A list of British films released in 1936.


Title Director Cast Genre Notes
Accused Thornton Freeland Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Dolores del Río, Florence Desmond Drama
All In Marcel Varnel Ralph Lynn, Gina Malo, Garry Marsh Comedy
All That Glitters Maclean Rogers Jack Hobbs, Kay Walsh, Moira Lynd Comedy
The Amateur Gentleman Thornton Freeland Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Elissa Landi, Gordon Harker Adventure
The Amazing Quest of Ernest Bliss Alfred Zeisler Cary Grant, Mary Brian, Peter Gawthorne Romantic comedy
Annie Laurie Walter Tennyson Will Fyffe, Polly Ward, Bruce Seton Comedy
As You Like It Paul Czinner Laurence Olivier, Elisabeth Bergner, Sophie Stewart Comedy
The Avenging Hand Victor Hanbury, Frank Richardson Noah Beery, Kathleen Kelly, Louis Borel Crime
Ball at Savoy Victor Hanbury Conrad Nagel, Marta Labarr, Fred Conyngham Musical
The Bank Messenger Mystery Lawrence Huntington George Mozart, Kenneth Kove, Francesca Bahrle Crime
The Belles of St. Clements Ivar Campbell Meriel Forbes, Basil Langton, Donald Gray Drama
Beloved Imposter Victor Hanbury René Ray, Fred Conyngham, Germaine Aussey Musical
The Beloved Vagabond Curtis Bernhardt Maurice Chevalier, Margaret Lockwood, Betty Stockfeld Musical drama
The Big Noise Alex Bryce Alastair Sim, Norah Howard, Fred Duprez Musical comedy
Birds of a Feather John Baxter George Robey, Horace Hodges, Diana Beaumont Comedy
Blind Man's Bluff Albert Parker Basil Sydney, Enid Stamp-Taylor, James Mason Drama
Born That Way Randall Faye Elliott Mason, Kathleen Gibson, Terence De Marney Comedy
Broken Blossoms John Brahm Dolly Haas, Emlyn Williams, Arthur Margetson Drama
The Brown Wallet Michael Powell Patric Knowles, Nancy O'Neil, Henrietta Watson Crime
Busman's Holiday Maclean Rogers Wally Patch, Gus McNaughton, Muriel George Comedy
Cafe Mascot Lawrence Huntington Geraldine Fitzgerald, Derrick De Marney, Clifford Heatherley Comedy
Calling the Tune Reginald Denham, Thorold Dickinson Adele Dixon, Sally Gray, Sam Livesey Musical
Captain Bill Ralph Cedar Leslie Fuller, Judy Kelly, Hal Gordon Comedy
The Captain's Table Percy Marmont Percy Marmont, Daphne Courtney, Mark Daly Crime
The Cardinal Sinclair Hill Matheson Lang, Eric Portman, June Duprez Historical
Cheer Up Leo Mittler Stanley Lupino, Sally Gray, Roddy Hughes Musical
Chick Michael Hankinson Sydney Howard, Betty Ann Davies, Cecil Humphreys Comedy crime
Crime Over London Alfred Zeisler Margot Grahame, Paul Cavanagh, Basil Sydney Crime
The Crimes of Stephen Hawke George King Tod Slaughter, Marjorie Taylor, Eric Portman Horror drama
The Crimson Circle Reginald Denham Hugh Wakefield, Alfred Drayton, June Duprez Crime
Crown v. Stevens Michael Powell Patric Knowles, Beatrix Thomson, Glennis Lorimer Crime
David Livingstone James A. FitzPatrick Percy Marmont, James Carew, Pamela Stanley Historical adventure
Debt of Honour Norman Walker Leslie Banks, Will Fyffe, Geraldine Fitzgerald Drama
Dishonour Bright Tom Walls Tom Walls, Eugene Pallette, Diana Churchill Comedy
Dodging the Dole John E. Blakeley Barry K. Barnes, Dan Young Musical
Dream Doctor Widgey R. Newman Leo Genn, Julie Suedo, Margaret Yarde Drama
Dreams Come True Reginald Denham Frances Day, Nelson Keys, Hugh Wakefield Musical
Dusty Ermine Bernard Vorhaus Anthony Bushell, Jane Baxter, Ronald Squire Crime
The Early Bird Donovan Pedelty Richard Hayward, Jimmy Mageean Comedy
