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TypeSubscription independent film streaming service
FoundedMarch 2011
HeadquartersNew York City, New York, United States
Area served
United States, Canada
Key people
Philip Hopkins (President)
ProductsFandor: Keyframe:
ServicesIndependent Film Streaming Service
OwnerCinedigm (2021-present), Our Film Festival, Inc. (2011-2021)

Fandor is a film streaming service, dedicated to independent films, documentaries, international titles, and classics, and is a division of the American entertainment company, Cinedigm. Relaunched in 2021, Fandor offers thousands of films, ranging from silent films from the earliest years of cinema, up to current festival films. Fandor is offered as an Advertising Video on demand (AVOD)/Subscription Video on demand (SVOD) streaming service available on web, iOS, Android, and Roku; and as an Amazon Prime add-on channel; it is also available on Comcast Xfinity X1, Xfinity Flex, and YouTube TV.[1]


Fandor was founded in 2010 in San Francisco, California, by Dan Aronson, Jonathan Marlow, and Albert Reinhardt.[2] Fandor first announced its initial launch in 2011 at SXSW. Leadership has included former Facebook chief privacy officer Chris Kelly;[3] Ted Hope,[4] independent film producer and former director of the San Francisco Film Society; and Larry Aidem,[5] former Sundance Channel head. In 2018, Fandor announced the layoff of its staff and the sale of its assets to an undisclosed investment firm.[6]

In January 2021, Cinedigm, the American independent entertainment company, announced the acquisition of Fandor, with plans to relaunch the independent streaming service and digital editorial publication, Keyframe.[7] Cinedigm announced that Fandor would relaunch under the leadership of film producer, film archivist, and President of The Film Detective, Philip Hopkins.[7] Fandor returned to SXSW, ten years after its initial launch, to announce the next chapter of Fandor and the return of the service, dedicated to cinephile culture and independent filmmakers.[8]

In October 2021, Fandor launched its revamped independent streaming service, with a focus on independent films, documentaries, international titles, and classics.[9] The app is available on web, iOS, Android, and Roku. Fandor has remained available as an add-on channel on Amazon Prime since its initial launch in 2016. In November 2021, Cinedigm announced Fandor’s launch on Comcast Xfinity X1 and Xfinity Flex.[10]


Fandor offers over 1,300 independent films from dozens of genres and subgenres ranging from comedy, drama, and festival favorites, to Pre-Code, creature feature, film noir, j-horror, LGBTQ+, and vigilante.[11]

Fandor is available to stream for free with ads or via a paid premium subscription on the Fandor app, available across web, iOS, Android, and Roku. Fandor is also available as an add-on independent film focused channel on Amazon Prime, available for $3.99/month following a 7 day free trial. Fandor is also available on Comcast Xfinity X1, Xfinity Flex, and YouTube TV.[11]

Films and episodic titles available on the Fandor service include independent films, festival favorites, documentaries, international films, and classics. Films range through a variety of time periods, including silent films starring Mary Pickford, Buster Keaton, Douglas Fairbanks, and Charlie Chaplin, up to current festival films and independent titles including thrillers like Into Schrödinger's Box; and other features such as Distancing Socially, starring Rory Scovel, Jessika Van, Alan Tudyk, Melanie Chandra, Sarah Levy, Connor Paolo, Andy Buckley, and Jim O'Heir, dramas like A Girl Like Her and Our Father, shorts like Turducken, and documentaries like How to Start a Small Business and Opeka.[11]

The Fandor Festival Podcast

The Fandor Festival Podcast is a podcast dedicated to independent filmmakers, film festivals, and the exploration of cinema and is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, YouTube, and across multiple major podcast platforms. The podcast blends the talents of veteran morning radio personality and producer Hooman Khalili; entrepreneur, producer, and former Fandor executive Chris Kelly; and executive producer Bryn Nguyen.[9]

The Fandor Festival Podcast releases weekly episodes composed of interviews, such as racing from CEO and publisher Chaz Ebert, Noir Alley host Eddie Muller, Cassandra Peterson aka Elvira, filmmaker Camille Griffin, University of Michigan head football coach Jim Harbaugh, and celebrity chef Tyler Florence.[12]


Keyframe is Fandor’s digital publication dedicated to independent and international film. An extension of Fandor’s independent film streaming service, Keyframe publishes film reviews, written interviews, video essays, podcast episodes, and other written and video works connected to the art of filmmaking.[9]

