Montana Republican Party
ChairmanDon Kaltschmidt
Senate Majority LeaderSteve Fitzpatrick
House Majority LeaderSue Vinton
HeadquartersHelena, Montana
Political positionRight-wing
National affiliationRepublican Party
Colors  Red
Seats in the U.S. Senate
1 / 2
Seats in the U.S. House
2 / 2
Seats in the Montana Senate
34 / 50
Seats in the Montana House
68 / 100
Statewide Executive Offices
6 / 6

The Montana Republican Party (MTGOP) is the affiliate of the Republican Party in Montana. It is headquartered in Helena.

The party is chaired by Don Kaltschmidt.[1] The national committeeman Art Wittich and the national committeewoman is Debra Lamm. The party is a private corporation organized of political organizations, including political action, advocacy, and interest groups. It is currently the dominant party in the state, controlling both of Montana's U.S. House seats, one of the U.S. Senate seats, both houses of the state legislature, and the governorship.

Current party officers

Office Name
Chair Don "K" Kaltschmidt
Vice chair Lola Sheldon-Galloway
Secretary Brad Tschida
Treasurer Derek Skees
National committeeman Art Wittich
National committeewoman Debra Lamm

Current elected officials

The Montana Republican party controls all the six statewide offices and holds majorities in the Montana House of Representatives and Senate. They also hold one U.S. Senate seat and both congressional districts.

Members of Congress

U.S. Senate

U.S. House of Representatives

District Member Photo
1st Ryan Zinke
2nd Matt Rosendale

Statewide offices

Office Officeholder
Governor Greg Gianforte
Lieutenant Governor Kristen Juras
Supt. of Public Instruction Elsie Arntzen
Attorney General Austin Knudsen
State Auditor Troy Downing
Secretary of State Christi Jacobsen

Legislative leaders

Office Representative
President of the Senate Mark Blasdel
Senate Majority Leader Cary Smith
Speaker of the House Wylie Galt
House Majority Leader Sue Vinton

31 Members of the Montana Senate

District Senator Residence
1 Mike Cuffe Eureka
2 Carl Glimm Kila
3 Keith Regier Kalispell
4 Mark Blasdel Kalispell
5 Bob Keenan Bigfork
6 Greg Hertz Polson
7 Bob Brown Thompson Falls
9 Bruce Gillespie Ethridge
10 Steve Fitzpatrick Great Falls
13 Brian Hoven Great Falls
14 Russel Tempel Chester
15 Ryan Osmundson Buffalo
17 Mike Lang Malta
18 Steve Hinebauch Wibaux
19 Kenneth Bogner Miles City
20 Duane Ankney Colstrip
21 Jason Small Busby
22 Douglas Kary Billings
23 Tom McGillvray Billings
26 Chris Friedel Billings
27 Cary Smith Billings
28 Brad Molnar Laurel
29 David Howard Park City
30 John Esp Big Timber
34 Gordon Vance Bozeman
35 Walt Sales Manhattan
36 Jeffrey Welborn Dillon
40 Terry Gauthier Helena
43 Jason Ellsworth Hamilton
44 Theresa Manzella Hamilton
47 Daniel Salomon Ronan