East Meets West Herbert Mason George Arliss, Godfrey Tearle, Lucie Mannheim Drama
Educated Evans William Beaudine Max Miller, Hal Walters, Nancy O'Neil Comedy
Eliza Comes to Stay Henry Edwards Betty Balfour, Seymour Hicks, Ellis Jeffreys Comedy
The End of the Road Alex Bryce Harry Lauder, Bruce Seton, Campbell Gullan Musical
Everybody Dance Charles Reisner Cicely Courtneidge, Ernest Truex, Alma Taylor Musical
Everything in Life J. Elder Wills Gitta Alpar, Neil Hamilton, Lawrence Grossmith Musical
Everything Is Rhythm Alfred J. Goulding Harry Roy, Dorothy Boyd, Clarissa Selwynne Musical
Everything Is Thunder Milton Rosmer Constance Bennett, Douglass Montgomery, Oskar Homolka Thriller
Excuse My Glove Redd Davis Len Harvey, Archie Pitt, Olive Blakeney Sports
Fair Exchange Ralph Ince Patric Knowles, Roscoe Ates, Raymond Lovell Comedy
Faithful Paul L. Stein Jean Muir, Hans Söhnker, Gene Gerrard Musical
Fame Leslie S. Hiscott Sydney Howard, Miki Hood, Guy Middleton Comedy
Find the Lady Roland Grillette Jack Melford, Althea Henley, George Sanders Comedy
The First Offence Herbert Mason John Mills, Lilli Palmer, Bernard Nedell Drama
The Flying Doctor Miles Mander Charles Farrell, Mary Maguire, Margaret Vyner Drama Co-production with Australia
Forget Me Not Zoltan Korda Beniamino Gigli, Joan Gardner, Jeanne Stuart Drama
Full Speed Ahead Lawrence Huntington Moira Lynd, George Mozart, Julian Vedey Drama
Gaol Break Ralph Ince Basil Gill, Raymond Lovell, Elliott Mason Crime [1]
The Gay Adventure Sinclair Hill Yvonne Arnaud, Barry Jones, Nora Swinburne Comedy
Grand Finale Ivar Campbell Mary Glynne, Guy Newall, Glen Alyn Comedy
Guilty Melody Richard Pottier Gitta Alpar, John Loder, Nils Asther Drama
Gypsy Melody Edmond T. Gréville Lupe Velez, Alfred Rode, Raymond Lovell Musical comedy
Hail and Farewell Ralph Ince Claude Hulbert, Bruce Lester, Wally Patch Comedy
Happy Days Are Here Again Norman Lee Renée Houston, Viola Compton, Ida Barr Musical
The Happy Family Maclean Rogers Hugh Williams, Leonora Corbett, Glennis Lorimer Comedy
Head Office Melville W. Brown Owen Nares, Nancy O'Neil, Arthur Margetson Drama
Hearts of Humanity John Baxter Bransby Williams, Wilfred Walter, Cathleen Nesbitt Drama
The Heirloom Mystery Maclean Rogers Edward Rigby, Mary Glynne, Marjorie Taylor Crime
Highland Fling Manning Haynes Charlie Naughton, Jimmy Gold, Gibson Gowland Comedy
His Lordship Herbert Mason George Arliss, Romilly Lunge, Rene Ray Drama
Hot News W. P. Kellino Lupino Lane, Phyllis Clare, Wallace Lupino Comedy [2]
House Broken Michael Hankinson Mary Lawson, Jack Lambert, Enid Stamp Taylor Comedy
The House of the Spaniard Reginald Denham Peter Haddon, Brigitte Horney, Allan Jeayes Thriller
The Howard Case Frank Richardson Jack Livesey, Olive Sloane, David Keir Drama [3]


Title Director Cast Genre Notes
I Live Again Arthur Maude Noah Beery, Bessie Love, John Garrick Musical
If I Were Rich Randall Faye Jack Melford, Kay Walsh, Clifford Heatherley Comedy
The Improper Duchess Harry Hughes Yvonne Arnaud, Hugh Wakefield, Wilfrid Caithness Comedy
In the Soup Henry Edwards Ralph Lynn, Judy Gunn, Nelson Keys Comedy
The Interrupted Honeymoon Leslie S. Hiscott Claude Hulbert, Francis L. Sullivan, Glennis Lorimer Comedy
Irish and Proud of It Donovan Pedelty Richard Hayward, Dinah Sheridan, Gwenllian Gill Comedy Co-production with the Irish Free State
