Chengguan Subdistrict
Raolefu Station within the subdistrict, 2017
Raolefu Station within the subdistrict, 2017
Chengguan Subdistrict is located in Beijing
Chengguan Subdistrict
Chengguan Subdistrict
Chengguan Subdistrict is located in China
Chengguan Subdistrict
Chengguan Subdistrict
Coordinates: 39°42′07″N 115°58′16″E / 39.70194°N 115.97111°E / 39.70194; 115.97111
Village-level Divisions24 communities
22 villages
 • Total50.65 km2 (19.56 sq mi)
 • Total121,242
 • Density2,400/km2 (6,200/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+8 (China Standard)
Postal code
Area code010

Chengguan Subdistrict (Chinese: 城关街道; pinyin: Chéngguān Jiēdào) is a subdistrict on the eastern side of Fangshan District, Beijing, China. It borders Yingfeng, XIngyang, Dongfeng Subdistricts to the north, Qinglonghu Town to the northeast, Yancun and Doudian Towns to the east, Shilou Town to the south, Yingfeng Subdistrict and Zhoukoudian Town to the west. Its total population was 121,242 as of 2020.[1]

The name Chengguan (Chinese: 城关; lit. 'City Pass') refers to the region's historical location near the city gate.[2] Since a lot of places in China inherited their names from a time when city gates still existed, the name Chengguan appears in many of them, including Qingdao, Lanzhou, Lhasa, among others.


Timetable of Chengguan Subdistrict[2]
Year Status
1189 Part of Wanning County
1191 Part of Fengxian County
1290 Part of Fangshan County
1916 Part of the 1st District of Fangshan County
1949 Created as Chengguan District, Fnagshan County
1950 Chengguan District changed to Chengguan Township
1954 Chengguan Township changed to Chengguan Town
1958 Reformed to Chengguan People's Commune
1979 Reverted into a town
1989 Reformed into Fangshan Subdistrict
1998 Renamed to Chengguan Subdistrict

Administrative Divisions

In the year 2021, Chengguan Subdistrict had 46 subdivisions, more specifically 24 communities and 22 villages:[3]

Administrative Division Code Subdisvision Names Name Transliteration Type
110111001001 万宁桥 Wanningqiao Community
110111001002 城北 Chengbei Community
110111001003 北里 Beili Community
110111001004 北街 Beijie Community
110111001005 永安西里 Yong'an Xili Community
110111001006 南里 Nanli Community
110111001007 南城 Nancheng Community
110111001008 农林路 Nonglinlu Community
110111001009 南沿里 Nanyanli Community
110111001010 新东关 Xindongguan Community
110111001011 大石河 Dashihe Community
110111001024 矿机 Kuangji Community
110111001025 管道局 Guandaoju Community
110111001026 化工四厂 Huagong Sichang Community
110111001032 城东 Chengdong Community
110111001033 永乐园 Yongleyuan Community
110111001034 永兴达 Yongxingda Community
110111001035 兴房东里 Xingfang Dongli Community
110111001036 福星家园 Fuxing Jiayuan Community
110111001037 府东里 Fudongli Community
110111001038 永安家园 Yong'an Jiayuan Community
110111001039 蓝城家园 Lancheng Jiayuan Community
110111001040 原香嘉苑 Yuanxiang Jiayuan Community
110111001041 原香漫谷 Yuanxiang Mangu Community
110111001200 顾册 Guce Village
110111001201 北市 Beishi Village
110111001202 东坟 Dongfen Village
110111001203 辛庄 Xinzhuang Village
110111001204 东瓜地 Dongguadi Village
110111001205 田各庄 Tiangezhuang Village
110111001206 瓜市 Guashi Village
110111001207 马各庄 Magezhuang Village
110111001208 饶乐府 Raolefu Village
110111001209 丁家洼 Dingjiawa Village
110111001210 羊头岗 Yangtougang Village
110111001211 八十亩地 Bashimudi Village
110111001212 前朱各庄 Qian Zhugezhuang Village
110111001213 后朱各庄 Hou Zhugezhuang Village
110111001214 洪寺 Hongsi Village
110111001215 塔湾 Tawan Village
110111001216 迎风坡 Yingfengpo Village
110111001217 东街 Dongjie Village
110111001218 南街 Nanjie Village
110111001219 南关 Nanguan Village
110111001220 西街 Xijie Village
110111001221 北关 Beiguan Village

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