Shahpur Tehsil is a subdivision (tehsil) of Sargodha District in the Punjab province of Pakistan. Its capital is Shahpur and is administratively subdivided into 16 Union Councils.[1] Population is 353,325 (2017) being mainly Muslim and Punjabi speaking.The name Shahpur is associated with one of grandfather of Sherazi Syed’s (Shah Shams Sherazi). The Maken family and Tiwana family are the biggest landlords of this region.

People from Shahpur are now entering the Central Superior Services of Pakistan with three officers currently serving in Police Service of Pakistan and Pakistan Administrative Service.

Shahpur Tehsil
Country  Pakistan
Province Punjab
District Sargodha District
Area 787 km2
Population 353,325
Time Zone UTC+5 (PST)


In 1914 the district headquarters were moved from Shahpur to Sargodha, although the district continued to be known as Shahpur. In 1960 the Sargodha District was created and Shahpur District became Shahpur Tehsil.


Shahpur Tehsil is second largest tehsil of sargodha district with an area of 787 km square.

CSPs from Shahpur Tehsil


Shahpur Tehsil mainly comprises fertile plains and river Jhelum flows on western and north western side.


Several roads run through Shahpur tehsil like Sargodha-Mianwali road, Bhera-Jhawarian road and Shapur-Bhalwal road. Moreover, Shahpur Tehsil is also linked with railway as it contains a Railway station at Shahpur Saddar.

Recreational Places

Bank of Jhelum River is the prime location to enjoy a good evening. The canals passing through Shahpur provide a serene bicycling experience ,and these tracks are connected to main roads as well.

Union Councils

Name of Union Councils [3]

  1. Jhawarian
  2. Khawaja abad
  3. Kalra
  4. Manke wala
  5. Ghangwal
  6. Kot Bhai Khan
  7. Kot Pehlwan
  8. Bakhar Bar
  9. Shahpur Sadar (Urban)
  10. Aqil Shah
  11. Shahpur City (Urban)
  12. Kandan
  13. Mangowal
  14. Jahan Abad
  15. Sabowal
  16. Jalal Pur Jadeed
  17. Gondal
  18. Chakrala


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