Tempean Films
FounderRobert Baker[1]
Monty Berman[2]
Defunct1961 (1961)
United Kingdom
ProductsMotion pictures, television programmes

Tempean Films was a British film production company formed in 1948 by Robert Baker and Monty Berman.[3] Tempean's output of B movies were distributed by Eros Films.[4] The company later moved into television, adapting Leslie Charteris' series of The Saint novels, starring Roger Moore.[5]

The company produced several of its features at Southall Studios in Middlesex including both The Trollenberg Terror television series in 1956 and the film version in 1958, which was Southall Studio's final production.[6][7][8] The studio was dissolved in 1961.

John Gilling directed many of Tempean's features.[2]

Tempean is an adjective of, or pertaining to, Tempe, a valley in Thessaly, celebrated by Greek poets on account of its beautiful scenery; resembling Tempe; hence, beautiful; delightful; charming.

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