Yancun Town
Yanfang line of the Beijing Subway passing through Yancun, 2017
Yanfang line of the Beijing Subway passing through Yancun, 2017
Yancun Town is located in Beijing
Yancun Town
Yancun Town
Yancun Town is located in China
Yancun Town
Yancun Town
Coordinates: 39°42′53″N 116°05′04″E / 39.71472°N 116.08444°E / 39.71472; 116.08444
Village-level Divisions8 communities
22 villages
 • Total45.62 km2 (17.61 sq mi)
 • Total77,621
 • Density1,700/km2 (4,400/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+8 (China Standard)
Postal code
Area code010

Yancun Town (Chinese: 阎村镇; pinyin: Yáncūn Zhèn) is a town situated in the eastern part of Fangshan District, Beijing, China. It borders Xinzhen Subdistrict and Qinglonghu Town in its north, Xilu, Gongchen Subdistricts and Liangxiang Town in its east, Doudian Town in the south, Chengguan Subdistrict in the west, and contains Xingcheng Subdistrict as well as an exclave of Xinzhen Subdistrict within. It is home to 77,621 residents as of 2020.[1]

The name came to be during the reign of Yongle Emperor of Ming dynasty. At the time eight families with the surname Yan moved here from Zhuozhou, and thus the settlement was known as Yancun (Chinese: 阎村; lit. 'Yan Village').[2]


Timeline of Yancun Town[2]
Year Status
1916 Within the 8th Northern District of Liangxiang County
1950 Within the 2nd District
1956 Within Xiaodongcun and Da Shisanli Townships
1958 Within Da Zicaowu Township
1960 Within Da Zicaowu Management District, Liangxiang People's Commune
1961 Within Zicaowu People's Commune, Fangshan County
1983 Zicaowu People's Commune was changed to Zicaowu Township
1994 Changed to Yancun Town (闫村镇)
2008 Renamed to Yancun Town (阎村镇)

Administrative Divisions

In 2021, there were 30 subdivisions within Yancun Town, including 8 communities and 22 villages:[3]

Administrative Division Code Subdisvision Names Name Transliteration Type
110111101001 梨园东里 Liyuan Dongli Community
110111101002 消防器材厂 Xiaofang Qicaichang Community
110111101003 桥梁厂 Qiaoliangchang Community
110111101004 绿城 Lücheng Community
110111101005 万紫嘉园 Wnzi Jiayuan Community
110111101006 乐活家园 Lehuo Jiayuan Community
110111101007 紫园 Ziyuan Community
110111101008 云瑞嘉园 Yunduan Jiayuan Community
110111101200 大紫草坞 Da Zicaowu Village
110111101201 小紫草坞 Xiao Zicaowu Village
110111101202 前沿 Qianyan Village
110111101203 后沿 Houyan Village
110111101204 张庄 Zhangzhuang Village
110111101205 公主坟 Gongzhufen Village
110111101206 北坊 Beifang Village
110111101207 南坊 Nanfang Village
110111101208 吴庄 Wuzhuang Village
110111101209 焦庄 Jiaozhuang Village
110111101210 大董 Dadong Village
110111101211 小董 Xiaodong Village
110111101212 西坟 Xifen Village
110111101213 开古庄 Kaiguzhuang Village
110111101214 南梨园 Nanliyuan Village
110111101215 二合庄 Erhezhuang Village
110111101216 大十三里 Da Shisanli Village
110111101217 小十三里 Xiao Shisanli Village
110111101218 后十三里 Hou Shisanli Village
110111101219 肖庄 Xiaozhuang Village
110111101220 元武屯 Yuanwutun Village
110111101221 炒米店 Chaomidian Village

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