1994 European Parliament election in Germany[1]

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All 99 German seats in the European Parliament
  First party Second party Third party
Party CDU/CSU SPD Green
Seats before 32 31 8
Seats won 47 40 12
Seat change Increase15 Increase9 Increase4
Popular vote 13,739,447 11,389,697 3,563,268
Percentage 38.8% 32,2% 10.1%
Swing Increase1.1% Decrease5.1% Increase1.7%

The 1994 European Parliament election in Germany was the election of the delegation from Germany to the European Parliament in 1994.


1994 Europarliament election in Germany.svg
Social Democratic Party11,389,69732.1640+9
Christian Democratic Union11,346,07332.0439+14
Alliance 90/The Greens3,563,26810.0612+5
Christian Social Union2,393,3746.768+1
Party of Democratic Socialism1,670,3164.720New
Free Democratic Party1,442,8574.070–4
The Republicans1,387,0703.920–6
League of Free Citizens385,6761.090New
The Grays – Gray Panthers275,8660.780New
Ecological Democratic Party273,7760.7700
Car-drivers' and Citizens' Interests Party231,2650.650New
Statt Party168,7380.480New
Party of the Willing to Work and Socially Vulnerable127,1040.360New
Bavaria Party110,7780.3100
New Forum107,6150.300New
Party of Bible-abiding Christians93,2100.260New
Natural Law Party92,0310.260New
German Social Union80,6180.230New
National Democratic Party77,2270.2200
Christian Centre66,7660.1900
Christian League40,1150.1100
Ungovernable–Autonomous List37,6720.110New
Bürgerrechtsbewegung Solidarität23,8510.070New
Platform Europe for Workers and Democracy12,9920.0400
Federation of Socialist Workers10,6780.0300
Family Party of Germany2,7810.010New
Valid votes35,411,41497.56
Invalid/blank votes884,1152.44
Total votes36,295,529100.00
Registered voters/turnout60,473,92760.02
Source: Federal Statistics Office


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