Dekkoo is a Philadelphia-based subscription streaming service with a focus on LGBT+ related content, particularly by and for gay men.[1][2] It features a mixture of programs from other sources and original content,[1][3] and derives its income from subscription fees rather than advertising.[4] It is available on streaming devices such as Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, and Amazon Fire.[5]

The service was co-founded in 2015 by Derek Curl and Brian Sokel.[1][2] The launch followed the 2014 acquisition of TLA Entertainment Group in 2014. [6]

According to Sokel, the name is based on a Hindi slang word, "dekka", which he said means "take a glance at something" and they thought the name "Dekkoo just sounded cuter."[7]

During the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the company launched a short-film contest.[8][9][10]

Dekkoo Originals

Dekkoo is home to a growing collection of Dekkoo Originals[11] (exclusive content to Dekkoo).

Dekkoo Original Films
Title Director Genre Release Date
Ernesto x x x
Jackpot x x x
Guardian Angel x x x
If I'm Good x x x
Vilom x x x
A Halloween Trick x x x
The Lawyer x x x
The Big Snore x x x
Max x x x
Poltergays x x x
Do We Really Have To Say Goodbye? x x x
Mani x x x
The Day Began Yesterday x x x
Honey Do List x x x
The Handyman x x x
Is This A Date? x x x
Mr. Leather x x x
45 Days Away From You x x x
How to Get From Here to There x x x
Faces x x x
Dekkoo Original Series
Title Director Genre Release Date
I'm Fine x x x
Strange Hearts x x x
So Far, So Close x x x
OUT on Stage x x x
Here Comes Your Man Omar Salas Zamora Romance 2021
The Third x x x
Soul Mate x x x
Everything I Like x x x
Paper Boys x x x
Feral x x x
Love Is Blind x x x
Adam In Fragments Omar Salas Zamora and Calvin Picou Crime 2022


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