Zhingyalov hats
Zhingyalov hats

Zhingyalov hats (Armenian: Ժենգյալով հաց, also zhengyalav hatz, zhangyalov hats, or jingalov hats[1]) is a type of flatbread stuffed with finely diced herbs and green vegetables. It is a traditional dish of Armenians from Nagorno-Karabakh[2][3][4][5] and Syunik. In 2015, at the end of April, the Republic of Artsakh held a Zhingyalov hats festival.[6]


Unleavened dough is rolled out until it becomes paper-thin, then it is filled with a stuffing that consists of 10 to 20 types of diced and oiled wild and cultivated herbs.[7] One of the most important steps in preparing a good zhingyalov hats is the greens' composition. Tasteless leaf vegetables and herbs with less pronounced taste make up the base of the stuffing: examples include lettuce, spinach, atriplex, beet greens, chickweed, shepherd's-purse,[8] viola leaves[8] and suchlike plants. Herbs with distinctive tastes (chervil, urtica, allium), sour (rumex) or spicy (laserpitium) ones are needed in smaller quantities; bitter-tasting greens as taraxacum should be sparse. Additionally the stuffing might contain bryndza and fried onions.

After stuffing, zhingyalov hats are fried for around 10 minutes on a special griddle called "saj" or "sajin" (Armenian: սաջին),[9] or in a tonir for a couple of minutes.[7]

The finished dish is consumed with beer, doogh, or wine. Zhingyalov hats is especially popular during the Great Lent.[citation needed]

Diced herbs
Preparing zhingyalov hats
Ready meal
Zhingyalov hats ready to be consumed

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