Changyang Town
Town hall of Changyang, 2023
Town hall of Changyang, 2023
Changyang Town is located in Beijing
Changyang Town
Changyang Town
Changyang Town is located in China
Changyang Town
Changyang Town
Coordinates: 39°42′26″N 116°12′45″E / 39.70722°N 116.21250°E / 39.70722; 116.21250
Village-level Divisions54 communities
36 villages
 • Total90.94 km2 (35.11 sq mi)
 • Total241,691
 • Density2,700/km2 (6,900/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+8 (China Standard)
Postal code
Area code010

Changyang Town (Chinese: 长阳镇; pinyin: Chángyáng Zhèn) is a town on eastern Fangshan District, Beijing, China. It borders Fengtai District in its north, Huangcun and Beizangcun Towns in its east, Liulihe Town in its south, Doudian and Liangxiang Towns as well as Gongchen Subdistrict in its west. In the 2020 census, its total population was 241,691.[1]


History of Changyang Town[2]
Year Status
1875 Within Guangyangli
1916 Within the 8th Northern District of Liangxiang County
1958 Created as Changyang Farm within Beijing Bureau of Farmlands
1961 Split into two, northern portion became Changyang People's Commune Split into two, southern portion became Hulufa People's Commune
1966 Hulufa was added into Changyang People's Commune
1968 Remained as Changyang People's Commune Reinstated as Hulufa People's Commune
1971 Renamed to Sino-Cambodian Friendship People's Commone
1983 Reorganized into Changyang Township Reorganized into Hulufa Township
1986 Within Fangshan District Remained as Hulufa Township
1989 Changed to Changyang Town
2001 Hulufa was added into Changyang Town

Administrative Divisions

In the year 2021, Changyang Town had 89 subdivisions, of which 8 communities and 22 villages:[3]

Administrative Division Code Subdisvision Names Name Transliteration Type
110111105001 长阳 Changyang Community
110111105002 长龙苑 Changlongyuan Community
110111105003 碧桂园 Bijiayuan Community
110111105004 碧波园 Biboyuan Community
110111105005 加州水郡东区 Jiazhou Shuijun Dongqu Community
110111105006 大宁山庄 Daning Shanzhuang Community
110111105007 徜徉集 Changyangji Community
110111105008 嘉州水郡北区 Jiazhou Shuijun Beiqu Community
110111105009 嘉州水郡南区 Jiazhou Shuijun Nanqu Community
110111105010 天泰新景 Tiantai Xinjing Community
110111105011 馨然嘉园 Xinran Jiayuan Community
110111105012 建邦嘉园 Jianbang Jiayuan Community
110111105013 悦都苑 Yueduyuan Community
110111105014 半岛家园 Bandao Jiayuan Community
110111105015 熙景嘉园 Xijing Jiayuan Community
110111105016 朗悦嘉园 Langyue Jiayuan Community
110111105017 云湾家园 Yunwan Jiayuan Community
110111105018 熙兆嘉园 Xizhao Jiayuan Community
110111105019 悦都新苑 Yuedu Xinyuan Community
110111105020 悦然馨苑 Yueran Xinyuan Community
110111105021 领峰四季园 Lingfeng Sijiyuan Community
110111105022 溪雅苑 Xiyayuan Community
110111105023 广悦居 Guangyueju Community
110111105024 禾香雅园 Hexiang Yayuan Community
110111105025 紫云家园 Ziyun Jiayuan Community
110111105026 天瑞嘉园 Tianrui Jiayuan Community
110111105027 碧桂园北区 Biguiyuan Beiqu Community
110111105028 碧桂园南区 Biguiyuan Nanqu Community
110111105029 畅和园 Changheyuan Community
110111105030 稻香悦家园 Daoxiang Yuejiayuan Community
110111105031 金域缇香家园 Jinyu Tixiang Jiayuan Community
110111105032 康泽佳苑北区 Kangze Jiayuan Beiqu Community
110111105033 康泽佳苑南区 Kangze Jiayuan Nanqu Community
110111105034 铭品嘉苑 Mingpin Jiayuan Community
110111105035 清苑嘉园 Qingyuan Jiayuan Community
110111105036 上林佳苑联合 Shanglin Jiayuan Lianhe Community
110111105037 天丰苑 Tianfengyuan Community
110111105038 万和家园 Wanhe Jiayuan Community
110111105039 新里程家园 Xinlicheng Jiayuan Community
110111105040 燕保阜盛家园 Yanbao Fusheng Jiayuan Community
110111105041 宜居园 Yijuyuan Community
110111105042 原香小镇 Yuanxiang Xiaozhen Community
110111105043 长景新园 Changjing Xinyuan Community
110111105044 长龙家园 Changlong Jiayuan Community
110111105045 半岛家园南区 Bandao Jiayuan Nanqu Community
110111105046 碧岸澜庭 Bi'an Lanting Community
110111105047 康泽佳苑南区二里 Kangze Jiayuan Nanqu Erli Community
110111105048 康泽佳苑南区一里 Kangze Jiayuan Nanqu Yili Community
110111105049 西悦居 Xiyueju Community
110111105050 馨然嘉园北区 Xinran Jiayuan Beiqu Community
110111105051 杨庄子 Yangzhuangzi Community
110111105052 张家场 Zhangjiachang Community
110111105053 长景新园北区 Changjing Xinyuan Beiqu Community
110111105054 紫云家园东区 Ziyun Jiayuan Dongqu Community
110111105200 长阳一 Changyang Yi Village
110111105201 长阳二 Changyang Er Village
110111105204 黄管屯 Huangguantun Village
110111105205 哑叭河 Yabahe Village
110111105209 北广阳城 Bei Guangyangcheng Village
110111105210 水碾屯一 Shuiniantun Yi Village
110111105211 水碾屯二 Shuiniantun Er Village
110111105212 军留庄 Junliuzhuang Village
110111105213 张家场 Zhangjiachang Village
110111105214 牛家场 Niujiachang Village
110111105215 保合庄 Baohezhuang Village
110111105216 杨庄子 Yangzhuangzi Village
110111105217 长营 Changying Village
110111105218 马厂 Machang Village
110111105219 高岭 Gaoling Village
110111105220 稻田一 Daotian Yi Village
110111105221 稻田二 Daotian Er Village
110111105222 稻田三 Daotian San Village
110111105223 稻田四 Daotian Si Village
110111105224 稻田五 Daotian Wu Village
110111105225 高佃一 Gaodian Yi Village
110111105226 高佃二 Gaodian Er Village
110111105227 高佃三 Gaodian San Village
110111105228 高佃四 Gaodian Si Village
110111105229 大宁 Daning Village
110111105230 温庄子 Wenzhuangzi Village
110111105231 独义 Duyi Village
110111105232 朱岗子 Zhugangzi Village
110111105233 阎仙垡 Yanxianfa Village
110111105234 葫芦垡 Hulufa Village
110111105235 夏场 Xiachang Village
110111105236 佛满 Foman Village
110111105237 赵庄 Zhaozhuang Village
110111105238 公议庄 Gongyizhuang Village
110111105239 西场 Xichang Village
110111105240 篱笆房村 Libafang Cun Village

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