67 Members of the Montana House of Representatives

District Representative Residence
1 Steve Gunderson Libby
2 Neil Duram Eureka
3 Braxton Mitchell Columbia Falls
4 Matt Regier Kalispell
6 Amy Regier Kalispell
7 Frank Garner Kalispell
8 John Fuller Kalispell
9 Brian Putnam Kalispell
10 Mark Noland Bigfork
11 Derek Skees Kalispell
12 Linda Reksten Polson
13 Paul Fielder Thompson Falls
14 Denley Loge St. Regis
17 Ross Fitzgerald Fairfield
18 Llew Jones Conrad
19 Wendy McKamey Great Falls
20 Fred Anderson Great Falls
21 Edward Buttrey Great Falls
22 Lola Sheldon-Galloway Great Falls
23 Scot Kerns Great Falls
24 Steven Galloway Great Falls
25 Steve Gist Cascade
26 Jeremy Trebas Great Falls
27 Joshua Kassmier Fort Benton
28 Ed Hill Havre
29 Dan Bartel Lewistown
30 Wylie Galt Martinsdale
33 Casey Knudsen Malta
34 Rhonda Knudsen Culbertson
35 Brandon Ler Savage
36 Bob Phalen Lindsay
37 Jerry Schillinger Circle
38 Kenneth Holmlund Miles City
39 Geraldine Custer Forsyth
40 Barry Usher Billings
43 Kerri Seekins-Crowe Billings
44 Larry Brewster Billings
45 Katie Zolnikov Billings
46 Bill Mercer Billings
50 Mallerie Stromswold Billings
51 Frank Fleming Billings
52 Jimmy Patelis Billings
53 Dennis Lenz Billings
54 Terry Moore Billings
55 Vince Ricci Laurel
56 Sue Vinton Billings
57 Fiona Nave Columbus
58 Seth Berglee Joliet
59 Marty Malone Pray
64 Jane Gillette Bozeman
67 Jedediah Hinkle Bozeman
68 Caleb Hinkle Belgrade
69 Jennifer Carlson Manhattan
70 Julie Dooling Helena
71 Kenneth Walsh Twin Bridges
72 Tom Welch Dillon
75 Marta Bertoglio Clancy
78 Gregory Frazer Deer Lodge
80 Becky Beard Elliston
85 Michele Binkley Hamilton
86 David Bedey Hamilton
87 Ron Marshall Hamilton
88 Sharon Greef Florence
92 Mike Hopkins Missoula
93 Joe Read Ronan
96 Kathy Whitman Missoula
97 Brad Tschida Missoula


The Montana Republican Party Platform was adopted June 16, 2012 and can be viewed in its entirety on the Montana Republican Party website.[2]


According to Party Bylaws, conventions that are held within the state. The State Platform convention, which meets once every even-numbered year between the primary and general elections, the purpose of this convention, is to adopt a state platform. There is a State Delegate Convention, which meets every presidential year prior to the Republican National Committee; during this convention they elect the delegates and alternate delegates to the Republican National Convention. Then there is the State Officer's Convention, which meets in June each odd-numbered year, this is when the state chairman and state vice chairman are elected. These conventions are given notice by convention calls and they give notice to all meetings or conventions. There is a quorum for any business actions and are entitled to vote thereat, in person, or by proxy, and weighted votes are not considered. Proxies are allowed except when selecting delegates for the national convention. Voting is an individual basis and are only for people entitled to vote at the conventions. The Parliamentary practice is Roberts' Rules of Order, it governs all conventions and meetings and allows the state chairman to appoint a parliamentarian for any State Central Committee meeting or convention.[3]


State Central Committee is made up by the county chairman, state committeemen and committee women, and finance chairman for each county. This committee is the governing body the Montana GOP and makes up all the rules and policies for the state party. State Executive Committee is made up of many members such as state chairman, vice chairman, national committeeman and committeewoman, statewide elected federal and state officeholders, elected Republican Public Service Commissioners, the highest-ranking Republican leader from state Senate and House of Representatives, and many other Republican groups or clubs within Montana. The main purpose of this committee is to execute policies and programs of the Montana GOP between the State Central Committees. The terms of these members last as long as the chairman's term and can also end by resignation or removal. County Central Committee is found in each county in Montana and only consists of elected or appointed committeemen and committeewomen from each precinct of the county and hold officer for two years. The committee elects county chairman and vice chairman, secretary and treasurer, state and Congressional committeeman and committee woman, finance chairman, and anything else that seems important. It can adopt its own rules and come up with a county executive committee that executes the counties rules and policies. There are also other committees such as the Rules Committee. The members are appointed by the chairman and they consider or recommend rules and rule changes. Any other special committee such as the Rules Committee can be appointed by the chairman if needed.[4]

Elected officers

Chairman is the leader of the party and is responsible of the hiring and firing of any employees. The chairman can appoint all committees except the executive committee. The chairman has the power of supervision and management. The chairman also works with the treasurer to make sure the right resources are provided. Vice chairman performs all the duties assigned by the chairman. Secretary keeps the minutes for all meetings and anything assigned by the chairman. Treasurer controls the financial record keeping and practices of the party. Assistant treasurer is there to become familiar with the responsibilities of the treasurer and will perform any duties assigned by the chairman and treasurer.[4]

Appointed officers

Executive director is appointed by the chairman after approval from the executive committee. The main duty is to preserve all permanent records of the State Central Committee and any other duty assigned by the chairman. finance chairman is appointed exactly like the executive director. The main duty of this officer is to raise funds for the Republican Party.

