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USS Arleigh Burke, the lead ship of her class of guided-missile destroyers.
The Japanese guided-missile destroyer JDS Kongō firing a Standard Missile 3 anti-ballistic missile

A guided-missile destroyer (DDG) is a destroyer whose primary armament is guided missiles so they can provide anti-aircraft warfare screening for the fleet. The NATO standard designation for these vessels is DDG, while destroyers which have a primary gun armament or a small number of anti-aircraft missiles sufficient only for point-defense are designated DD. Nations vary in their use of destroyer D designation in their hull pennant numbering, either prefixing or dropping it altogether.

Guided-missile destroyers are equipped with large missile magazines, with modern examples typically having vertical-launch cells. Some guided-missile destroyers contain integrated weapons systems, such as the United States’ Aegis Combat System, and may be adopted for use in an anti-missile or ballistic-missile defense role. This is especially true for navies that no longer operate cruisers, so other vessels must be adopted to fill in the gap. Many guided-missile destroyers are also multipurpose vessels, equipped to carry out anti-surface operations with surface-to-surface missiles and naval guns, and anti-submarine warfare with torpedoes and helicopters.

Active and planned guided-missile destroyers

Australian HMAS Brisbane

Royal Australian Navy

Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy

Type 055 destroyer The largest and most advanced surface warship in the People's Liberation Army Navy
Type 052D destroyer in the People's Liberation Army Navy

French Navy

Although the French Navy no longer uses the term "destroyer", the largest frigates are assigned pennant numbers with flag superior "D", which designates destroyer.

Indian Navy

Indian Navy destroyers sailing in unison.
Commissioning of INS Kochi
Indian Navy Kolkata-class destroyer the INS Kochi

Italian Navy

Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force

Republic of Korea Navy

Russian Navy

Nastoychivyy (610), a Sovremenny-class destroyer
Admiral Vinogradov (572), an Udaloy-class destroyer

Republic of China Navy

ROCS Tso Ying (DDG-1803)

Royal Navy

Spanish Navy

United States Navy

Arleigh burke-class destroyer.
Zumwalt-class destroyer

Former guided-missile destroyer classes







 Soviet Union

 United Kingdom

 United States


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