The following is a list of notable first ascents of the summits of major mountains around the world, in chronological order.

The list does not include the first ascent of new routes to previously climbed mountain summits. For example, this list contains the first ascent of the summit of the Eiger in 1858, but not the more famous first ascent of the north face of the Eiger in 1938.

Date [1] Peak Height (m) Range Country Climbers Nationality Ref
2000 BC* Mount Pulag 2926 Cordillera Central (Luzon) Philippines Ibaloi tribes [2]
569* Matajur 1642 Prealps Slovenia Italy Alboin and troops [3]
663 Mount Fuji 3776 Japan En no Ozunu[4]
905* Mount Damavand 5610 Alborz Iran Abu Dolaf Kazraji
1275 Canigou 2785 Pyrenees France Peter III of Aragon [5]
1348* Benediktenwand 1801 Prealps Germany A Benedictine monk Holy Roman Empire
1 Sep 1358 Rocciamelone 3538 Alps Italy Bonifacius Rotarius of Asti
1387* Pilatus 2128 Alps Switzerland Six clerics Old Swiss Confederacy
27 Jun 1492 Mont Aiguille 2085 Prealps France Antoine de Ville and 8 to 10 more people. France
bef. 1500 Llullaillaco 6739 Andes Argentina Chile Local Incan people
1503* Table Mountain 1086 South Africa António de Saldanha Portugal
1519* Popocatépetl 5426 Sierra Nevada (Mex) Mexico Diego de Ordaz and two comrades Spain
1536* Stockhorn 2190 Prealps Switzerland Johann Müller and Peter Kunz from Bern and company Old Swiss Confederacy
1552 Pic du Midi d'Ossau 2884 Pyrenees France expedition led by fr:François de Foix-Candale[6] France
1559 Calanda 2805 Alps Switzerland J. Schmid, Z. Beeli, J. Pontisella, and others Old Swiss Confederacy
19 Aug 1573 Corno Grande 2912 Apennines Italy Francesco Di Domenico, guiding Francesco De Marchi [fr], Cesare Schiafinato, Diomede dell'Aquila, and the porters Simone and Giovampietro Di Giulio Papal States [7]
1579 Serles 2717 Alps Austria Hans Georg Ernstinger Austria [8]
29 Jul 1582 Pichincha 4784 Andes Ecuador Alonso de Aguilar, Juan de Galarza, Juan de Londoño, José Toribio de Ortiguera, Juan Sánchez, and Francisco de Uncibay Spain
1615 Kežmarský štít 2558 Carpathians Slovakia David Frölich Habsburg monarchy [9]
1642* Mount Washington 1917 Appalachians United States Darby Field[10] England
1654 W. Karwendelspitze 2385 Alps Austria Germany Christian Mentzel Holy Roman Empire
14 Dec 1680* Säntis 2502 Alps Switzerland Two priests, a naturalist and a guide Old Swiss Confederacy
1707 Piz Beverin 2998 Alps Switzerland Rudolf von Rosenroll Old Swiss Confederacy
Jul 1726 Monte Cavallo 2251 Alps Italy Giovanni Girolamo Zanichelli and Dimenico Pietro Stefanelli [11]
1730 Schesaplana 2965 Alps Austria Switzerland Nicolin Sererhard [de] and two companions Old Swiss Confederacy [12]
20 Jul 1738 Corazón 4790 Andes Ecuador Charles Marie de La Condamine, Pierre Bouguer and porters France
25 Jul 1744 Titlis 3238 Alps Switzerland Ignaz Herz, Josef Eugen Waser and 2 others Old Swiss Confederacy
20 Jun 1750 Hekla 1488 Highlands of Iceland Iceland Eggert Ólafsson Iceland
1759* Grintovec 2558 Alps Slovenia Giovanni Antonio Scopoli Austria
1762 Ankogel 3252 Alps Austria Farmer Patschg Austria [13]
20 Sep 1770 Mont Buet 3096 Alps France Jean-André Deluc, Guillaume-Antoine Deluc, Bernard Pomet, and party Old Swiss Confederacy [14]
17 Aug 1771* Ben Nevis 1334 Grampian Range United Kingdom James Robertson Kingdom of Great Britain
ca. 1775 Lomnický štít 2634 Carpathians Slovakia Jakub Fábry Habsburg monarchy
26 Aug 1778 Triglav 2864 Alps Slovenia Lovrenc Willomitzer, Luka Korošec, Matevž Kos, and Štefan Rožič Austria
31 Aug 1779 Mont Vélan 3727 Alps Italy Switzerland Laurent Joseph Murith and two hunters from Liddes Old Swiss Confederacy [15]
1782 Sulzfluh 2817 Alps Austria Switzerland J. B. Catani and L. Pool Old Swiss Confederacy
1782 Scopi 3190 Alps Switzerland Placidus a Spescha and Joh. Bagliel Old Swiss Confederacy
17 Sep 1784 Dôme du Goûter 4304 Alps France Italy Jean-Marie Couttet and François Cuidet Duchy of Savoy
1784 Dents du Midi 3257 Alps Switzerland Jean-Maurice Clément Old Swiss Confederacy [16]
Jul 1786 Mangart 2677 Alps Italy Slovenia Franz Xaver von Wulfen Austria [17]
8 Aug 1786 Mont Blanc 4808 Alps France Italy Jacques Balmat and Michel Paccard Duchy of Savoy
1788 Klyuchevskaya Sopka 4750 Kamchatka Russia Daniel Gauss and two others Russian Empire
Jul 1789 Rheinwaldhorn 3402 Alps Switzerland Placidus a Spescha Old Swiss Confederacy [18]
1792 Oberalpstock 3328 Alps Switzerland Josef Senoner and Placidus a Spescha Austria Old Swiss Confederacy
2 Aug 1792 Vignemale 3298 Pyrenees Spain France Shepherds under the order of Louis-Philippe Reinhart Junker France [19]
13 Aug 1792 Klein Matterhorn 3883 Alps Switzerland Horace-Bénédict de Saussure, Nicolas-Théodore de Saussure, Jean-Marie Couttet, Jean-Baptiste Erin, and five other guides Old Swiss Confederacy Duchy of Savoy [16]
