Kangundo is located in Kenya
Location of Kangundo(Kangundo-Tala)
Coordinates: 1°21′S 37°22′E / 1.35°S 37.37°E / -1.35; 37.37
Country Kenya
CountyMachakos County
1,544 m (5,068 ft)
 • Urban
Time zoneUTC+3 (EAT)

Kangundo is a town in Machakos County, Kenya. Kangundo is part of the extensive 4 county metropolitan area of Nairobi. It is classified as a twin sister to the town of Tala due to their close proximity.


Officially Kangundo-Tala's population is the 9th largest urban area in Kenya. Kangundo-Tala is also part of the Eastern Nairobi Metropolitan Area. Tala is part of Kangundo town council.[2]

Towns in Machakos County

Town Population (2009) Rank in Kenya (Population Size)
Kangundo-Tala 218,557 9
Machakos 150,041 13
Athi River 139,380 15
Kathiani 3,365 195
Masii 2,501 211

* 2009 census. Source:[1]

Nairobi Metro

Machakos County (yellow) within Nairobi Metro (green)

Machakos County is within Greater Nairobi which consists of 4 out of 47 counties in Kenya but the area generates about 60% of the nations wealth.[3][4] The counties are:

Area County Area (km2) Population
Census 2009
Cities/Towns/Municipalities in the Counties
Core Nairobi Nairobi County 694.9 3,138,369 Nairobi
Northern Metro Kiambu County 2,449.2 1,623,282 Kiambu, Thika, Limuru, Ruiru, Karuri, Kikuyu
Southern Metro Kajiado County 21,292.7 687,312 Kajiado, Olkejuado, Bissil, Ngong, Kitengela, Kiserian, Ongata Rongai
Eastern Metro Machakos County 5,952.9 1,098,584 Kangundo-Tala, Machakos, Athi River
Totals Nairobi Metro 30,389.7 6,547,547

Source: NairobiMetro/ Kenya Census

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