Zhang Tianxin
Communist Party Secretary of Kunming
In office
December 2011 – July 2014
Preceded byQiu He
Succeeded byGao Jinsong
Director of the CPC Yunnan Propaganda Department
In office
November 2006 – November 2011
Preceded byYan Youqiong (晏友琼)
Succeeded byZhao Jin (赵金)
Communist Party Secretary of the Wenshan Zhuang and Miao Autonomous Prefecture
In office
October 1999 – November 2006
Succeeded byLi Pei (李培)
CPC Party Chief of Yuxi
In office
June 1998 – October 1999
Personal details
BornJuly 1955 (age 68)
Jiangchuan County, Yunnan
Political partyChinese Communist Party (expelled)
Residence(s)Kunming, Yunnan
Alma materKunming University of Science and Technology
Yunnan Normal University

Zhang Tianxin (Chinese: 张田欣; pinyin: Zhāng Tiánxīn; born July 1955) is a former Chinese politician, and Communist Party Secretary of Kunming, the provincial capital of Yunnan Province, between 2011 and 2014.[1] He was dismissed from his position in July 2014, after he came under investigation for violating "party discipline", and subsequently expelled from the Chinese Communist Party.

Early life and education

Zhang was born and raised in Jiangchuan County, Yunnan. Zhang began teaching middle school in his home county at age 19, during the latter years of the Cultural Revolution. After three years on the job, Zhang took part in the Gaokao exams and received a placement at Kunming Teacher's College (now Yunnan Normal University).[2]


Zhang got involved in politics in May 1978, first taking a job as an ordinary office worker at the Prefecture government of Yuxi, where he began rising through the ranks. He joined the Chinese Communist Party in June 1984. In 1989, Zhang was named the deputy party chief of Yimen County.[2]

In June 1998, Zhang was appointed the deputy party chief of Yuxi, he remained in that position until October 1999, when he was transferred to Wenshan Zhuang and Miao Autonomous Prefecture as the Party Secretary, occupying a regional top office for the first time. In November 2006, Zhang was promoted to become the head of the provincial Propaganda Department. In December 2011, Zhang was named the Communist Party Secretary of Kunming, capital of Yunnan province.[3]

In Kunming, Zhang was largely known for his extensive street renovation projects, which he said was part of a strategy to make Kunming more attractive to tourists.[2] One of his 'pet projects' was the city's Beijing Road renovation project.[4]

In 2013, rumours began circulating in the city's political circles about Zhang possibly facing an investigation. In July 2014, Zhang was removed from office for "serious disciplinary violations".[5] On July 16, 2014, Zhang was expelled from the Chinese Communist Party after the party investigation concluded that Zhang had "wasted government funds" and that he had "abused his power for personal gain." He was demoted to the sub-division level non-leading civil service position (fuchuji).[6] The investigation did not conclude that his actions broke the law, merely that they were "severe violations of party discipline", therefore he was not further prosecuted.

Zhang's former superior, former Yunnan provincial party chief Bai Enpei, was also placed under investigation in 2014.


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