ca. 1795 Großes Wiesbachhorn 3564 Alps Austria Three brothers named Zorner Austria [20]
25 Aug 1799 Kleinglockner 3770 Alps Austria four guides from Heiligenblut (including "the Glokners", often nicknamed Martin and Sepp "Klotz") and Sigmund von Hohenwart Austria [21][22]
28 Jul 1800 Großglockner 3797 Alps Austria the Glokners and two other locals, guiding an hour later parson Mathias Hautzendorfer Austria [23][24]
Aug 1800 Watzmann 2713 Alps Germany Valentin Stanič Austria [25]
10 Oct 1800 Mount Apo 2954 Apo–Talomo Philippines Joaquin Rajal, Joseph Montano, Mateo Gisbert, and companions Philippines [26][27]
7 Aug 1802 Monte Perdido 3355 Pyrenees Spain Grégoire Taulat dit Rondo, Laurens and a shepherd France [28]
13 Aug 1804* Mount Katahdin 1608 Appalachians United States William Howe, Amos Patten, Joseph Treat, Samuel 6Call, William Rice, Richard Winslow, and Charles Turner, Jr. United States [29]
27 Sep 1804 Ortler 3905 Alps Italy Josef Pichler [de], Johann Leitner and Johann Klausner Austria-Hungary [30]
ca. 1808 Grande Sassière 3747 Alps France Italy Bertrand Chaudan and others from Tignes France [31]
3 Aug 1811 Jungfrau 4158 Alps Switzerland Hieronymus Meyer and Johann Rudolf Meyer [de] guided by Alois Volken and Joseph Bortis Old Swiss Confederacy [32]
13 Aug 1813 Breithorn 4164 Alps Switzerland Henry Maynard, Jean-Marie Couttet, Jean Gras, Jean-Baptiste and Jean-Jacques Érin Old Swiss Confederacy [33]
Aug 1819 Torstein 2948 Alps Austria Jackl Buchsteiner Austria-Hungary [34]
14 Jul 1820 Pikes Peak 4302 Rocky Mountains United States Edwin James and two others United States
1 Aug 1820 Zumsteinspitze 4563 Alps Italy Switzerland Joseph and Johann Niklaus Vincent, Joseph Zumstein, Molinatti, Castel and unknown porters Kingdom of Sardinia [35]
27 Aug 1820* Zugspitze 2962 Alps Germany Austria Josef Naus, Maier and Johann Georg Tauschl Austria-Hungary Kingdom of Bavaria [36]
20 Sep 1821 Schrankogel 3497 Alps Austria Johann Georg Hargasser [de] Kingdom of Bavaria
1 Sep 1824 Tödi 3614 Alps Switzerland Augustin Bisquolm and Placi Curschellas Old Swiss Confederacy [37]
1 May 1827 Mount Brown 2791 Canadian Rockies Canada David Douglas[10] United Kingdom [38]
30 Jul 1828 Mont Pelvoux 3946 Alps France Captain Durand, Alexis Liotard and Jacques-Etienne Matheoud France
1828 Kitzsteinhorn 3203 Alps Austria Johann Entacher Austria [39]
1828 Pizzo Tambo 3279 Alps Italy Switzerland Johann Jakob Sulzberger [7] Old Swiss Confederacy [40]
22 Jul 1829 Mount Elbrus (East) 5621 Caucasus Russia Khillar Khachirov (expedition led by Heinrich Lenz and General Emmanuel) Russian Empire
10 Aug 1829 Finsteraarhorn 4272 Alps Switzerland Jakob Leuthold and Johann Währen Old Swiss Confederacy [41]
9 Oct 1829* Mount Ararat 5137 Turkey Friedrich Parrot and Khachatur Abovian Armenia Germany
1830 Schalfkogel 3537 Alps Austria Frédéric Mercey with guides from Meran and Pfelders Austria France [42]
1832 Hoher Dachstein 2995 Alps Austria Peter Gappmayr Austria [43]
1834 Similaun 3606 Alps Austria Italy Josef Raffeiner and Theodor Kaserer Austria [44]
1834 Gerlachovský štít 2655 Carpathians Slovakia Ján Still [sk] and several hunters Austria
1 Aug 1835 Piz Linard 3410 Alps Switzerland Johann Madutz and Oswald Heer[45] Old Swiss Confederacy [46]
12 Aug 1835 Piz Palü 3898 Alps Switzerland Johann Madutz, Gian Marchet Colani [de], Peter and M. Flury and Oswald Heer Old Swiss Confederacy [47]
23 Aug 1836 Fernerkogel 3294 Alps Austria Peter Karl Thurwieser [de], Lipp Schöpf and Jackob Kofler Austria [48]
1 Sep 1836* Habicht 3277 Alps Austria Peter Karl Thurwieser [de] and Ingenuin Krösbacher Austria [49]
2 Sep 1839 Aiguilles d'Arves 3513 Alps France Pierre Alexis Magnin and Benoît Nicolas Magnin France [50]
23 Dec 1839 Mount Egmont 2518 North Island volcanoes New Zealand Ernst Dieffenbach and James Heberley Hesse New Zealand
30 Jul 1840 Rysy 2503 Carpathians Slovakia Poland Eduard Blásy [pl] and Ján Ruman-Driečny Sr. [pl] Austria
14 Jan 1841* Ras Dashen 4550 Ethiopian Highlands Ethiopia Pierre V.A. Ferret & Joseph G. Galinier France
14 Jul 1841 Glittertind 2465 Scandinavian Mts Norway Harald Nicolai Storm Wergeland and Hans Sletten. Norway
3 Sep 1841 Großvenediger 3666 Alps Austria Josef Schwab, Paul Rohregger, Christian Rieß, Peter Meilinger, Ignaz Kürsinger [de], Anton Ruthner [de], Franz Spitaler and 17 others Austria [51]
20 Jul 1842 Aneto 3404 Pyrenees Spain Albert de Franqueville [fr] and Platon de Tchihatcheff [fr] guided by Pierre Radonet, Bernard Arrazau, Jean Argarot and Pierre Sanio Russian Empire France [52]
