Liangxiang Area
Liangxiang Campus of Capital Normal University, 2013
Liangxiang Campus of Capital Normal University, 2013
Liangxiang Area is located in Beijing
Liangxiang Area
Liangxiang Area
Liangxiang Area is located in China
Liangxiang Area
Liangxiang Area
Coordinates: 39°43′33″N 116°08′07″E / 39.72583°N 116.13528°E / 39.72583; 116.13528
Village-level Divisions2 communities
16 villages
 • Total26.11 km2 (10.08 sq mi)
 • Total24,317
 • Density930/km2 (2,400/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+8 (China Standard)
Postal code
Area code010

Liangxiang (Chinese: 良乡地区; pinyin: Liángxiāng Dìqū) is a town and an area of Beijing, Fangshan District, located 25 km southwest of the city center. It borders Gongchen Subdistrict to its north, Changyang Town to its east, Doudian Town to its south, and Yancun Town to its west. It had 24,317 registered inhabitants as of 2020.[1]


Liangxiang county was established 2,000 years ago during the Qin Dynasty. Its name came from the Chinese saying '人物俱良', literally 'people and goods all gather in Liang', indicating significant economic activities in the past. As the land is relative fertile and flat, it was suitable for agriculture, contributing to its prosperity.[2] In 1958, Liangxiang county (良乡县) merged with Fangshan county and was renamed Liangxiang town (良乡镇). On January 24, 2002, another merger with Guandao (官道镇) took place. The new Liangxiang township became the political, cultural and economic centre of Fangshan district and houses the district seat.


BIT campus, Liangxiang University Town

6th Ring Road and Jingshi Expressway have exist connecting to Liangxiang. A small military airport is situated next to one of the exits, in the northwest. Basic facilities such as postal offices, telecommunication offices, 2 day care centers, 14 primary and secondary schools and a hospital are also present.

Recently, a few universities including Capital Normal University, Beijing Institute of Technology, Capital University of Medical Sciences and Beijing Technology and Business University decided to open additional campuses in the new University Town of Liangxiang, which houses over 100,000 students.[3]


Beijing Subway

Public transportation access has improved since opening of the Fangshan line of Beijing Subway, with 4 stations within Liangxiang (Liangxiang Nanguan, Liangxiang Univ. Town North, Liangxiang Univ. Town and Liangxiang Univ. Town West).

China Railway

Beijing-Guangzhou Railway pass through Liangxiang. Liangxiang railway station is located in Liangxiang.


Bus lines 616, 646 and 917 can be used to get to Beijing city centre.


Historical heritages such as Haotian Pagoda, Yue Yi Tomb, Liangxiang Confucius Temple (良乡文庙) and Xiuyunguan (岫云观 or 良乡离宫) are popular tourist attractions.

Administrative divisions

In 2021, Liangxiang contained 2 communities and 16 administrative villages (行政村).[4]

Administrative Division Code Subdisvision Names Name Transliteration Type
110111008001 尚锦佳苑 Shangjin Jiayuan Community
110111008002 舒朗苑 Shulangyuan Community
110111008226 南刘庄 Nanliuzhuang Village
110111008227 西石羊 Xi Shiyang Village
110111008228 后石羊 Hou Shiyang Village
110111008229 东石羊 Dong Shiyang Village
110111008230 张谢 Zhangxie Village
110111008231 江村 Jiangcun Village
110111008232 侯庄 Houzhuang Village
110111008233 下禅坊 Xiachanfang Village
110111008234 刘丈 Liuzhang Village
110111008235 南庄子 Nanzhuangzi Village
110111008236 邢家坞 Xingjiawu Village
110111008237 官道 Guandao Village
110111008238 小营 Xiaoying Village
110111008239 鲁村 Lucun Village
110111008240 黑古台 Heigutai Village
110111008241 富庄 Fuzhuang Village

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