Irish for Luck Arthur B. Woods Athene Seyler, Margaret Lockwood, Patric Knowles Comedy
It's in the Bag William Beaudine Jimmy Nervo, Teddy Knox, George Carney Comedy
It's Love Again Victor Saville Jessie Matthews, Robert Young, Sonnie Hale Musical
It's You I Want Ralph Ince Seymour Hicks, Marie Lohr, Jane Carr Comedy
Jack of All Trades Robert Stevenson Jack Hulbert, Gina Malo, Robertson Hare Comedy
Juggernaut Henry Edwards Boris Karloff, Joan Wyndham, Mona Goya Mystery
Jury's Evidence Ralph Ince Hartley Power, Margaret Lockwood, Sebastian Shaw Crime
Keep Your Seats, Please Monty Banks George Formby, Florence Desmond, Alastair Sim Comedy
King of the Castle Redd Davis June Clyde, Claude Dampier, Billy Milton Comedy [4]
King of Hearts Oswald Mitchell, Walter Tennyson Will Fyffe, Gwenllian Gill, Richard Dolman Romance
Laburnum Grove Carol Reed Edmund Gwenn, Cedric Hardwicke, Victoria Hopper Comedy
Land Without Music Walter Forde Richard Tauber, Diana Napier, June Clyde Comedy
The Last Journey Bernard Vorhaus Julien Mitchell, Hugh Williams, Judy Gunn Thriller
The Last Waltz Leo Mittler Jarmila Novotna, Harry Welchman, Gerald Barry Musical
Limelight Herbert Wilcox Anna Neagle, Arthur Tracy, Jane Winton Musical
The Limping Man Walter Summers Francis L. Sullivan, Hugh Wakefield, Patricia Hilliard Mystery
Living Dangerously Herbert Brenon Otto Kruger, Leonora Corbett, Aileen Marson Drama
Lonely Road James Flood Clive Brook, Victoria Hopper, Nora Swinburne Drama
Love at Sea Adrian Brunel Rosalyn Boulter, Carl Harbord, Aubrey Mallalieu Comedy
Love in Exile Alfred L. Werker Helen Vinson, Clive Brook, Mary Carlisle Romance
Love Up the Pole Clifford Gulliver Ernie Lotinga, Vivienne Chatterton, Wallace Lupino Comedy
Luck of the Turf Randall Faye Jack Melford, Wally Patch, Moore Marriott Comedy
The Man Behind the Mask Michael Powell Hugh Williams, Jane Baxter, George Merritt Mystery
The Man in the Mirror Maurice Elvey Edward Everett Horton, Genevieve Tobin, Alastair Sim Comedy
The Man Who Changed His Mind Robert Stevenson Boris Karloff, Anna Lee, John Loder Horror
The Man Who Could Work Miracles Lothar Mendes Roland Young, Ralph Richardson, Joan Gardner Fantasy comedy
Melody of My Heart Wilfred Noy Derek Oldham, Bruce Seton, Dorothy Vernon Musical
Men Are Not Gods Walter Reisch Miriam Hopkins, Gertrude Lawrence, Sebastian Shaw Drama
Men of Yesterday John Baxter Stewart Rome, Cecil Parker, Hay Petrie Drama
Midnight at Madame Tussaud's George Pearson James Carew, Charles Oliver, Lucille Lisle Mystery
The Mill on the Floss Tim Whelan Geraldine Fitzgerald, Frank Lawton, James Mason Drama
Mother, Don't Rush Me Norman Lee Robb Wilton, Muriel Aked , Peter Haddon Comedy
Murder at the Cabaret Reginald Fogwell James Carew, Frederick Peisley, Mark Daly Crime
Murder by Rope George Pearson Sunday Wilshin, Wilfrid Hyde-White, Daphne Courtney Mystery
No Escape Norman Lee Valerie Hobson, Leslie Perrins, Billy Milton Mystery
Not So Dusty Maclean Rogers Wally Patch, Gus McNaughton, Raymond Lovell Comedy
Nothing Like Publicity Maclean Rogers William Hartnell, Marjorie Taylor, Moira Lynd Comedy
On Top of the World Redd Davis Betty Fields, Frank Pettingell, Leslie Bradley Comedy
One Good Turn Alfred J. Goulding Leslie Fuller, Georgie Harris, Hal Gordon Comedy
Once in a Million Arthur B. Woods Charles "Buddy" Rogers, Mary Brian, Billy Milton Comedy