General Counsel is also appointed the same way as the first two officers. The main duty of the General Counsel is to advise the chairman, State Central Committee, and all other officers and committees on all legal matters. The General Counsel is licensed to practice law within the state.

There can be other types of officers that are appointed by the chairman. These types are only appointed if needed for a particular purpose.[4]


The State Central Committee will appoint a nominee to fill a vacancy for a party candidate and the person who receives the most votes is the nominee. If one or two Congressional Districts for the state need to be filled, a committee appointed by the County Central Committee will make the appointment and the person with the most votes wins the nomination. The votes entitled to the certain members shall be weighted by comparing the Republican primary vote in each county and the Republican primary vote for the office being voted for. For each two percent or less of the total vote, there are four votes awarded to the county. Anything higher than two percent will be awarded an extra vote. The delegates at the meetings will divide the votes to each county and then the delegates will individually cast their votes.[4]

Voting trends

Montana Presidential Election Results by County, 2008

Montana is considered to be a moderately Republican state.[5] There is a small percentage of Hispanic and African American votes. There is a significant number of votes from the Native American population as well.[6] Montana has voted Republican in almost every single presidential election after the national Democratic landslide of 1964, with the sole exception of Bill Clinton's narrow plurality victory in 1992.[7] Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump won Montana in 2020 with 56.9% of the total statewide vote over Democrat Joe Biden, who received 40.5%.

During the 2022 midterms Republicans gained super-majority status in the state legislature, capturing 34 of 50 senate seats and 68 of 100 house seats. [1]

Historical figures

Benjamin Potts

Benjamin F Potts

Potts was a Republican governor of Montana Territory who worked with Democrat political and business leaders to sustain a successful program of financial responsibility and economy of government during a boom period in Montana's territorial era. He was the longest-serving territorial governor in U.S. history.[8]

Wilbur F. Sanders

Sanders was a lawyer, Civil War veteran that was considered to be known as the essence of Montana Republicanism.[9]

Jeannette Rankin

Jeannette Rankin

Rankin was a Republican from Montana and was also an important figure with the women's suffrage movement. Her efforts were rewarded when Montana gave women the right to vote in 1914. In 1916 she was the first woman to be elected to Congress. During her term in Congress she voted against U.S. entry in World War I. She left Congress in 1919 but was reelected in 1940. Once again she voted for peace and opposed U.S. entry in World War II.[10]

