AbemaTV, Inc.
Type of site
OTT platform
Available inJapanese
FoundedApril 1, 2015; 9 years ago (2015-04-01)
HeadquartersAbema Towers, 40-1 Udagawachō, ,
Area servedJapan
Key people
  • Susumu Fujita (President, and Representative Director of CyberAgent)
  • Hiroshi Hayakawa (Chairman, and Chairman, CEO, President, and COO of TV Asahi)
RevenueIncrease ¥13.56 billion (2024)
Operating incomeIncrease ¥24.80 billion (2024)
Net incomeIncrease ¥30.81 billion (2024)
UsersIncrease6.52 million per month (as of February 2023)[1]
LaunchedMarch 1, 2016 (2016-03-01)
(Early access)
April 11, 2016 (2016-04-11)
(Full launch)
Current statusActive

ABEMA (アベマ, often stylized as all caps) is a Japanese streaming service that launched on April 11, 2016, under the name AbemaTV.[2] It is majority-owned by CyberAgent, with a 55.2% stake, and TV Asahi, with a 36.8% stake, while the remaining ownership belongs to various other companies, mostly in the media and entertainment industry.

ABEMA primarily functions as an online television network, featuring multiple FAST channels that offer news, sports, entertainment programming, with the option to become a premium member to view past programs on demand.

Abema's headquarters at Abema Towers in Shibuya, Tokyo



CyberAgent and TV Asahi announced on March 31, 2015, that they would jointly establish a fixed-rate video distribution company called AbemaTV in April of that year.[3] The company became subsidiaries of CyberAgent, and Shun Fujita, the President of CyberAgent, was appointed as the President of AbemaTV.[3]

CyberAgent and TV Asahi launched the service on April 11, 2016, with some channels pre-released starting from March 1 of the same year. AbemaTV channels stream in real-time, similar to traditional linear TV, but missed programs can only be watched by becoming a premium plan member, which costs 960 yen per month.[4]

Though CyberAgent also owns a similarly-named social networking service called Ameba, they chose not to re-use the brand for AbemaTV due to the existence of a Canadian service called Ameba TV.[5] According to President Fujita, he wanted to convey that AbemaTV was a new and fresh service that was an extension of Ameba, which has been around for over 10 years. However, he also admitted that the name AbemaTV can be difficult to remember, pronounce, and often mistaken, stating that he himself occasionally misspeaks it.[6]

Established position in Japan

On May 7, 2017, AbemaTV's live show Win 10 Million Yen if You Beat Koki Kameda set a new record with 14.2 million views, causing the service's servers to crash. AbemaTV offered the match footage for free on a special website.[7] In December of the same year, AbemaTV announced that the 72 Hour Honne TV program featuring three former members of SMAP had garnered 74 million views.[8]

However, according to the financial statement as of September 30, 2017, AbemaTV recorded a net loss of 19.125 billion yen and a deficit of 28.38 billion yen in retained earnings.[9] Despite this, CyberAgent plans to continue investing in AbemaTV in the fiscal year 2018 and expand into peripheral businesses such as radio channel launch and broadcast of shopping programs.[9] The reason for disclosing the losses is to deter other companies from entering this field and also because the parent company, CyberAgent, is listed on the stock exchange and has a responsibility to explain to shareholders that the stagnant operating profit is due to the preemptive investment in AbemaTV, according to President Fujita.[10]

In January 2019, CyberAgent disclosed that Abema Premium had 358,000 subscribers, a 4.5-fold increase from the previous year, and that AbemaTV's app had been downloaded 37 million times. The service had a record of 9.18 million weekly active users (WAU) during the New Year's holiday period.[11] President Fujita explained that when AbemaTV started about three years ago, the plan was to create a linear TV service on the internet. However, almost all of the package content is available on-demand, with live streaming of news and sports being the only linear content. He also stated that AbemaTV's dramas are 95% on-demand. Fujita expressed his intention to strengthen the hybridization of linear and on-demand viewing in pursuit of user convenience.[11]

On February 25, 2019, AbemaTV began a trial service for viewers outside Japan, with the ability to watch from the United States, Australia, Thailand, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Brazil using the iOS/Android app.[12]