8 Aug 1842 Lauteraarhorn 4042 Alps Switzerland Melchior Bannholzer and Jakob Leuthold guiding Pierre Jean Édouard Desor, Christian Girard, and Arnold Escher von der Linth Switzerland
14 Aug 1842 Fremont Peak 4189 Rocky Mountains United States John C. Fremont, Charles Preuss and Johnny Janisse United States
12 Sep 1843 Großer Löffler 3376 Alps Austria Italy Markus Vincent Lipold and a chamois hunter from Mayrhofen Austria [53]
31 Aug 1844 Wetterhorn 3692 Alps Switzerland Melchior Bannholzer and Hans Jaun Switzerland
Aug 1845 Weißkugel 3739 Alps Austria Italy Johann Gurschler and Josef Weitthalm Austria [54]
7 Sep 1846 Piz Kesch 3418 Alps Switzerland Johann Coaz, Jakob Rascher, Christian Casper and Jon Ragut Tscharner Switzerland [55]
19 Aug 1847 Schrammacher 3410 Alps Austria Peter Karl Thurwieser [de], Georg Lechner and Jakob Huber Austria [56]
1847 Bazardüzü 4466 Caucasus Azerbaijan Russia A. Aleksandrov Russia
May 1848* Pico de Orizaba 5636 Sierra Nevada (Mex) Mexico F. Maynard, William F. Raynolds, Manigault, Lomax & Rodgers United States [57]
Aug 1848 Wildspitze 3770 Alps Austria Leander Klotz and a farmhand Austria [58]
12 Aug 1848 Monte Rosa (Dunantspitze) 4632 Alps Switzerland Johann Madutz and Matthias Zumtaugwald Switzerland [59][60]
Jul 1850 Galdhøpiggen 2469 Scandinavian Mts Norway Steinar Sulheim, Ingebrigt N. Flotten and Lars Arnesen Norway
13 Sep 1850 Piz Bernina 4049 Alps Switzerland Johann Coaz guided by Jon and Lorenz Ragut Tscharner Switzerland [61]
1851* Pico Duarte 3098 Hispaniola Dominican Republic Robert H. Schomburgk United Kingdom
27 Aug 1853* Mount St. Helens 2950 [62] Cascade Range United States Thomas J. Dryer, John Wilson, ?. Smith and Edwin P. or Charles S. Drew United States
14 Aug 1854 Mount Shasta 4322 Cascade Range United States Elias D. Pearce and eight others United States
24 Aug 1854 Königspitze 3859 Alps Italy Stephan Steinberger [de] [6] Austria-Hungary
Aug 1854 Hochgall 3436 Alps Austria Italy Members of a survey party led by Hermann van Acken Austria-Hungary [63]
Sep 1854 Mount Adams 3743 Cascade Range United States A. Glenn Aiken, Edward J. Allen, and Andrew J. Burge United States [64]
1 Aug 1855 Monte Rosa (Dufourspitze) 4634 Alps Switzerland Ulrich Lauener, Johann and Matthias Zumtaugwald guiding James Smyth, Christopher Smyth, Charles Hudson, John Birkbeck, Edward Stephenson Switzerland United Kingdom [65]
25 Aug 1855 Weissmies 4017 Alps Switzerland Jakob Christian Häusser and Peter Josef Zurbriggen Switzerland [66]
11 Jul 1857 Mount Hood 3429 Cascade Range United States Henry Pittock, W. Lymen Chittenden, Wilbur Cornell, T.A. Wood United States [67]
15 Aug 1857 Mönch 4107 Alps Switzerland Christian Almer, Christian Kaufmann, Ulrich Kaufmann and Sigismund Porges Austria Switzerland [68]
19 Sep 1857 Pelmo 3168 Alps Italy John Ball[69] United Kingdom [70]
11 Aug 1858 Eiger 3967 Alps Switzerland Christian Almer and Peter Bohren guiding Charles Barrington Switzerland United Kingdom [71]
11 Sep 1858 Dom 4545 Alps Switzerland Johann Zumtaugwald, Johann Krönig, Hieronymous Brantschen and John Llewelyn Davies Switzerland United Kingdom [72]
18 Jun 1859 Aletschhorn 4193 Alps Switzerland Johann Joseph Bennen [de], Peter Bohren, Victor Tairraz and Francis Fox Tuckett France Switzerland United Kingdom [73]
30 Jul 1859 Grand Combin 4314 Alps Switzerland Charles Sainte-Claire Deville, Daniel Balleys, Emmanuel Balleys, Gaspard Balleys and Basile Dorsaz Switzerland [74]
13 Aug 1859 Bietschhorn 3934 Alps Switzerland Johann Siegen, Joseph Aebener, and Leslie Stephen Switzerland United Kingdom [75]
23 Aug 1859 Grivola 3969 Alps Italy Zachary Cachat Kingdom of Sardinia [76]
9 Sep 1859 Rimpfischhorn 4199 Alps Switzerland Melchior Anderegg, Johann Zumtaugwald, Leslie Stephen and Robert Living Switzerland United Kingdom [77]
8 Aug 1860 Grande Casse 3855 Alps France Michel Croz, Étienne Favre and William Mathews Switzerland United Kingdom
4 Sep 1860 Gran Paradiso 4061 Alps Italy Michel-Ambroise Payot [fr] and Jean Tairraz guiding John Jeremy Cowell and William Dundas France United Kingdom [78]
1860 Monte Civetta 3220 Alps Italy Simeone De Silvestro Italy
16 Aug 1861 Schreckhorn 4078 Alps Switzerland Ulrich Kaufmann, Christian Michel, Peter Michel, and Leslie Stephen Switzerland United Kingdom [79]
19 Aug 1861 Weisshorn 4506 Alps Switzerland Johann Joseph Bennen [de], Ulrich Wenger and John Tyndall Switzerland United Kingdom [80]
30 Aug 1861 Monte Viso 3841 Alps Italy Michel Croz, William Mathews and Frederick William Jacomb [it] France United Kingdom [81]
4 Oct 1861 Mont Pourri 3779 Alps France Michel Croz France
18 Dec 1861* Mount Cameroon 4070 Cameroon Gustav Mann, Richard Francis Burton, Atilano Calvo Iturburu, and Krumen porters Province of Hanover Portugal United Kingdom [82][83]
