Government office of Doudian, 2021
Government office of Doudian, 2021
Doudian is located in Beijing
Doudian is located in China
Coordinates: 39°39′01″N 116°03′42″E / 39.65028°N 116.06167°E / 39.65028; 116.06167
Village-level Divisions14 communities
30 villages
 • Total6,523 km2 (2,519 sq mi)
 • Total96,184
 • Density15/km2 (38/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+8 (China Standard)
Postal code
Area code010

Doudian (Chinese: 窦店镇; pinyin: Dòudiàn Zhèn) is a town situated in southeastern Fangshan District, Beijing, China. It shares border with Yancun and Liangxiang Towns in its north, Changyang Town in its east, Liulihe Town in its south, Shilou Town and Chengguan Subdistrict in its west. Its population was 96,184 according to the 2020 census.[1]

The town's name Doudian (Chinese: 窦店; lit. 'Dou's Shop') is a reference to Dou Jiande, a rebel leader who fought against the Sui dynasty and had once stationed his troops in the town.[2]


History of Doudian[2]
Time Status
Ming dynasty Known as Doudianli
1918 Under Liangxiang County
1949 Under the 7th District
1956 Under Doudian Hui Autonomous Township and Jiaodao Township
1958 Under Liulihe People's Commune
1960 Under Fangshan County
1961 Under Doudian People's Commune and Jiaodao People's Commune
1983 Doudian People's Commune was transformed into a township
1989 Transformed into a town
2001 Jiaodao joined Doudian

Administrative Divisions

As of 2021, Doudian was made up of 44 subdivisions, of which 14 were communities and 30 were villages:[3]

Administrative Division Code Subdisvision Names Name Transliteration Type
110111103001 亚新特种建材公司 Yaxin Tezhong Jiancai Gongsi Community
110111103002 金鑫苑 Jinxinyuan Community
110111103003 沁园春景 Qinyuan Chunjing Community
110111103004 田家园 Tianjiayuan Community
110111103005 窦店 Doudian Community
110111103006 京南嘉园 Jingnan Jiayuan Community
110111103007 山水汇豪苑 Shanshuihui Haoyuan Community
110111103008 于庄 Yuzhuang Community
110111103009 乐汇家园 Lehui Jiayuan Community
110111103010 汇景嘉园 Huijing Jiayuan Community
110111103011 腾龙家园 Tenglong Jiayuan Community
110111103012 华城家园 Huacheng Jiayuan Community
110111103013 燕都世界名园 Yandu Shijie Mingyuan Community
110111103014 提香草堂 Tixiang Caotang Community
110111103200 窦店 Doudian Village
110111103201 白草洼 Baicaowa Village
110111103202 芦村 Lucun Village
110111103203 板桥 Banqiao Village
110111103204 西安庄 Xi'an Zhuang Village
110111103205 田家园 Tianjiayuan Village
110111103206 瓦窑头 Wayaotou Village
110111103207 苏村 Sucun Village
110111103208 于庄 Yuzhuang Village
110111103209 下坡店 Xiapodian Village
110111103210 七里店 Qilidian Village
110111103211 望楚 Wangchu Village
110111103212 一街 Yijie Village
110111103213 二街 Erjie Village
110111103214 三街 Sanjie Village
110111103215 后街 Houjie Village
110111103216 小高舍 Xiao Gaoshe Village
110111103217 大高舍 Da Gaoshe Village
110111103218 丁各庄 Dinggezhuang Village
110111103219 刘平庄 Liupingzhuang Village
110111103220 袁庄 Yuanzhuang Village
110111103221 六股道 Liugudao Village
110111103222 普安屯 Pu'antun Village
110111103223 兴隆庄 Xinglongzhuang Village
110111103224 辛庄户 Xinzhuanghu Village
110111103225 两间房 Liangjianfang Village
110111103226 前柳 Qianliu Village
110111103227 陈家房 Chenjiafang Village
110111103228 北柳 Beiliu Village
110111103229 河口 Hekou Village

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