Ourselves Alone Brian Desmond Hurst John Loder, Antoinette Cellier, John Lodge Drama
Pagliacci Karl Grune Richard Tauber, Diana Napier, Steffi Duna Musical
Pay Box Adventure W. P. Kellino Syd Crossley, Marjorie Corbett, Molly Hamley-Clifford Crime
Pot Luck Tom Walls Ralph Lynn, Robertson Hare, Diana Churchill Comedy
Prison Breaker Adrian Brunel James Mason, Marguerite Allan, Wally Patch Crime drama
The Prisoner of Corbal Karl Grune Nils Asther, Hugh Sinclair, Hazel Terry Historical
Public Nuisance No. 1 Marcel Varnel Frances Day, Arthur Riscoe, Peter Haddon Comedy
Queen of Hearts Monty Banks Gracie Fields, John Loder, Enid Stamp-Taylor Comedy
Radio Lover Austin Melford Wylie Watson, Betty Ann Davies, Jack Melford Comedy
Reasonable Doubt George King John Stuart, Nancy Burne, Marjorie Taylor Comedy
Rembrandt Alexander Korda Charles Laughton, Gertrude Lawrence, Elsa Lanchester Biography
Rhodes of Africa Berthold Viertel Walter Huston, Oskar Homolka, Basil Sydney Historical
Rhythm in the Air Arthur B. Woods Jack Donohue, Tutta Rolf, Vic Oliver Comedy
Royal Eagle George A. Cooper John Garrick, Nancy Burne, Felix Aylmer Crime


Title Director Cast Genre Notes
Sabotage Alfred Hitchcock Sylvia Sidney, Oskar Homolka, John Loder Drama
The Scarab Murder Case Michael Hankinson Wilfrid Hyde-White, Wally Patch, Kathleen Kelly Mystery
Second Bureau Victor Hanbury Marta Labarr, Charles Oliver, Arthur Wontner Spy
Secret Agent Alfred Hitchcock John Gielgud, Peter Lorre, Madeleine Carroll, Robert Young Spy drama
Secret of Stamboul Andrew Marton Valerie Hobson, James Mason, Kay Walsh Thriller
The Secret Voice George Pearson John Stuart, Diana Beaumont, Henry Victor Thriller
Sensation Brian Desmond Hurst John Lodge, Diana Churchill, Margaret Vyner Crime
Seven Sinners Albert de Courville Edmund Lowe, Constance Cummings, Henry Oscar Thriller
The Shadow of Mike Emerald Maclean Rogers Leslie Perrins, Marjorie Mars, Atholl Fleming Crime
She Knew What She Wanted Thomas Bentley Albert Burdon, Claude Dampier, Googie Withers Musical
Shipmates o' Mine Oswald Mitchell John Garrick, Richard Hayward, Derek Blomfield Musical [5]
Show Flat Bernard Mainwaring Clifford Heatherley, Polly Ward, Vernon Harris Comedy
Skylarks Thornton Freeland Jimmy Nervo, Teddy Knox, Nancy Burne Comedy
The Small Man John Baxter George Carney, Mary Newland, Minnie Rayner Drama
Soft Lights and Sweet Music Herbert Smith Bert Ambrose, Evelyn Dall, Harry Tate Musical
Someone at the Door Herbert Brenon Billy Milton, Aileen Marson, Noah Beery Drama
Song of Freedom J. Elder Wills Paul Robeson, Elisabeth Welch, Esme Percy Drama
Southern Roses Frederic Zelnik George Robey, Neil Hamilton, Gina Malo Musical comedy
Sporting Love J. Elder Wills Stanley Lupino, Laddie Cliff, Lu Ann Meredith Comedy
Spy of Napoleon Maurice Elvey Richard Barthelmess, Dolly Haas, Frank Vosper Historical
A Star Fell from Heaven Paul Merzbach Joseph Schmidt, Florine McKinney, Billy Milton Comedy
Stars on Parade Oswald Mitchell, Challis Sanderson Sam Barton, Arthur Lucan, Kitty McShane Musical
Strange Cargo Lawrence Huntington Kathleen Kelly, Moore Marriott, George Sanders Crime
Strangers on Honeymoon Albert de Courville Constance Cummings, Hugh Sinclair, Noah Beery Comedy
Such Is Life Randall Faye Gene Gerrard, Claude Dampier, Jean Colin Comedy
Sunshine Ahead Wallace Orton Betty Astell, Leslie Perrins, Eve Lister Musical