18 Jul 1862 Dent Blanche 4357 Alps Switzerland Jean-Baptiste Croz [it], Johann Krönig, Thomas Stuart Kennedy, and William Wigram France Switzerland United Kingdom [84]
Jul 1862 Zuckerhütl 3507 Alps Austria Alois Tanzer and Joseph Anton Specht [de] Austria [85]
23 Aug 1862 Monte Disgrazia 3678 Alps Italy Melchior Anderegg, Leslie Stephen, E. S. Kennedy and Thomas Cox Switzerland United Kingdom [86]
9 Jul 1863 Piz Zupò 3996 Alps Italy Switzerland The teacher Enderlin, the pastor Otto Serardy and the hunter Badrutt Switzerland [87]
12 Aug 1863 Dent d'Hérens 4171 Alps Italy Switzerland Melchior Anderegg, Jean-Pierre Cacha, Peter Perren guiding F. Crauford Grove, William E. Hall, Reginald S. Macdonald, Montagu Woodmass Switzerland United Kingdom [88]
18 Sep 1863 Antelao 3264 Alps Italy Paul Grohmann, Francesco Lacedelli [it], Alessandro Lacedelli, and Matteo Ossi Austria Italy
25 Jun 1864 Barre des Écrins 4102 Alps France A. W. Moore, Horace Walker, Edward Whymper, Michel Croz, Christian Almer Sr & Jr France Switzerland United Kingdom
6 Aug 1864 Wannenhorn 3906 Alps Switzerland Gottlieb Samuel Studer, Rudolf Lindt, Kaspar Blatter and Peter Sulzer Switzerland [89]
22 Aug 1864 Zinalrothorn 4221 Alps Switzerland Jakob Anderegg, Melchior Anderegg, Leslie Stephen and Florence Crauford Grove Switzerland United Kingdom [90]
15 Sep 1864 Adamello 3554 Alps Italy Giovanni "Pirinello" Caturani and Julius Payer Austria
28 Sep 1864 Marmolada 3343 Alps Italy Paul Grohmann, Fulgentio Dimai, and Angelo Dimai [it] Austria Italy
1860s Mount Tom 4163 Sierra Nevada (U.S.) United States Thomas Clark guided by Native Americans United States
28 Jun 1865 Piz Roseg 3937 Alps Switzerland Jakob Anderegg, A. W. Moore and Horace Walker Switzerland United Kingdom [91]
29 Jun 1865 Aiguille Verte 4121 Alps France Christian Almer, Franz Biner and Edward Whymper Switzerland United Kingdom
6 Jul 1865 Obergabelhorn 4063 Alps Switzerland Jakob Anderegg, A. W. Moore and Horace Walker Switzerland United Kingdom [92]
14 Jul 1865 Matterhorn 4478 Alps Italy Switzerland Michel Croz and father and son Peter Taugwalder guiding Edward Whymper, Charles Hudson, Francis Douglas and Douglas Robert Hadow (see also the expedition page) France Switzerland United Kingdom [93]
14 Jul 1865 Piz Buin 3312 Alps Austria Switzerland Joseph Anton Specht [de], Johann Jakob Weilenmann, Jakob Pfitscher and Franz Pöll Austria Switzerland [94]
27 Jul 1867 Piz Badile 3308 Alps Italy Switzerland François Devouassoud, Henri Devouassoud, and W. A. B. Coolidge France United States [95]
21 Feb 1868 El Toro E 4727 Andes Venezuela Pierre Bourgoin France [96]
30 Jun 1868 Grandes Jorasses 4208 Alps France Italy Melchior Anderegg, Johann Jaun [fr], Julien Grange and Horace Walker Switzerland Italy United Kingdom
1 Jul 1868 Kazbek 5047 Caucasus Georgia (country) Russia François Devouassoud, Douglas Freshfield, A. W. Moore, and Charles Comyns Tucker [it]. France United Kingdom [97]
17 Aug 1868 Mount Baker 3286 Cascade Range United States Edmund Thomas Coleman, Edward Eldridge, John Tennant, David Ogilvy and Thomas Stratton United Kingdom United States
23 Aug 1868* Longs Peak 4345 Rocky Mountains United States John Wesley Powell, Walter Powell, Lewis Keplinger, Samuel Garman, Williams Byers, Jack Sumner and Ned Faarrell United States
13 Aug 1869 Langkofel 3181 Alps Italy Peter Salcher, Franz Innerkofler [de] and Paul Grohmann Austria-Hungary
20 Aug 1869 Große Zinne/ Cima Grande 2999 Alps Italy Franz Innerkofler [de], Peter Salcher and Paul Grohmann Austria-Hungary
29 Sep 1869 Watzespitze 3533 Alps Austria Alois Ennemoser Austria-Hungary [98]
7 Jul 1870 Ailefroide 3954 Alps France Ulrich Almer, Christian Almer and W. A. B. Coolidge Switzerland United States
17 Aug 1870 Mount Rainier 4392 Cascade Range United States Hazard Stevens and P. B. Van Trump United States
29 Aug 1871 Mount Lyell 3999 Sierra Nevada (U.S.) United States John Boies Tileston United States
23 Apr 1872 Naiguatá 2765 Venezuelan Coastal Range Venezuela James Mudie Spence, Anton Goering, Ramón and Nicanor Bolet Peraza and expedition United Kingdom Germany Venezuela
Oct 1872 Mount Ritter 4008 Sierra Nevada (U.S.) United States John Muir United States
28 Nov 1872* Cotopaxi 5897 Andes Ecuador Wilhelm Reiss and Ángel Escobar Colombia Germany
18 Aug 1873 Mount Whitney 4421 Sierra Nevada (U.S.) United States Charles Begole, Albert Johnson, John Lucas United States
28 Jul 1874 Mount Elbrus (West) 5642 Caucasus Russia Peter Knubel [fr], Frederick Gardiner, Horace Walker, and Florence Crauford Grove Switzerland United Kingdom [99]
14 Aug 1874* Blanca Peak 4372 Rocky Mountains United States Wheeler Survey United States
1874* Mount Elbert 4404 Rocky Mountains United States Henry W. Stuckle United States