Election results


Montana Republican Party presidential election results
Election Presidential ticket Votes Vote % Electoral votes Result
1892 Benjamin Harrison/Whitelaw Reid 18,871 42.44%
3 / 3
1896 William McKinley/Garret Hobart 10,509 19.71%
0 / 3
1900 William McKinley/Theodore Roosevelt 25,409 39.79%
0 / 3
1904 Theodore Roosevelt/Charles W. Fairbanks 34,932 54.21%
3 / 3
1908 William Howard Taft/James S. Sherman 32,333 46.98%
3 / 3
1912 William Howard Taft/Nicholas M. Butler 18,512 23.19%
0 / 4
1916 Charles E. Hughes/Charles W. Fairbanks 66,750 37.57%
0 / 4
1920 Warren G. Harding/Calvin Coolidge 109,430 61.13%
4 / 4
1924 Calvin Coolidge/Charles G. Dawes 74,138 42.50%
4 / 4
1928 Herbert Hoover/Charles Curtis 113,300 58.37%
4 / 4
1932 Herbert Hoover/Charles Curtis 78,078 36.07%
0 / 4
1936 Alf Landon/Frank Knox 63,598 27.59%
0 / 4
1940 Wendell Willkie/Charles L. McNary 99,579 40.17%
0 / 4
1944 Thomas E. Dewey/John W. Bricker 93,163 44.93%
0 / 4
1948 Thomas E. Dewey/Earl Warren 96,770 43.15%
0 / 4
1952 Dwight D. Eisenhower/Richard Nixon 157,394 59.39%
4 / 4
1956 Dwight D. Eisenhower/Richard Nixon 154,933 57.13%
4 / 4
1960 Richard Nixon/Henry Cabot Lodge Jr. 141,841 51.10%
4 / 4
1964 Barry Goldwater/William E. Miller 113,032 40.57%
0 / 4
1968 Richard Nixon/Spiro Agnew 138,835 50.60%
4 / 4
1972 Richard Nixon/Spiro Agnew 183,976 57.93%
4 / 4
1976 Gerald Ford/Bob Dole 173,703 52.84%
4 / 4
1980 Ronald Reagan/George H. W. Bush 206,814 56.82%
4 / 4
1984 Ronald Reagan/George H. W. Bush 232,450 60.47%
4 / 4
1988 George H. W. Bush/Dan Quayle 190,412 52.07%
4 / 4
1992 George H. W. Bush/Dan Quayle 144,207 35.12%
0 / 3
1996 Bob Dole/Jack Kemp 179,652 44.11%
3 / 3
2000 George W. Bush/Dick Cheney 240,178 58.4%
3 / 3
2004 George W. Bush/Dick Cheney 266,063 59.07%
3 / 3
2008 John McCain/Sarah Palin 243,882 49.49%
3 / 3
2012 Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan 267,928 55.35%
3 / 3
2016 Donald Trump/Mike Pence 279,240 56.17%
3 / 3
2020 Donald Trump/Mike Pence 343,602 56.92%
3 / 3


Montana Republican Party gubernatorial election results
Election Gubernatorial candidate Votes Vote % Result
1889 Thomas C. Power 18,991 49.04% Lost Red XN
1892 John E. Rickards 18,187 41.17% Won Green tickY
1896 Alexander C. Botkin 14,993 29.01% Lost Red XN
1900 David S. Folsom 22,691 35.56% Lost Red XN
1904 William Lindsay 26,957 40.99% Lost Red XN
1908 Edward Donlan 30,792 45.16% Lost Red XN
1912 Harry L. Wilson 22,950 28.77% Lost Red XN
1916 Frank J. Edwards 76,547 44.10% Lost Red XN
1920 Joseph M. Dixon 111,113 59.74% Won Green tickY
1924 Joseph M. Dixon 74,126 42.59% Lost Red XN
1928 Wellington D. Rankin 79,777 41.08% Lost Red XN
1932 Frank A. Hazelbaker 101,105 46.73% Lost Red XN
1936 Frank A. Hazelbaker 108,914 48.12% Lost Red XN
1940 Sam C. Ford 124,435 50.67% Won Green tickY
1944 Sam C. Ford 116,461 56.36% Won Green tickY
1948 Sam C. Ford 97,792 43.86% Lost Red XN
1952 J. Hugo Aronson 134,423 50.96% Won Green tickY
1956 J. Hugo Aronson 138,878 51.37% Won Green tickY
1960 Donald Grant Nutter 154,230 55.11% Won Green tickY
1964 Tim Babcock 144,113 51.29% Won Green tickY
1968 Tim Babcock 116,432 41.87% Lost Red XN
1972 Ed Smith 146,231 45.88% Lost Red XN
1976 Bob Woodahl 115,848 36.58% Lost Red XN
1980 Jack Ramirez 160,892 44.63% Lost Red XN
1984 Pat M. Goodover 100,070 26.41% Lost Red XN
1988 Stan Stephens 190,604 51.93% Won Green tickY
1992 Marc Racicot 209,401 51.35% Won Green tickY
1996 Marc Racicot 320,768 79.17% Won Green tickY
2000 Judy Martz 209,135 50.98% Won Green tickY
2004 Bob Brown 205,313 46.02% Lost Red XN
2008 Roy Brown 158,268 32.52% Lost Red XN
2012 Rick Hill 228,879 47.34% Lost Red XN
2016 Greg Gianforte 236,115 46.35% Lost Red XN
2020 Greg Gianforte 328,548 54.43% Won Green tickY

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