The services of communication in Jersey comprise Internet, telephone, broadcasting and postal services, which allow islanders to contact people and receive information.


As of 2018, three companies provide fixed-line services to the island -

As all services are based on JT's infrastructure, there is limited competition. Nevertheless, islanders enjoy average fixed broadband download speedswhich outstrip the UK and other small countries.[1] As of 2021, Jersey has the highest broadband speeds of any country in the world, with an average rate of 274.27 Mbit/s, compared with Liechtenstein, which only had speeds of 211.26 Mbit/s, and the global average of just 9.10 Mbit/s.[2][3]

JT has dominance over the broadband sector, with 68% broadband market share in 2015, however this is declining relative to the competition. In terms of value for money on high-speed internet services, Jersey broadband consumers pay lower prices than nations like Bermuda, but higher prices than in the UK or the Isle of Man, but for lower-speed services islanders pay far lower prices than other small islands (and less than UK consumers).[1]

Jersey broadband services market share[1]
2012 2016
JT 78% 68%
Sure 13% 27%
Newtel 9% 5%

Internet connectivity to the rest of the world is provided by undersea cables linked to Guernsey, the UK and France. In 2016, a ship – believed to be the King Arthur owned by Mediterranea di Navigazione – dragging its anchor on the seabed in the English Channel cut the three main internet cables to Jersey and Guersey. As a result, all communications traffic had to travel via cables to France.[4]

Mobile telephones

Jersey is part of the UK's National Telephone Numbering Plan, which means the island shares the UK's international dialling code +44.[5]

4G license operators in the island are obligated to provide a 2 Mbit/s download speed to 95% of the island population 90% of the time. In 2016, the island had 95% 4G coverage and higher average mobile data speeds than (7 major cities in) the UK.[1]

In 2020, JT retains the majority mobile market share of 52%, compared with 24% for Airtel-Vodafone and 23% for Sure, the island's other mobile operators.[6] In 2020, there were 124,262 mobile subscriptions, of which 2,845 were mobile only.[6]

Mobile data prices are lower in Jersey than other similarly sized countries, such as Bermuda and Malta, but slightly higher than the major operators in the UK.[1] In 2020, the following mobile usage statistics were recorded: 202.0 million mobile minutes, 48.3 million SMS messages and 9.56 million GB of data used.

Landline telephones

Jersey is part of the UK's National Telephone Numbering Plan, which means the island shares the UK's international dialling code +44. Landline telephone numbers have the area code (0)1534.[5]

Postal service

Main article: Jersey Post


The Government of Jersey has a telecommunications development strategy called A telecoms strategy for Jersey.[1]



Jersey is incorporated into the UK National Telephone Numbering Plan, using the following area codes:

Fixed line

Fixed PSTN lines in use; approx 57,700 (2009).[citation needed]

Mobile cellular

With over 120 mobile phone masts, in 2012,[8] spread across its 119 km2 (46 sq mi) area, the island has a phone mast density almost five times that of the United Kingdom as a whole but similar to any urban area.

Telephony system and infrastructure


Jersey Telecom:


Mass media


Digital DAB+ broadcasts started in Jersey on 1 August 2021.[12]

Radio broadcast stations

Radio receiver adoption and usage

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Television broadcast stations

Cable television

Satellite television

Television set adoption and usage

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Internet service providers (ISPs)

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