12 Oct 1875 Half Dome 2693 Sierra Nevada (U.S.) United States George Anderson United Kingdom
21 Jul 1876 Store Skagastølstind 2405 Scandinavian Mts Norway William Cecil Slingsby United Kingdom
16 Aug 1877 Meije 3983 Alps France E. Boileau de Castelnau, father and son Pierre Gaspard France
Dec 1877* Mount Kerinci 3805 Barisan Mountains Indonesia Arend Ludolf van Hasselt en Daniël David Veth Netherlands
12 Sep 1878 Aiguille du Dru 3754 Alps France Alexander Burgener and Kaspar Maurer guiding Clinton Thomas Dent and James Walker Hartley Switzerland United Kingdom
8 Jan 1879 Mount Ruapehu 2797 Taupo Volcanic Zone New Zealand George Beetham, Joseph Prime Maxwell New Zealand
29 Aug 1879 Petit Dru 3733 Alps France Jean Charlet-Straton [fr], Prosper Payot and Frédéric Folliguet France
4 Jan 1880 Chimborazo 6270 Andes Ecuador Jean-Antoine Carrel, Louis Carrel, and Edward Whymper Italy United Kingdom
10 Mar 1880 Antisana 5704 Andes Ecuador Jean-Antoine Carrel, Louis Carrel, and Edward Whymper Italy United Kingdom
4 Apr 1880 Cayambe 5790 Andes Ecuador Jean-Antoine Carrel, Louis Carrel, and Edward Whymper Italy United Kingdom
10 Oct 1880 Mount Apo 2954 Mindanao Philippines Joaquin Rajal, Joseph Montano, Mateo Gisbert, Datu Manig and others Philippines France [100]
3 Aug 1881 Aiguille du Grépon 3482 Alps France Albert Mummery, Alexander Burgener and Benedikt Venetz Switzerland United Kingdom
28 Jul 1882 Dent du Géant 4013 Alps France Italy Baptiste, Daniel & Jean-Joseph Maquignaz [fr] Italy
22 Aug 1883 Kebnekaise 2111 Scandinavian Mts Sweden Charles Rabot, Pehr Abrahamsson and Hans Monsen France Sweden
8 Oct 1883 Kabru E 7338 Himalayas India Nepal Emil Boss, Ulrich Kaufmann and William Graham[6] Switzerland United Kingdom [101]
3 Jul 1885 Pan de Azúcar 4680 Andes Venezuela Wilhelm Sievers Germany
31 Jul 1885 Aiguille Blanche de Peuterey 4112 Alps Italy Émile Rey, Ambros Supersaxo [de], Aloys Anthamatten and Henry Seymour King Italy Switzerland United Kingdom
3 Mar 1888 Mount Kinabalu 4095 Crocker Range Malaysia John Whitehead United Kingdom
24 Jul 1888 Dykh-Tau 5205 Caucasus Russia Albert Mummery and Heinrich Zurfluh Switzerland United Kingdom
7 Sep 1888 Shkhara 5193 Caucasus Georgia (country) Russia Ulrich Almer, John Garford Cockin and Christian Roth Switzerland United Kingdom
12 Sep 1888 East Janga 5051 Caucasus Georgia (country) Russia Ulrich Almer, John Garford Cockin and Christian Roth Switzerland United Kingdom
11 Jun 1889* Mount Victoria 4038 Owen Stanley Range Papua New Guinea William MacGregor and a large party Papua New Guinea United Kingdom
6 Oct 1889 Kibo 5895 Kilimanjaro Tanzania Hans Meyer and Ludwig Purtscheller Austria-Hungary Germany [102]
Nov 1889* Iztaccihuatl 5230 Sierra Nevada (Mex) Mexico James de Salis Switzerland
26 Jul 1890 Mount Sir Donald 3284 Columbia Mts Canada Emil Huber, Carl Sulzer, Harry Cooper Canada Switzerland
4 Jul 1893 Devils Tower 1558 Rocky Mountains United States William Rogers and Willard Ripley United States
17 Aug 1894 Mount Temple 3544 Canadian Rockies Canada Walter Wilcox, Samuel Allen and Louis Fox Frissel United States
25 Dec 1894 Aoraki / Mount Cook 3764 [103] Southern Alps New Zealand Tom Fyfe, Jack Clarke and George Graham New Zealand [104]
6 Feb 1895 Mount Tasman 3497 Southern Alps New Zealand E. A. Fitzgerald, Matthias Zurbriggen and Jack Clarke New Zealand Switzerland United States
22 Sep 1895 Delago Tower 2790 Alps Italy Hermann Delago [de] Austria-Hungary [105]
14 Jan 1897* Aconcagua 6959 Andes Argentina Matthias Zurbriggen Switzerland
12 Apr 1897 Tupungato 6570 Andes Argentina Chile Matthias Zurbriggen and Stuart Vines Switzerland United Kingdom
31 Jul 1897 Mount Saint Elias 5489 Saint Elias Mts Canada United States Joseph Petigax, Antoine Maquignaz, Laurent Croux [fr], André Pellisier guiding Luigi Amedeo, Francesco Gonella, Vittorio Sella, Filippo de Filippi, Umberto Cagni, Erminio Botta Italy [106]
11 Aug 1898 Grand Teton 4197 Rocky Mountains United States William Owen, Franklin Spalding, Frank Peterson, and John Shive United States [107]
9 Sep 1898 Illimani 6438 Andes Bolivia Antoine Maquignaz, Louis Pellissier and William Martin Conway Italy United Kingdom [108]
26 Dec 1898 Jade Mountain 3952 Taiwan Karl Theodor Stöpel, Hussung and Biong Germany Taiwan [109]
17 Aug 1899 Campanile Basso 2883 Alps Italy Carl Berger and Otto Ampferer Austria-Hungary [110]
13 Sep 1899 Batian 5199 Mount Kenya Kenya César Ollier [fr] and Joseph Brocherel guiding Halford Mackinder Italy United Kingdom [111]
3 Sep 1901 Mount Assiniboine 3618 Canadian Rockies Canada Christian Bohren, Christian Hasler, James Outram Switzerland United Kingdom
