The most important telecommunications in Italy are telephone, radio, television and the Internet.

Telephone companies

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List of telephone companies in Italy:

Radio stations

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radio stations in Italy
Name Owner Location Notes Transmission Website
Radio Byoblu libera e indipendente Byoblu Edizioni S.r.l.s Worldwide Public; News/Talk; Popular music Streaming online
m2o Elemedia Rome Commercial; Electronic dance music FM, DAB, DAB+, DVB-T, DVB-S
R101 Mediaset Milan Commercial; Adult Contemporary FM, DAB, DAB+, DVB-S
Radio 105 Network Mediaset Milan Commercial; Rock, Pop, Hip Hop FM, DVB-S
Radio 24 Il Sole 24 Ore Milan Commercial; News/Talk FM, DAB, DVB-S
Radio Capital Elemedia Rome Commercial; Classic Hits/Adult Contemporary FM, DAB, DVB-T, DVB-S
Radio DeeJay Elemedia Milan Commercial FM, DAB, DAB+, DVB-T, DVB-S
Radio Dimensione Suono Rome Commercial; It's also called RDS FM, DAB, DAB+, DVB-S
Radio Italia Solo Musica Italiana Gruppo Radio Italia Cologno Monzese Commercial; Italian Hits FM, DAB, DVB-S
Radio Kiss Kiss Naples Commercial FM, DVB-S
Radio Maria Associazione Radio Maria Erba(CO) Community; Catholic FM, DAB, DVB-S
Radio Monte Carlo Mediaset Milan Commercial; It's also called RMC FM, DVB-S
Radio Popolare cooperative Rome Community; News/Talk FM
Radio Radicale Radical Party Rome Community; News/Talk FM, DAB, DVB-S
Rai Gr Parlamento RAI Rome Public; News/Talk FM, DVB-S
Rai Isoradio RAI Public; Traffic and weather news FM, DAB, DVB-S
Rai Radio 1 RAI Rome Public; News/Talk; Generalist FM, MW, DAB, DVB-T, DVB-S
Rai Radio 2 RAI Rome Public; Popular music; Entertainment FM, DAB, DVB-T, DVB-S
Rai Radio 3 RAI Rome Public; Culture; Classical music FM, DAB, DVB-T, DVB-S
RTL 102.5 Cologno Monzese (MI) Commercial FM, DAB, DVB-S
Virgin Radio Italia Mediaset Milan Commercial; Rock FM, DAB, DAB+, DVB-S
Rai Radio Tutta Italiana RAI Rome Public; Easy listening music DAB, Cable, DVB-T, DVB-S
Rai Radio Classica RAI Rome Public; Classical music DAB, Cable, DVB-T, DVB-S
Radio Padania Libera Lega Nord Varese Community; News/Talk DAB, DVB-S

Television channels

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RAI – national

HD Terrestrial channels
Logo Name Channel Type Launched Description
Rai 1 1 (DTT) Free-to-air 3 January 1954 Generalist and family-oriented
Rai 2 2 (DTT) Free-to-air 4 November 1961 Generalist, catering towards urban audiences
Rai 3 103 (DTT) Free-to-air 15 December 1979 Cultural and regional programming
Rai 4 521 (DTT, HbbTV) Free-to-air 14 July 2008 Youth/urban programming and movies
Rai 5 523 (DTT, HbbTV) Free-to-air 26 November 2010 Arts and culture programming
Rai 4K 101 (DTT, HbbTV) Free-to-air 17 June 2016 Ultra-high-definition (4K) channel
Rai Movie 24 (DTT) Free-to-air 1 July 1999 Movies
Rai Premium 525 (DTT, HbbTV) Free-to-air 31 July 2003 Popular fiction and films
Rai Gulp 542 (DTT, HbbTV) Free-to-air 1 June 2007 Shows aimed at young children ages 8–14
Rai Yoyo 543 (DTT, HbbTV) Free-to-air 1 November 2006 Shows aimed at young children ages 4–7
Rai News 24 48 (DTT) Free-to-air 26 April 1999 Non-stop rolling news
Rai Storia 554 (DTT, HbbTV) Free-to-air 2 February 2009 Documentaries about history and culture
Rai Sport 58 (DTT) Free-to-air 14 September 2015 Sports coverage and related news
Rai Scuola 700 (Tivùsat),

806 (Sky)

Free-to-air 19 October 2009 Documentary, cultural and educational

RAI – regional

Logo Name Channel Launched Language Region
Rai Alto Adige [it] 1960 Italian Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol
Rai Ladinia 1988 Ladin Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol
Rai Südtirol 3, 808 (DTT) 1966 German Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol
Rai 3 BIS FJK [it] 3, 810 (DTT) 1995 Italian and Slovene Friuli Venezia Giulia/Furlanija Julijska Krajina


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Mediaset Terrestrial channels
Logo Name Channel Type Launched Description
Rete 4 4, 104, 504 (DTT) Free-to-air 4 January 1982 General, High-definition
Canale 5 5, 105, 505 (DTT) Free-to-air 11 November 1980 General, High-definition
Italia 1 6, 106, 506 (DTT) Free-to-air 3 January 1982 General, High-definition
20 20, 120, 520 (DTT) Free-to-air 3 April 2018 TV Series and Sports
Iris 22, 522 (DTT) Free-to-air 30 November 2007 Movies
Twentyseven 27, 527 (DTT) Free-to-air 17 January 2022 Cinema
La5 30, 530 (DTT) Free-to-air 12 March 2010 Entertainment and Lifestyle
Cine34 34, 534 (DTT) Free-to-air 20 January 2020 Cinema
Focus 35, 535 (DTT) Free-to-air 17 March 2018 Documentaries
Top Crime 39, 539 (DTT) Free-to-air 1 June 2013 Entertainment
Italia 2 49, 549 (DTT) Free-to-air 4 July 2011 Entertainment and Sports
TGcom24 51, 551 (DTT) Free-to-air 28 November 2011 News
Mediaset Extra 55, 556 (DTT) Free-to-air 26 November 2010 General


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The Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Italy is .it and is sponsored by Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche. The .eu domain is also used, as it is shared with other European Union member states. Currently Internet access is available to businesses and home users in various forms, including dial-up, fibre, cable, DSL and wireless.

According to, the Italian average for fixed connections is below the global average (96.98 Mbit/s Down and 51.28 Mbit/s Up – at January 2021) with an average speed of 79.62 Mbit/s Down and 31.41 Mbit/s in upload (consideration based on the public data available at: – January 2021).


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