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A city district is a designated administrative division that is generally managed by a local government. It is used to divide a city into several administrative units.

City districts are used in Russia (raion), Pakistan and Croatia (Croatian: gradski kotar or gradska četvrt).

The term is also the English translation for the German: Stadtbezirk, French: arrondissements, Dutch: stadsdeel, Swedish: stadsdel and Polish: dzielnica.

By country/region

Country Term/Translation Example Subdivision of Administrative power Notes Further Reading
Russia District (Russian: raion) Sovetsky City District, Nizhny Novgorod Federal subject/federal city Local Government(City assembly) A Russian raion is a second-level administrative unit, two levels below national subdivision. Districts of Russia
Germany Borough Wattenscheid, Bochum. Metropolis Municipal Government (Mayor) German city districts are allocated only in urban metropolis' of more than 150,000 occupants. These boroughs subdivide the city-states (German: Stadtbezirk) Stadtbezirk
France Municipal arrondissement (French: arrondissement municipal) Panthéon, Paris Major city (Paris, Lyon and Marseille) Municipal Government (Mayor) Belgium, Haiti, and other certain Francophone countries use arrondissements as administrative units. Municipal arrondissement
China County-level subdivisions (districts) (市辖区 / 区; shìxiáqū / qū) Yaohai, Hefei Municipality or prefecture-level city Local Government In China, districts, wards or sub-cities (Chinese: 区) are subdivisions of a municipality or ‘prefecture-level city’. Districts of China
Pakistan Urdu: اِضلاعِ پاكِستان; Sindhi: پاڪستان جا ضلعا Karachi Central District, Sindh Urban area (small city/ large metropolitan area) Local Government (Union Council Administration) While there are 150 total districts in Pakistan, only 11 have been designated city districts. City Districts of Pakistan
Mexico, Mexico City Boroughs/Alcadias,

Federal District (Spanish: districto federal)

Centro, Mexico City Metropolitan area Head of Government For administrative purposes, Mexico City is divided into 16 alcadias (councils). Boroughs
Croatia Croatian: gradski kotar or gradska četvrt Gornja Dubrava, Zagreb City / town Local Government Local government in Croatian city districts is a form of local self-government, whereby citizens participate in the self-governing scope of the city and local affairs.
Netherlands Dutch: stadsdeel Centrum(Centre), Amsterdam Major city Local Government (District committee) In some of the larger municipalities of the Netherlands, urban municipality districts are divided by city districts.

Amsterdam calls 7 of its 8 deelgemeenten,stadsdeel.

Urban districts of the Netherlands
Sweden Swedish: stadsdel Holmsund, Västerbotten Municipality Local Government (Administrative board) In some rare cases, large municipalities in Sweden are divided into smaller "city districts". Districts of Sweden
Poland Polish: dzielnica Stare Miasto, Kraków City/town Mayor/Elected Council; (Polish: burmistrz, dzielnica council) Dzielnica
Turkey District Municipality (Turkish: büyükşehir belediyeleri) Metropolitan Municipality Mayor (of metropolitan municipality) Metropolitan municipalities in Turkey

Russia (raion)

In Russia, a city district (raion) is a second-level administrative unit used to divide a city.[1] It is the standardised administration unit of numerous post-Soviet states, two levels below national subdivision.

Germany (Stadtbezirk)

In Germany, a city district (Stadtbezirk) is an administrative unit that divides a metropolis of more than 150,000 inhabitants.

France & Francophonie (arrondissements)

A city district, or municipal arrondissement (French: arrondissement municipal [aʁɔ̃dismɑ̃ mynisipal]), is a subdividing unit used in France's three largest cities: Paris, Lyon and Marseille. It divides a commune within which it has its own mayor.

An arrondissement is also a term used for administrative divisions in areas such as Belgium, Haiti, and other certain Francophone countries.

Mexico City (borough)

There are 16 city districts of Mexico City. These are 15 subdivisions, formally known as boroughs, and the Federal District (Spanish: distrito federal).

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