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Boundary of Bloomsbury in Camden.
CountyGreater London
Current ward
Created1 April 1965 (1 April 1965)
CouncillorAdam Harrison (Labour)
CouncillorRishi Madlani (Labour)
CouncillorSabrina Francis (Labour)
Number of councillorsThree
UK Parliament constituencyHolborn and St Pancras

Bloomsbury is a ward in the London Borough of Camden, in the United Kingdom. It covers much of the historic area of Bloomsbury, and also some of Covent Garden and Fitzrovia.

The ward has existed since the creation of the borough on 1 April 1965 and was first used in the 1964 elections, although its boundaries have evolved significantly over time, meaning that it no longer reflects the historical boundaries of Bloomsbury. Since 1983, the ward has been in the Holborn and St Pancras constituency, having previously been in Holborn and St Pancras South. It elects three councillors to Camden council, currently all held by the Labour Party, with an election every four years. In 2018, the ward had an electorate of 8,318.[1] The Boundary Commission projects the electorate to rise to 8,541 by 2025.[1]


The Bloomsbury ward is one of Camden's most densely populated wards, while also comprising the highest proportion of commercial and institutional uses.[2] It is bordered to the west by Westminster City Council, to the south by the Holborn and Covent Garden ward, and to the east by the King's Cross ward. Its northern boundary is defined by the major Euston Road.

The ward encompasses much of the historic area of Bloomsbury, including most of its well-preserved surviving Georgian development in the west. This area is dense in land use and population, with a large proportion of institutional and commercial uses reflecting its Central London location. The premises of University College London comprises a large part of this ward, along with its various student housing blocks, while the commercial centre of Tottenham Court Road runs down the centre from north to south.

All of Camden's portion of Fitzrovia also falls within the Bloomsbury ward, leading some to confuse this area with Bloomsbury itself. This area is less densely developed, largely retaining its original Georgian character, with a large proportion of residential uses. The mixed-use commercial and residential centres of Charlotte Street and Goodge Street also fall within this area.


Due to the presence of University College London, and its numerous student halls of residence through this ward, a large proportion of the electorate comprises students who traditionally vote for Labour.

Much of the ward comprises large housing developments, including housing blocks and tower blocks. However, due to an increase in the use of short-letting platforms such an AirBnb, an increasingly large proportion of residents live in Camden for less than three years at a time, meaning that they are less likely to vote. This means that turnout is especially low in this ward, with elected councillors only winning about 15% of the available vote.

Boundary revisions

The Bloomsbury ward was created with the institution of the London Borough of Camden on 1 April 1965.[3] The ward saw a revision of its boundaries in 1978,[4] and a further revision in 2002. The ward will undergo boundary changes 2022 election. Areas in the Holborn and Covent Garden and King's Cross wards were transferred to the Bloomsbury ward.[5][6]

Current councillors

Term Councillor Party
2010–present Adam Harrison Labour
2014–present Rishi Madlani Labour
2014–present Sabrina Francis Labour


Elections in the 2020s

2022 council election: Bloomsbury[7]
Party Candidate Votes %
Labour Sabrina Francis* 1,411 66.4
Labour Adam Harrison* 1,346 63.3
Labour Rishi Madlani* 1,269 59.7
Liberal Democrats Catherine Hays 400 18.8
Conservative William Frost 378 17.8
Conservative Richard Hayward 351 16.5
Conservative Paul Bhangal 335 15.8
Liberal Democrats Jonathan Lewin 291 13.7
Liberal Democrats Farrell Monk 281 13.2
Turnout 2,125 30.2
Labour win (new seat)
Labour win (new seat)
Labour win (new seat)

Elections in the 2010s

2018 council election: Bloomsbury[8]
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Labour Adam Harrison 1,045 56.9 +6.7
Labour Sabrina Francis 983 53.5 +4.2
Labour Rishi Madlani 931 50.7 +3.2
Conservative Paul Tavares 365 19.9 –3.7
Conservative Shahin Ahmed 334 18.2 –2.6
Conservative Abdul Malique 330 18.0 –1.0
Liberal Democrats Jane Headland 254 13.8 +5.6
Liberal Democrats Aimery de Malet Roquefort 242 13.2 +6.0
Green Jane-Eve Straughton 226 12.3 –3.9
Liberal Democrats Martin Wright 191 10.4 +3.9
Green Robert McCracken 188 10.2 –5.2
Green Juan Jimenez 183 10.0 –3.2
Turnout 31.7
Labour hold Swing
Labour hold Swing
Labour hold Swing
Bloomsbury ward election, 22 May 2014
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Labour Adam Harrison 1295 17.53
Labour Sabrina Francis 1271 17.21
Labour Rishi Madlani 1226 16.6
Conservative Timothy Barnes 608 8.23
Conservative Andrew Keep 536 7.26
Conservative Sarah Macken 489 6.62
Green Dee Searle 419 5.67
Green Samuel William Gage 396 5.36
Green Shana Tufail 341 4.61
UKIP Giles Game 219 2.95
Liberal Democrats Aimery de Malet Roquefort 212 2.87
Liberal Democrats Hammad Baig 185 2.51
Liberal Democrats Stanley Grossman 167 2.26
Turnout 7,385 33.11
Labour hold Swing
Labour hold Swing
Labour hold Swing
Bloomsbury ward election, 6 May 2010
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Labour Adam Harrison 1670 14
Labour Milena Nuti 1554 13
Labour Abdul Quadir 1315 11
Conservative Rebecca Hossack 1221 10.2
Conservative Timothy Barnes 1142 9.6
Liberal Democrats Elizabeth Stanton Jones 1061 8.9
Liberal Democrats Aimery de Malet Roquefort 954 8
Conservative Gotz Mohindra 923 7.7
Liberal Democrats Abdul Tarofdar 645 5.4
Green Beatrix Campbell 602 5.1
Green Justin Romain Hoffman 414 3.5
Green Samuel Bueno De Mesquita 413 3.5
Turnout 53.8%
Labour hold Swing
Labour hold Swing
Labour gain from Conservative Swing

Elections in the 2000s

Bloomsbury ward election, 4 May 2006
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Labour Penelope Abraham 1,004 13.7
Labour Fazlul Chowdhury 928 12.6
Conservative Rebecca Hossack 898 12.2
Labour Peter Brayshaw 896 12.2
Conservative Robert Moritt 835 11.4
Conservative Janice Lavery 634 8.6
Green Linus Rees 353 4.8
Liberal Democrats Caroline Deys 344 4.7
Green Shahrar Ali 329 4.5
Liberal Democrats Steven Deller 323 4.4
Green George Graham 284 3.9
Liberal Democrats Philip Moser 282 3.8
Independent Andrew Halsey 53 0.7
Turnout 7,348 37.6
Labour hold Swing
Labour hold Swing
Conservative gain from Labour Swing


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