Baringo County
Flag of Baringo County
Coat of arms of Baringo County
Location in Kenya
Location in Kenya
Country Kenya
Formed4 March 2013
 • GovernorBenjamin Cheboi
 • Total11,075.3 km2 (4,276.2 sq mi)
 (2019 census)
 • Total666,763
 • Density60/km2 (160/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+3 (EAT)

Baringo County is one of the 47 counties in Kenya. It is located in the former Rift Valley Province. Its headquarters and largest town is Kabarnet. The county is home to Lake Baringo, Lake Bogoria and Lake Kamnarok.

Geographical location

Baringo bounded by Turkana County and West Pokot County to the North, Samburu County and Laikipia County to the East, Nakuru County and Kericho County to the South, Uasin Gishu County to the South West and Elgeyo Marakwet County to the West. It covers an area of 8,655 km2. Baringo County lies between Latitudes 00 degrees 13" South and 1 degree 40" north and Longitudes 35 degrees 36" and 36" degrees 30" East.[1]

Administrative and political units

Baringo has seven administrative sub-counties

  1. Baringo Central
  2. Tiaty East
  3. Tiaty West
  4. Eldama Ravine
  5. Baringo South
  6. Mogotio
  7. Baringo North

Administrative and electoral units in Baringo County

Baringo county has a total of thirty electoral wards and one hundred and sixteen locations.[2] The electoral wards is run by an elected member of county assembly where-areas location is led by Chief appointed.

Constituency Area KM sq Electoral Wards Locations
Baringo South 1,678 4 17
Mogotio 1,315 3 24
Eldama Ravine 1,003 6 16
Baringo Central 800 5 21
Baringo North 1,704 5 14
Tiaty 4,517 7 24
Total 11,015 30 116



The county has a population of 666,763 (2019 census) and an area of 10,976.4 km2 (4,238.0 sq mi).[6]

Historical population
1979 203,792—    
1989 347,990+70.8%
1999 403,141+15.8%
2009 555,561+37.8%
2019 666,763+20.0%

Distribution of population by sex and sub-county

Subcounty Male Female Intersex Total
1 Baringo Central 48,120 48,829 2 96,951
2 Baringo North 52,369 52,500 2 104,871
3 East Pokot 40,462 39,459 2 79,923
4 Eldama Ravine 65,295 64,238 2 129,535
5 Baringo South 45,706 45,246 3 90,955
6 Mogotio 47,014 45,088 2 91,104
7 Tiaty East 38,356 35,068 - 73,424
TOTAL 336,322 330,428 13 666,673



Religion in Baringo County [9]

Religion (2019 Census) Number
Catholicismy 122,620
Protestant 291,992
Evangelical Churches 111,615
African instituted Churches 40,269
Orthodox 976
Other Cristian 28,449
Islam 5.241
Hindu 90
Traditionists 23,589
Other 12,275
No ReligionAtheists 23,697
Don't Know 1,914
Not Stated 33

Religion and ethnicities

Red Cross team at work in East Pokot

The county is largely occupied by the Tugen and Pokot people, which are subtribes of the Kalenjin people. The Tugen people include the Arror, Samor, Torois, Keben, Kakimor, Bokor, Lembus, Chapchap and the Sachek of Sacho. Other communities residing in Baringo County include the Ilchamus, Turkana, Kikuyu, Numbians, and others. Christianity is the most practiced religion in the county. Traditionally, Baringo people believed in a Supreme Being known as Asis, who is represented by the sun; however, currently, most individuals in the county believe in Christianity.[10] The well-known Christian denominations within Baringo County include the African Inland Church (AIC), Anglican Church of Kenya(ACK), FGCK and Roman Catholic.[10]

County government

The current county governor is Benjamin Chesire Cheboi,[11] the deputy governor is Eng. Felix Kipngo'k who is the eldest son of the former deputy governor Charles Kipng'ok[12] who collapsed and died on September 14, 2022, at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport while boarding a plane to Mombasa; barely a month after taking oath of office. The current Senator is William Kipkorir Cheptumo[13] after overwhelmingly defeating the former senator Gideon Moi[14] on August 9 polls. The current County Women Representative is Flowrence Jematiah Sergon.[15] The County Executive Committee [16] consists of the following:

CEC Member Docket
Mrs. Scola Jepkesei Kimeli Devolution, Public Service Management and Administration, e-government and ICT
Mr. Richard K Rotich Health Services & Ag. CEC Land, Housing and Urban Development
Ms. Mary Chebet Panga Environment, Natural Resources, Tourism and Wildlife Management
Dr. Maureen Jemutai Rotich Water and Irrigation & Ag. CEC Agriculture, Livestock Development and Fisheries
Mr. Elijah Kiprop Kipkoros Environment and Natural Resources
Mr. Enock Keston Transport, Public Works and Infrastructure & Ag. County Secretary
Mr. David Sergon Chesire Education, Sports, Youth, Gender Affairs,Culture and Social Services & Ag. CEC Industry , Commerce, Enterprise and Co-orperative Development

Other CEC Positions shall be updated by Ruzeki[17] once they are filled.


The economy of the county is mainly agro-based. The main food crops grown are maize, pigeon peas, beans, Irish potatoes, sweet potatoes, sorghum, cassava and finger millet while the cash crops are coffee, cotton, macadamia and pyrethrum.[18] Livestock products include honey, beef, mutton as well as hides and skins. However, little value addition is done to these products.


Major urban centres in the county are Kabarnet, Eldama Ravine, Marigat, Mogotio, Kabartonjo, Chemolingot and Tangulbei.

Tourism and wildlife

Major attractions include:[19]

Major tourist hotels in the county are:


Kabarnet town hosts a number of university campuses including those of Baringo University, Mount Kenya University, Egerton University, and Kisii University.

Secondary schools include Kabarnet High School,solian girls, Baringo High School, Kapropita High School, and Kituro High School, Tabagon Girls, Pemwai Girls, Tenges Boys among others

There are six hundred and eighty seven primary schools, out of this 601 are public and 86 are private schools.[2] In Secondary school category they are a total of one hundred and fifty nine (159) schools; one hundred and forty seven being public secondary schools and twelve being private public secondary schools.[20]


Kabarnet County Referral Hospital is the largest and best public hospital in the county. There are a total of 172 health facilities; seven level four, 25 level three and 140 level 2 centres.[21]

Transport and infrastructure

The county headquarters is linked to Nakuru and Eldoret by class C roads which fall under the Kenya National Highways Authority (KENHA).

In January 2016, Fly-SAX began twice-weekly flights between Lake Baringo Airport and Nairobi–Wilson, becoming the first airline to serve the airport.[22][2]

There are 339 kms of bitumen, 2141km of murram and 995 km of earth roads in the county.[23][24] As at 2014 a total of 9 postal offices were spread across the county with letter boxes of 2950 installed. 2510 of them were rented and 440 remained vacant.[25]


The county has six constituencies: Baringo Central, Baringo South, Baringo North, Eldama Ravine, Mogotio, and Tiaty.

Villages and settlements


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