Jun 1902 Alam-Kuh 4848 Alborz Iran Alfred [de] and Joseph Bornmüller Germany [112]
19 Jul 1902 Mount Columbia 3747 Canadian Rockies Canada Christian Kaufmann guiding James Outram Switzerland United Kingdom
10 Aug 1902 Mount Forbes 3612 Canadian Rockies Canada Christian and Hans Kaufmann guiding J. Norman Collie, James Outram, Hugh E.M. Stutfield, George M. Weed and Herman Woolley, Switzerland United Kingdom [113]
21 Aug 1902 Mount Bryce 3507 Canadian Rockies Canada Christian Kaufmann guiding James Outram Switzerland United Kingdom
25 Jul 1903 North Palisade 4343 Sierra Nevada (U.S.) United States James S. Hutchinson, Joseph N. LeConte, James K. Moffitt United States
26 Jul 1903 Ushba 4710 Caucasus Georgia (country) Adolf Schulze [de], Robert Hebling, Friedrich Reichert, Oscar Schuster [de], Albert Weber Austria-Hungary Germany Switzerland
1903* Karisimbi 4507 Virunga Mountains Democratic Republic of the Congo Rwanda Father Barthélémy Belgium [114]
18 Jul 1904 Mount Humphreys 4265 Sierra Nevada (U.S.) United States Edward C. Hutchinson and James S. Hutchinson United States
6 Sep 1904 Hozomeen Mountain 2460 Cascade Range United States Sledge Tatum, George E. Loudon United States
Dec 1904* Mount Meru 4566 Tanzania Fritz Jäger, Carl Uhlig and porters Germany [115]
18 Jun 1906 Mount Stanley 5109 Rwenzori Mts Democratic Republic of the Congo Uganda Joseph Petigax, César Ollier [fr], Joseph Brocherel, and Luigi Amedeo, Duke of the Abruzzi Italy [116]
12 Jun 1907 Trisul 7120 Himalayas India Tom Longstaff, Alexis Brocherel [fr], Henri Brocherel and Karbir India Italy United Kingdom
13 Aug 1907 Mount Olympus (US) 2432 Olympic Mts United States Lorenz A. Nelson and 10 other members of the Mountaineers Club United States
10 Mar 1908 Mount Erebus 3794 Transantarctic Mts Antarctica Jameson Adams, Edgeworth David, Alistair Forbes MacKay, Eric Marshall, and Douglas Mawson United Kingdom
13 Aug 1908 Herðubreið 1682 Highlands of Iceland Iceland Sigurður Sumarliðason and Hans Reck Germany Iceland
28 Aug 1908 Maroon Bells 4317 Rocky Mountains United States Percy Hagerman [117] United States
2 Sep 1908 Huascaran N. 6655 Andes Peru Annie Smith Peck, Gabriel Zumtaugwald and Rudolf Taugwalder Switzerland United States [118]
23 Nov 1909 Mount Aspiring / Tititea 3033 Southern Alps New Zealand Bernard Head, Jack Clarke and Alec Graham New Zealand
17 Mar 1910 El Toro W 4727 Andes Venezuela Alfredo Jahn Venezuela
10 Apr 1910 Denali N 5935 Alaska Range United States The Sourdough expedition: Tom Lloyd, Peter Anderson, Billy Taylor, and Charles McGonagall United States
30 Jul 1910 Stetind 1394 Scandinavian Mts Norway Ferdinand Schjelderup, Carl Wilhelm Rubenson, and Alf Bonnevie Bryn Norway
11 Dec 1910 Mucuñuque 4608 Andes Venezuela Alfredo Jahn Venezuela
18 Jan 1911 Humboldt 4940 Andes Venezuela Alfredo Jahn and Luis Hedderich Venezuela [119]
13 Mar 1911 Mitre Peak 1692 New Zealand James Robert Dennistoun New Zealand [120]
14 Jun 1911 Pauhunri 7128 Himalayas India Alec Kellas and the Sherpas Sony and "Tuny’s brother" India United Kingdom
15 Oct 1911* Coropuna 6425 Andes Peru Hiram Bingham, Alejandro Coello, Mariano Gamarra, and Herman L. Tucker Peru United States
14 Dec 1911* Wagagai 4321 Mount Elgon Uganda Kenya Robert Stigler [de], Richard Storch, Rudolf Kmunke (disputed) and Ugandan guides and carriers Austria-Hungary Uganda [121]
19 May 1912 Mount Blackburn 4996 Wrangell Mts United States Dora Keen and George Handy United States
24 Jun 1912 Mount Sir Sandford 3519 Columbia Mts Canada Edward Feuz Jr., Rudolph Aemmer, Howard Palmer, and Edward W. D. Holway [de] Canada Switzerland [122]
29 Jul 1912 Mawenzi (Meyer Peak) 5148 Kilimanjaro Tanzania Eduard Oehler and Fritz Klute [de] Germany [123]
Oct 1912 Mount Bangeta 4121 Saruwaged Range Papua New Guinea Christian Keyser and (probably) local porters Germany Papua New Guinea [124]
21 Feb 1913 Puncak Trikora 4750 Maoke Mountains Indonesia Alphons Franssen Herderschee [nl], Paul Hubrecht [nl] and Gerard Versteeg [nl] Netherlands [125]
7 Jun 1913 Denali S 6168 Alaska Range United States Hudson Stuck, Harry Karstens, Walter Harper, and Robert Tatum United States
31 Jul 1913 Mount Robson 3954 Canadian Rockies Canada Conrad Kain, Albert MacCarthy [de], and William Wasbrough Foster Austria-Hungary United States
2 Aug 1913 Mount Olympus 2918 Greece Christos Kakkalos, Frédéric Boissonnas and Daniel Baud-Bovy Greece Switzerland
26 Jul 1914 Belukha 4506 Altai Mountains Kazakhstan Russia Boris Tronov and Mikhail V. Tronov [ru] Russia
19 Jul 1916 Mount Louis 2682 Canadian Rockies Canada Conrad Kain and Albert MacCarthy [de] Austria-Hungary United States
24 Jul 1916 Crestone Peak 4357 Rocky Mountains United States Albert R. Ellingwood, Frances Rogers, Eleanor Davis Ehrman and Joe Deutschbein United States [126]
