Zhoukoudian Area
Entrance to Zhoukoudian Peking Man Site, 2008
Entrance to Zhoukoudian Peking Man Site, 2008
Zhoukoudian Area is located in Beijing
Zhoukoudian Area
Zhoukoudian Area
Zhoukoudian Area is located in China
Zhoukoudian Area
Zhoukoudian Area
Coordinates: 39°40′47″N 115°56′46″E / 39.67972°N 115.94611°E / 39.67972; 115.94611
Village-level Divisions5 communities
24 villages
 • Total121.2 km2 (46.8 sq mi)
 • Total41,868
 • Density350/km2 (890/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+8 (China Standard)
Postal code
Area code010

Zhoukoudian Area (Chinese: 周口店地区; pinyin: Zhōukǒudiàn Dìqū) is a town and an area located on the east Fangshan District, Beijing, China. It borders Nanjiao and Fozizhuang Townships to its north, Xiangyang, Chengguan and Yingfeng Subdistricts to its east, Shilou and Hangcunhe Towns to its south, and Xiayunling Town to its west. Its population was 41,868 in the 2020 census.[1]


Timeline of Zhoukoudian Area's History[2]
Year Status
1916 Part of the 2nd District of Fangshan County
1949 Part of the 7th District
1952 Formed as Zhoukoudian Microdistrict, under Jingxi Mining District
1953 Made into a township
1956 Incorporated Zhoukoucun Township
1958 Incorporated Xizhuang and Xinjie Townships. Became part of Chengguan People's Commune on May.
1961 Chengguan People's Commune renamed to Zhoukoudian People's Commune
1963 Made into a town
1989 Made into an area
1993 Incorporated Huangshandian Township and Changgouyu Area
2000 Became a town while retaining the status of an area

Administrative Divisions

In 2021, Zhoukoudian Area was formed by 29 subdivisions, of those 5 were communities and 24 were villages:[3]

Administrative Division Code Subdisvision Names Name Transliteration Type
110111009001 周口店 Zhoukoudian Community
110111009002 长沟峪 Changgouyu Community
110111009003 金巢 Jinchao Community
110111009004 红光 Hongguang Community
110111009005 鑫山矿 Xinshankuang Community
110111009200 南韩继 Nanhangji Village
110111009201 瓦井 Wajing Village
110111009202 新街 Xinjie Village
110111009203 大韩继 Dahanji Village
110111009204 辛庄 Xinzhuang Village
110111009205 周口村 Zhoukoucun Village
110111009206 云峰寺 Yunfengsi Village
110111009207 周口店 Zhoukoudian Village
110111009208 娄子水 Louzishui Village
110111009209 拴马庄 Shuanmazhuang Village
110111009210 黄院 Huangyuan Village
110111009211 龙宝峪 Longbaoyu Village
110111009212 黄山店 Huangshandian Village
110111009213 黄元寺 Huangyuansi Village
110111009214 良各庄 Lianggezhuang Village
110111009215 西庄 Xizhuang Village
110111009216 车厂 Chechang Village
110111009217 涞沥水 Lailishui Village
110111009218 泗马沟 Simagou Village
110111009219 北下寺 Beixiasi Village
110111009220 葫芦棚 Hulupeng Village
110111009221 长流水 Changliushui Village
110111009222 山口 Shankou Village
110111009223 官地 Guandi Village


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