Fandor features written and video works from a global community of filmmakers, film writers, film reviewers, video essayists, and cinephiles. Keyframe offers viewers curated recommendations in Weekly Watchlists, covering topics from director George A. Romero, to grindhouse filmmaking, spaghetti westerns, and 1980s slashers.[13]

Fandor Exclusives

Fandor offers various exclusive content, such as:

Fandor Premiere Date Film Title Synopsis
1/24/23 Yelling Fire in an Empty Theater Lisa, a recent college graduate, moves from Florida to New York City, into an apartment with an often-bickering couple, meeting new friends and experiencing the city.
2/15/22 Black Belt: Kuro-Obi The events take place in 1932 in Japanese-occupied Manchuria, where the corrupt leaders of the Japanese army are trying to take over all the Karate dojos /training halls for their own benefit. In the midst of the chaos, the master Eiken Shibahara dies before passing on the Kuro-obi/ black belt to his successor. Three of his pupils—Taikan,Giryu, and Chouei—have the task of deciding amongst themselves who deserves it most.
2/11/22 Hannibal Hopkins & Sir Anthony What destined this young boy from Wales to become the incarnation of absolute evil when he took on the role of cinema’s most notorious serial killer? This captivating documentary tells the lesser-known story of a well-known actor: two-time Academy Award winner Anthony Hopkins, whose career has spanned more than 60 years and 300 movies.
2/1/22 Maizidian Through the eyes of Greek photographer George Doupas, this beautifully shot documentary captures the experiences of nine expats from the U.S., Italy, Brazil, and beyond during the Covid-19 pandemic in China.
1/28/22 Break A young Japanese-American man crosses the line with the underworld element in Tokyo, while dealing with his own personal struggle of being an outsider trying to fit in with Japanese society.
1/21/22 Way of the Cross A faithless Filipino American FBI agent comes to the Philippines to bury his estranged Father but gets tangled in a case where a serial killer is murdering people according to the Stations of the Cross.
12/1/21 Distancing Socially Composed of a series of comical vignettes that share a telecommunications application as a common thread, Distancing Socially focuses on loosely connected human interactions – from food delivery to family drama – taking place virtually across a world in lockdown.
12/1/21 Into Schrödinger's Box In this daring psychological thriller, musician Sofia must cope with the stress and isolation of quarantine after her husband is infected with COVID-19. Upon the arrival of a mysterious woman named Lilith, Sofia's loneliness morphs into confusion, fear, and paranoia as her grip on reality falters.
11/26 A Girl Like Her Everybody’s dream girl. One girl’s nightmare. Based on a million true stories. 16-year-old Jessica Burns has a secret that she’s afraid to share with anyone except her best friend Brian Slater. For the past year she’s been bullied by Avery Keller, her former friend and one of the most popular and beautiful girls at South Brookdale High School. With Brian’s help and a hidden digital camera, the evidence of Avery’s relentless harassment is captured and finally exposed. But as Jessica begins to face her bully, the two girls reach a critical point and ultimately reveal there truly are two sides to every story.
11/19/21 The River The River is a documentary about how communication and purpose play into the success and failures of managing the homeless encampment in Aberdeen, Washington. Director Rick Walters, a 14-year US Army veteran, will go to The River to live with and talk with the displaced inhabitants and search for meaning in their experience, and catharsis for his own battles with addiction and security. Communication is key. We will look closely at the ways local government, the media, and the general population identify the problem, and how they communicate about it. What should we be doing? What ARE we doing? What can we do better? Whose problem is it? We will show how purpose drives the City Council, the police, social services, and the wide variety of people who live at The River.
10/22/21 Opeka Nobel Peace Prize nominee Father Pedro Opeka, an iron-willed Argentine priest, inspires hope for an entire nation by teaching people living in Madagascar's largest landfill to build a highly functional city in the capital of their failing African country.
9/1/21 Our Father Beta (Baize Buzan) and Zelda (Allison Torem) don't have much in common, but after their father's suicide the one thing holding them together is a shared desire to find their uncle Jerry (Austin Pendleton), a "religious nut" who vanished thirty years ago. Finding several clues while clearing out his house, the two sisters go on a journey through Chicago to find him, and find him, they do. A comedic odyssey in an intimate package, OUR FATHER is an occasionally mournful look at how, in our desire to be taken care of, we sometimes forget to take care of each other.

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