29 Aug 1916 Bugaboo Spire 3204 Columbia Mts Canada Conrad Kain, Albert MacCarthy [de], Bess MacCarthy, and John Vincent Austria-Hungary United States
10 May 1919 Huayna Potosí 6066 Andes Bolivia Rudolf Dienst and Otto Lohse Germany
11 Jun 1919 Janq'u Uma 6427 Andes Bolivia Rudolf Dienst and Adolf Schulze [de] Germany
12 Aug 1920 Mount Cleveland 3194 Rocky Mountains United States Harry R. Horn, John F. Habbe and Frank B. Wynn United States [127]
28 Aug 1920 Lizard Head 3999 Rocky Mountains United States Albert R. Ellingwood and Barton Hoag United States [128]
22 Jul 1922 Mount Moran 3842 Rocky Mountains United States LeGrand Hardy, Bennet McNulty and Ben C. Rich United States
25 Jul 1922 Gannett Peak 4209 Rocky Mountains United States Arthur C. Tate and Floyd J. Stahlnaker United States
12 Jun 1923* Jbel Toubkal 4167 Atlas Mountains Morocco René de Segonzac, Vincent Berger, and Hubert Dolbeau France
29 Aug 1923 Granite Peak 3904 Rocky Mountains United States Elers Koch, James C. Whitham and Robert T. Ferguson United States
23 Jun 1925 Mount Logan 5959 Saint Elias Mts Canada Albert MacCarthy [de], Fred Lambart [de], William Foster, Andy Taylor [de], Norman Read [de] and Allen Carpé Canada United States
21 Jul 1925 Mount Alberta 3619 Canadian Rockies Canada Yuko Maki, Heinrich Fuhrer, Hans Kohler, Jean Weber, Masanobu Hatano, Natagene Okabe, Seiichi Hashimoto, Tanezo Hayakawa, Yukio Mita Japan Switzerland
24 Jun 1926 Mount Russell 4296 Sierra Nevada (U.S.) United States Norman Clyde United States
25 Jul 1927 Mikeno 4437 Virunga Mountains Democratic Republic of the Congo Fathers Van Hoef and Depluit, Mr and Mrs Leonard Belgium [114]
7 Jun 1928 Illampu 6368 Andes Bolivia Hans Pfann [fr], Alfred Horeschowsky [de], Hugo Hortnagel, Erwin Hein Austria Germany
27 Jun 1928 Clyde Minaret 3740 Sierra Nevada (U.S.) United States Norman Clyde United States
25 Sep 1928 Lenin Peak 7134 Pamir Mountains Kyrgyzstan Tajikistan Karl Wien, Eugen Allwein [de] and Erwin Schneider [de] Austria Germany
3 Jun 1930 Jongsong Peak 7462 Himalayas India Nepal China Hermann Hoerlin [de] and Erwin Schneider [de] Austria Germany
2 Jul 1930 Mount Bona 5005 Saint Elias Mts United States Allen Carpé, Terris Moore, Andy Taylor [de] United States
8 Jun 1931 Mount Fairweather 4671 Saint Elias Mts Canada United States Allen Carpé and Terris Moore United States
21 Jun 1931 Kamet 7756 Himalayas India Frank Smythe, Eric Shipton, R.L. Holdsworth, Lewa Sherpa United Kingdom [129]
5 Sep 1931 Khan Tengri 7010 Tian Shan Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan China Mikhail Pogrebetsky [ru], Boris Tjurin, Franz Sauberer [ru] Austria Soviet Union
1931 Mount Tahat 2918 Hoggar Algeria Edouard Wyss-Dunant Switzerland
20 Jul 1932 Huascaran S. 6746 Andes Peru Franz Bernard, Phillip Borchers, Erwin Hein, Hermann Hoerlin [de], and Erwin Schneider [de] Austria Germany [118]
3 Aug 1932 Chopicalqui 6345 Andes Peru Phillip Borchers, Erwin Hein, Hermann Hoerlin [de], and Erwin Schneider [de] Austria Germany [118]
12 Sep 1932 Huandoy N. 6395 Andes Peru Erwin Hein and Erwin Schneider [de] Austria [118]
28 Oct 1932 Minya Konka 7556 Daxue Shan China Terris Moore, Richard Burdsall United States [130]
3 Sep 1933 Ismoil Somoni Peak 7495 Pamirs Tajikistan Yevgeniy Abalakov Soviet Union
18 Jan 1934* Mercedario 6710 Andes Argentina Adam Karpiński [pl] and Wiktor Ostrowski [pl] Poland
6 Aug 1934 Mount Foraker 5304 Alaska Range United States Charles Houston, T. Graham Brown, Chychele Waterston United States United Kingdom [131]
12 Aug 1934 Sia Kangri 7422 Karakoram China Pakistan Hans Ertl and Albert Höcht [de] Germany
5 Jan 1935 Bolívar 4978 Andes Venezuela Enrique Bourgoin, Heriberto Márquez, Domingo Peña Venezuela
16 Aug 1935 Gunnbjørn Fjeld 3694 Watkins Range Greenland Augustine Courtauld, Jack Longland, Ebbe Munck, Harold G. & Lawrence Wager United Kingdom
Aug 1935 Lingtren 6749 Himalayas Nepal China Eric Shipton & Dan Bryant United Kingdom New Zealand


16 Jul 1936 Monarch Mountain 3555 Coast Mountains Canada Henry S. Hall Jr. and Hans Fuhrer Switzerland United States [133]
21 Jul 1936 Mount Waddington 4019 Coast Mountains Canada Fritz Wiessner and William P. House United States [134]
28 Jul 1936 Siula Grande 6344 Andes Peru Arnold Awerzger [de] and Erwin Schneider [de] Austria
29 Aug 1936 Nanda Devi 7816 Himalayas India Bill Tilman and Noel Odell (see also the expedition page) United Kingdom [135]
23 Sep 1936 Siniolchu 6888 Himalayas India Karl Wien and Adi Göttner Germany [136]
5 Dec 1936 Mount Carstensz 4900 [137] Maoke Mountains Indonesia Anton Colijn, Jean Jacques Dozy, Frits Wissel [nl] Netherlands
