CONIFA Africa Football Cup
RegionInternational (Africa) (Confederation of Independent Football Associations)
Current championsBiafra
Most successful team(s)Biafra (1 title)
2022 CONIFA Africa Football Cup

The CONIFA Africa Football Cup is an international football tournament organized by CONIFA, an umbrella association for states, minorities, stateless peoples and regions unaffiliated with FIFA.[1]


CONIFA Africa Football Cup is located in Africa
Zanzibar 2021
Zanzibar 2021
Map of ConIFA Africa Football Cup Locations

Zanzibar 2021

Main article: 2021 CONIFA Africa Football Cup

In February 2021, ConIFA announced that the 2021 edition of the CONIFA Africa Football Cup would take place in Zanzibar City, Zanzibar and feature 10 teams.[2][3] Sadly it was cancelled!

South Africa 2022

Biafra, Matabeleland, and Yoruba Nation participated. The Matches were Yoruba Nation 1-1 Matabeleland, Matabeleland 1-0 Biafra FF, Biafra FF 1-0 Yoruba Nation, Matabeleland 0-1 Biafra FF (Final).[4]


Ed. Year Host First place game Third place game Num.
1st place, gold medalist(s) Champion Score 2nd place, silver medalist(s) Runner-up 3rd place, bronze medalist(s) Third Score Fourth
1 2022  South Africa  Biafra 1–0  Matabeleland Yoruba 3



For each tournament, the number of teams in each finals tournament (in brackets) are shown.

Members of CONIFA Africa

Africa (10)
 Chagos Islands
 Western Sahara
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