A list of British films released in 1921.


Title Director Cast Genre Notes
The Adventures of Mr. Pickwick Thomas Bentley Frederick Volpe, Mary Brough Comedy
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Maurice Elvey Mystery [1]
The Amazing Partnership George Ridgwell Milton Rosmer, Arthur Walcott Mystery
The Autumn of Pride W. P. Kellino Nora Swinburne, David Hawthorne Romance
The Bachelor's Club A.V. Bramble Ben Field, Ernest Thesiger Drama
The Bargain Henry Edwards Henry Edwards, Chrissie White Comedy
Belphegor the Mountebank Bert Wynne Milton Rosmer, Kathleen Vaughan Drama
The Bigamist Guy Newall Ivy Duke, Julian Royce Romance
The Bonnie Brier Bush Donald Crisp Donald Crisp, Mary Glynne Drama
Christie Johnstone Normand McDonald Gertrude McCoy, Stewart Rome Romance
Class and No Class W. P. Kellino Judd Green, Pauline Johnson Comedy
Corinthian Jack Walter Courtney Rowden Victor McLaglen, Kathleen Vaughan Adventure
The Croxley Master Percy Nash Dick Morris, Joan Ritz Sports/drama
Daniel Deronda Walter Courtney Rowden Reginald Fox, Ann Trevor, Clive Brook Drama
Dick's Fairy Bert Wynne Albert Brantford, Joan Griffith Comedy/drama
The Education of Nicky Arthur Rooke James Knight, Marjorie Villis Romance
For Her Father's Sake Alexander Butler Owen Nares, Isobel Elsom Drama
The Fortune of Christina McNab W. P. Kellino Nora Swinburne, David Hawthorne Comedy
The Four Feathers René Plaissetty Harry Ham, Henry Vibart War
The Fruitful Vine Maurice Elvey Teddy Arundell, Peter Dear Drama
General John Regan Harold M. Shaw Milton Rosmer, Madge Stuart Comedy
A Gentleman of France Maurice Elvey Eille Norwood, Madge Stuart Adventure
The God in the Garden Edwin J. Collins Edith Craig, Arthur Pusey, Mabel Poulton Drama
The Golden Dawn Ralph Dewsbury Gertrude McCoy, Warwick Ward Crime
The Great Day Hugh Ford Arthur Bourchier, Marjorie Hume Drama This short film is now lost.
Hard Cash Edwin J. Collins Dick Webb, Alma Green Crime
The Headmaster Kenelm Foss Cyril Maude, Margot Drake, Miles Malleson Drama
Her Penalty Einar Bruun Stewart Rome, Pauline Peters, Clive Brook Drama
The Hound of the Baskervilles Maurice Elvey Eille Norwood, Catina Campbell Mystery
The Imperfect Lover Walter West Violet Hopson, Stewart Rome Drama
In Full Cry Einar Bruun Gregory Scott, Pauline Peters Crime
Innocent Maurice Elvey Madge Stuart, Basil Rathbone Romance
The Knave of Diamonds René Plaissetty Mary Massart, Alec Fraser Romance [2]
Land of My Fathers Fred Rains John Stuart, Yvonne Thomas Drama
The Loudwater Mystery Walter West Gregory Scott, Pauline Peters Crime
Love at the Wheel Bannister Merwin Victor Humfries, Pauline Johnson Sport
The Lunatic at Large Henry Edwards Henry Edwards, Chrissie White Comedy
The Magistrate Bannister Merwin Tom Reynolds, Maudie Dunham Comedy
The Marriage Lines Wilfred Noy Barbara Hoffe, Lewis Dayton Drama
Married Life Georges Tréville Gerald McCarthy, Peggy Hathaway, Roger Tréville Drama
Mary-Find-the-Gold George Pearson Betty Balfour, Tom Coventry Drama
Miss Charity Edwin J. Collins Margery Meadows, Dick Webb Romance
Money Duncan McRae Henry Ainley, Faith Bevan Comedy
Monty Works the Wires Challis Sanderson Manning Haynes, Mildred Evelyn Comedy/drama
Mr. Justice Raffles Gaston Quiribet Gerald Ames, Eileen Dennes Crime
Mr. Pim Passes By Albert Ward Peggy Hyland, Campbell Gullan Comedy
The Narrow Valley Cecil Hepworth Alma Taylor, George Dewhurst Drama
The Night Hawk John Gliddon Henri De Vries, Malvina Longfellow Drama [3]
The Old Curiosity Shop Thomas Bentley Mabel Poulton, William Lugg Drama
The Penniless Millionaire Einar Bruun Stewart Rome, Fabienne Fabrèges Adventure
The Place of Honour Sinclair Hill Hugh Buckler, Miles Mander Adventure
The Princess of New York Donald Crisp David Powell, Mary Glynne Crime
The River of Stars Floyd Martin Thornton Teddy Arundell, Harry Agar Lyons Adventure
A Romance of Wastdale Maurice Elvey Milton Rosmer, Fred Raynham Adventure
The Rotters A. V. Bramble Joe Nightingale, Sydney Fairbrother Comedy
The Scallywag Challis Sanderson Fred Thatcher, Muriel Alexander Romance
The Shadow of Evil George A. Cooper, James Reardon Mary Dibley, Reginald Fox Crime
The Skin Game B. E. Doxat-Pratt Edmund Gwenn, Mary Clare Drama
The Sport of Kings Arthur Rooke Victor McLaglen, Douglas Munro Sports
Squibs George Pearson Betty Balfour, Hugh E. Wright Comedy
Stella Edwin J. Collins Molly Adair, H. Manning Haynes Drama
Sybil Jack Denton Evelyn Brent, Cowley Wright Drama
Tansy Cecil Hepworth Alma Taylor, James Carew Drama
Tilly of Bloomsbury Rex Wilson Edna Best, Tom Reynolds Comedy
The Tinted Venus Cecil Hepworth Alma Taylor, George Dewhurst Fantasy
Tit for Tat Henry Edwards Henry Edwards, Chrissie White Comedy
Walter's Winning Ways William Bowman Walter Forde, Billy le Fre Crime [4]
The White Hen Frank Richardson Mary Glynne, Leslie Faber Comedy
Wild Heather Cecil Hepworth Chrissie White, Gerald Ames Drama
The Will A. V. Bramble Milton Rosmer, Evangeline Hilliard Drama
The Woman of His Dream Harold M. Shaw Mary Dibley, Alec Fraser Drama
A Woman of No Importance Denison Clift Fay Compton, Milton Rosmer Drama
The Woman with the Fan René Plaissetty Mary Massart, Alec Fraser Drama [5]
The Yellow Claw René Plaissetty Sydney Seaward, Arthur M. Cullin Crime

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