Sweeney Todd George King Tod Slaughter, Eve Lister, Bruce Seton Horror
Talk of the Devil Carol Reed Ricardo Cortez, Sally Eilers, Basil Sydney Crime
The Tenth Man Brian Desmond Hurst John Lodge, Antoinette Cellier, Athole Stewart Drama
Terror on Tiptoe Louis Renoir Bernard Nedell, Mabel Poulton, Stella Bonheur Crime
They Didn't Know Herbert Smith Eve Gray, Leslie Perrins, Diana Beaumont Comedy
Things to Come William Cameron Menzies Raymond Massey, Edward Chapman, Ralph Richardson Sci-fi
This Green Hell Randall Faye Edward Rigby, Sybil Grove, Richard Dolman Comedy
This'll Make You Whistle Herbert Wilcox Jack Buchanan, Elsie Randolph, Jean Gillie Musical comedy
Three Maxims Herbert Wilcox Anna Neagle, Tullio Carminati, Leslie Banks Drama
Ticket of Leave Michael Hankinson Dorothy Boyd, John Clements, George Merritt Crime
To Catch a Thief Maclean Rogers John Garrick, Mary Lawson, Vincent Holman Comedy
Toilers of the Sea Selwyn Jepson Mary Lawson, Andrews Engelmann, Cyril McLaglen Adventure
Tomorrow We Live H. Manning Haynes Godfrey Tearle, Haidee Wright, Sebastian Shaw Drama
A Touch of the Moon Maclean Rogers John Garrick, Dorothy Boyd, Joyce Bland Comedy [6]
Treachery on the High Seas Emil-Edwin Reinert Bebe Daniels, Charles Farrell, Ben Lyon Crime
Tropical Trouble Harry Hughes Douglass Montgomery, Betty Ann Davies, Alfred Drayton Comedy
Troubled Waters Albert Parker James Mason, Virginia Cherrill, Alastair Sim Mystery
Tudor Rose Robert Stevenson Nova Pilbeam, John Mills, Cedric Hardwicke Historical drama
Twelve Good Men Ralph Ince Henry Kendall, Nancy O'Neil, Joyce Kennedy Crime
Twice Branded Maclean Rogers James Mason, Robert Rendel, Lucille Lisle Crime
Two on a Doorstep Lawrence Huntington Kay Hammond, Harold French, George Mozart Comedy
Two's Company Tim Whelan Ned Sparks, Gordon Harker, Mary Brian Comedy
Under Proof Roland Gillett Betty Stockfeld, Tyrell Davis, Guy Middleton Comedy
The Vandergilt Diamond Mystery Randall Faye Betty Astell, Bruce Seton, Charles Paton Comedy
Variety Parade Oswald Mitchell Harry Tate, Nat Gonella, Teddy Brown Musical [7]
Wedding Group Alex Bryce, Campbell Gullan Fay Compton, Patric Knowles, Alastair Sim Drama
Wednesday's Luck George Pearson Patrick Barr, Linden Travers, Moore Marriott Drama
Well Done, Henry Wilfred Noy Will Fyffe, Cathleen Nesbitt, Marjorie Taylor Comedy
When Knights Were Bold Jack Raymond Jack Buchanan, Fay Wray, Garry Marsh Comedy
Where There's a Will William Beaudine Will Hay, Gina Malo, Graham Moffatt Comedy
Where's Sally? Arthur B. Woods Chili Bouchier, Gene Gerrard, Claude Hulbert Comedy
Whom the Gods Love Basil Dean Stephen Haggard, Victoria Hopper, John Loder Historical
A Wife or Two Maclean Rogers Henry Kendall, Nancy Burne, Betty Astell Comedy
Windbag the Sailor William Beaudine Will Hay, Moore Marriott, Graham Moffatt Comedy
Wings Over Africa Ladislao Vajda Joan Gardner, Ian Colin, James Harcourt Adventure
Wolf's Clothing Andrew Marton Claude Hulbert, Gordon Harker, Lilli Palmer Comedy
A Woman Alone Eugene Frenke Anna Sten, Henry Wilcoxon, John Garrick Drama
You Must Get Married Leslie Pearce Frances Day, Neil Hamilton, Robertson Hare Comedy


Title Director Cast Genre Notes
Night Mail Harry Watt, Basil Wright Arthur Clarke, John Grierson Documentary short
The Story of Papworth Anthony Asquith Madeleine Carroll, Gordon Harker Short drama

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