thomas Drama
The Thoroughbred Sidney Morgan Ian Hunter, Louise Prussing Sports
Tommy Atkins Norman Walker Lillian Hall-Davis, Henry Victor Drama
Toni Arthur Maude Jack Buchanan, Dorothy Boyd Thriller
The Triumph of the Scarlet Pimpernel T. Hayes Hunter Matheson Lang, Juliette Compton Drama
Troublesome Wives Harry Hughes Eric Bransby Williams, Mabel Poulton Comedy
Two Little Drummer Boys G. B. Samuelson Alma Taylor, Derrick De Marney Comedy
Underground Anthony Asquith Brian Aherne, Elissa Landi Drama
The Valley of Ghosts G. B. Samuelson Miriam Seegar, Ian Hunter Crime
Victory M. A. Wetherell Moore Marriott, Walter Byron War
Virginia's Husband Harry Hughes Mabel Poulton, Lilian Oldland Comedy
The Vortex Adrian Brunel Ivor Novello, Willette Kershaw Drama
The Ware Case Manning Haynes Stewart Rome, Betty Carter Drama
The Warning Reginald Fogwell Percy Marmont, Fern Andra Drama
Weekend Wives Harry Lachman Monty Banks, Jameson Thomas Comedy
What Money Can Buy Edwin Greenwood Madeleine Carroll, Humberston Wright Drama
What Next? Walter Forde Pauline Johnson, Frank Stanmore Comedy
Whirl of Youth Richard Eichberg Fee Malten, Heinrich George Drama Co-production with Germany
The White Sheik Harley Knoles Lillian Hall-Davis, Jameson Thomas Adventure
Widecombe Fair Norman Walker William Freshman, Marguerite Allan Comedy
A Window in Piccadilly Sidney Morgan Joan Morgan, John F. Hamilton Romance
Yellow Stockings Theodore Komisarjevsky Percy Marmont, Enid Stamp-Taylor Drama
You Know What Sailors Are Maurice Elvey Alf Goddard, Chili Bouchier Comedy
Young Woodley Thomas Bentley Marjorie Hume, Sam Livesey Drama Never fully released; remade as a sound film in 1931
Zero Jack Raymond Stewart Rome, Fay Compton Drama

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