1994 European Parliament election in Germany[1]

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All 99 German seats in the European Parliament
  First party Second party Third party
Party CDU/CSU SPD Greens
Seats before 32 31 8
Seats won 47 40 12
Seat change Increase15 Increase9 Increase4
Popular vote 13,739,447 11,389,697 3,563,268
Percentage 38.8% 32,2% 10.1%
Swing Increase1.1% Decrease5.1% Increase1.7%

An election of the delegation from Germany to the European Parliament was held in 1994.


Social Democratic Party11,389,69732.1640+9
Christian Democratic Union11,346,07332.0439+14
Alliance 90/The Greens3,563,26810.0612+5
Christian Social Union2,393,3746.768+1
Party of Democratic Socialism1,670,3164.720New
Free Democratic Party1,442,8574.070–4
The Republicans1,387,0703.920–6
League of Free Citizens385,6761.090New
The Grays – Gray Panthers275,8660.780New
Ecological Democratic Party273,7760.7700
Car-drivers' and Citizens' Interests Party231,2650.650New
Statt Party168,7380.480New
Party of the Willing to Work and Socially Vulnerable127,1040.360New
Bavaria Party110,7780.3100
New Forum107,6150.300New
Party of Bible-abiding Christians93,2100.260New
Natural Law Party92,0310.260New
German Social Union80,6180.230New
National Democratic Party77,2270.2200
Christian Centre66,7660.1900
Christian League40,1150.1100
Die Unregierbaren – Autonome Liste37,6720.110New
Bürgerrechtsbewegung Solidarität23,8510.070New
Platform Europe for Workers and Democracy12,9920.0400
Federation of Socialist Workers10,6780.0300
Family Party of Germany2,7810.010New
Valid votes35,411,41497.56
Invalid/blank votes884,1152.44
Total votes36,295,529100.00
Registered voters/turnout60,473,92760.02
Source: Federal Statistics Office


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