26 Feb 1937 Ojos del Salado 6893 Andes Argentina Chile Jan Alfred Szczepański and Justyn Wojsznis [de] Poland
21 May 1937 Jomolhari 7326 Himalayas Bhutan China Freddie Spencer Chapman, Pasang Dawa Lama Nepal United Kingdom [138]
9 Jul 1937 Mount Lucania 5240 Saint Elias Mts Canada Bradford Washburn and Robert Hicks Bates United States [139]
28 Jul 1937 Devils Tower 1637 Rocky Mountains United States Fritz Wiessner, William P. House, Lawrence P. Coveney United States [140]
12 Aug 1937 Mana 7272 Himalayas India Frank Smythe United Kingdom
Aug 1937 Kinnerly Peak 3032 Rocky Mountains United States Norman Clyde, Ed Hall, Richard K. Hill and Braeme Gigos United States
19 Jun 1938 Mount Marcus Baker 4016 Chugach Mts United States Norman Bright, Peter Gabriel, Norman Dyhrenfurth, Bradford Washburn Switzerland United States [141]
21 Jul 1938 Mount Sanford 4949 Wrangell Mts United States Terris Moore and Bradford Washburn United States [142]
15 Aug 1938* Mount Wilhelm 4509 Bismarck Range Papua New Guinea Leigh Vial and 2 locals Australia Papua New Guinea
19 Sep 1938 Peak Pobeda 7439 Tian Shan Kyrgyzstan China Leonid Gutman, Evgenyi Ivanov, Alexander Sidorenko [6] Soviet Union [143]
1938 Pik Talgar 4979 Tian Shan Kazakhstan L. Kutuchtin, G. Makatrov and I. Kropotov Soviet Union [144]
Feb 1939 La Concha 4922 Andes Venezuela Franz Weiss and Albert Günther Germany Venezuela United Kingdom
2 Feb 1939 Pico Simón Bolívar 5700 Sra Nevada de Sta Marta Colombia Erwin Kraus, Guido Pichler, Enrico Praolini Austria Colombia Italy
16 Mar 1939 Pico Cristóbal Colón 5700 Sra Nevada de Sta Marta Colombia Enrico Praolini, Walter A. Wood, Anderson Bakerwell Italy United States
29 May 1939 Kirat Chuli 7365 Himalayas India Nepal Ernst Grob, Herbert Paidar, and Ludwig Schmaderer Germany Switzerland
5 Jul 1939 Dunagiri 7066 Himalayas India André Roch, Fritz Steuri Jr., David Zogg Switzerland [145]
26 Aug 1939 Sajama 6550 Andes Bolivia Josef Prem and Wilfrid Kühm Austria
12 Oct 1939 Shiprock 2188 United States David Brower, Raffi Bedayn, Bestor Robinson and John Dyer United States [146]
3 Feb 1940 Bonpland 4883 Andes Venezuela Albert Günther United Kingdom
Apr 1941 Kunturiri 5648 Andes Bolivia Wilfrid Kühm Germany [147]
7 Aug 1941 Mount Hayes 4216 Alaska Range United States Bradford Washburn, Barbara Washburn, Benjamin Ferris, Sterling Hendricks, Henry Hall, William Shand United States [148]
Dec 1943 Monte San Lorenzo 3706 Patagonia Argentina Chile Alberto María De Agostini Italy
Apr 1946 El León 4740 Andes Venezuela Baltazar Trujillo and Hugo Matheus Venezuela
25 Aug 1946 Devils Thumb 2767 Coast Mountains Canada United States Fred Beckey, Clifford Schmidtke, Bob Craig United States [149]
3 Sep 1947 Lost Arrow Spire 2112 Sierra Nevada (U.S.) United States John Salathé and Ax Nelson United States [150]
20 Jul 1948 Nevado Santa Cruz 6241 Andes Peru Frédéric Marmillod and Ali Szepessy-Schaurek Hungary Switzerland
5 Jul 1949 Mount Vancouver 4812 Saint Elias Mts Canada United States William Hainsworth, Alan Bruce-Robertson, Bob McCarter, Noel Odell United Kingdom United States [151]
3 Jun 1950 Annapurna 8091 Himalayas Nepal Maurice Herzog and Louis Lachenal (see also the expedition page) France [152]
21 Jul 1950 Tirich Mir 7708 Hindu Kush Pakistan Arne Næss, Per Kvernberg [no], Henry Berg, Tony Streather Norway United Kingdom
31 Jul 1950 Yerupajá 6617 Andes Peru David Harrah and James Maxwell United States [153]
27 Jul 1951 Mount Hubbard 4557 Saint Elias Mts Canada United States Nicholas Clifford, Robert Bates, Peter Wood and Walter Wood United States [154]
2 Feb 1952 Fitz Roy 3405 Patagonia Argentina Chile Lionel Terray & Guido Magnone [fr] France Italy [155]
6 Jun 1952 King Peak 5173 Saint Elias Mts Canada Keith Hart and Elton Thayer United States [156]
4 Jul 1952 Mount Augusta 4289 Saint Elias Mts Canada United States Peter Schoening, Victor Josendal, Bill Niendorf, Richard E. McGowen, Bob Yeasting, Gibson Reynolds, Tom Morris, Verl Rogers United States [157]
7 Jul 1952 Huantsán 6369 Andes Peru Lionel Terray, Cees G. Egeler and Tom de Booy France Netherlands [158]
5 Aug 1952 Salcantay 6271 Andes Peru Fred D. Ayres, David Michael, Graham Matthews, George I. Bell, Claude Kogan, Bernard Pierre France United States [159]
1 Dec 1952 Monte San Valentin 4058 Patagonia Chile Otto Meiling and members of Club Andino Bariloche Argentina
29 May 1953 Mount Everest 8848 Himalayas Nepal China Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary (see also the expedition page) Nepal New Zealand [160]
Jun 1953 Chamar 7187 Himalayas Nepal Maurice Bishop and Namgyal Sherpa Nepal New Zealand [161]
3 Jul 1953 Nanga Parbat 8126 Himalayas Pakistan Hermann Buhl (see also the expedition page) Austria [162]
13 Jul 1953 Mount Asgard 2015 Baffin Mou