In January 2020, CyberAgent announced its Q1 earnings for the 2020 fiscal year (October to December 2019), stating that the media division was boosted by AbemaTV, with a revenue increase of 6.9% to 12.2 billion yen, although there was an operating loss of 5 billion yen. The number of paid members for Abema Premium increased to 593,000.[13]

As of March 4, 2020, AbemaTV reached 50 million cumulative downloads on its smartphone app.[14] When the service was launched in 2016, its goal was to achieve 10 million weekly active users who could be monetized through advertising; the company achieved this goal for the first time in 2019. After March 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic acted as a tailwind, and the number of weekly active users reached a record high of over 14.9 million in early April.[15]

In April 2020, AbemaTV changed its name to Abema, due to the diversification of services beyond linear streaming to on-demand streaming and other offerings.[16]

Investment in sports

On June 29, 2021, Abema announced that they would be live streaming 166 Major League Baseball games starting from July 1. The focus of the live streaming was on teams that included Japanese players, such as Shohei Ohtani's Los Angeles Angels. Out of the 166 games, 120 were available for free.[17][18] On March 31, 2022, Abema announced that they would continue live streaming games for the 2022 season, starting from the opening game on April 8. The service streamed a total of 324 games, including all games of the Los Angeles Angels, with 234 of them being available for free.[19] On March 22, 2023, Abema further announced that they would continue live streaming 324 games for the 2023 season, starting from the opening game.[20]

On November 16, 2022, Abema announced that it would livestream for free all 64 matches, including the qualifiers, of the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar starting from November 21, 2022.[21]

As the broadcasting rights fees for the FIFA World Cup have been increasing in recent years, many private broadcasters have reported losses since the South Africa tournament in 2010. As reported by The Asahi Shimbun on July 28, 2021; the domestic broadcasting rights fee for the 1998 France tournament, which was purchased solely by NHK, was 550 million yen, but the amount offered for the Qatar tournament exceeded 20 billion yen, and an agreement could not be reached on the price. As a "soccer enthusiast" who was concerned that the World Cup might not be viewable in Japan, President Fujita decided to pursue the acquisition of broadcasting rights.[22]

According to the official ranking of viewership by match that was announced, the "Japan vs. Croatia" match in the knockout stage on November 6 was the most watched, and the number of viewers immediately after the match exceeded 23 million. The second most watched match was the "Japan vs. Costa Rica" match in the group stage on November 17, and the third was the "Japan vs. Spain" match in the group stage on December 2. Abema explained that the number of viewers was counted as the "unique browsers" that accessed the site on that day, meaning that even if the same person accessed the site multiple times using different browser apps, they were counted as one person.[23]

On July 21, 2022, Abema announced a partnership with SPOTV NOW to stream the 2022-23 season of the Premier League. The service will live stream approximately one-third of all league games, or 114 matches, on Abema Premier, with some games available for free until the partnership was discontinued in January 3, 2024.[24] Additionally, on February 9, 2023, Abema announced a partnership with SKY PerfecTV! to live stream three games per match day for the remaining games of the Bundesliga this season, with some games also available for free.[25]

In 2023, Abema garnered a user base of 6.52 million people in February.[3] According to the Mobile Society Research Institute's survey in the same year, it achieved a recognition rate of 69.4%.[26] Additionally, the survey conducted by Dentsu DY Media Partners revealed that its usage rate stood at 34.4%.[27][28]

List of channels

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Channel name Date launched Description
ABEMA News 2016/3/1
  • 24/7 News Channel
  • Changes to ABEMA News Emergency during emergency broadcasts
ABEMA Special 1 2016/3/1
  • Streams various original programs, special programs, variety, anime and drama produced by AbemaTV
ABEMA Special 2 2016/4/11
  • An alternative channel to AbemaSPECIAL, also broadcasts various programs as the original channel
ABEMA Gold 2016/4/11
  • Streams special programs in addition to various Japanese and every movies, sports programs and other variety around the world
Drama and Film 2016/4/11
  • Streams various television dramas, movies and Tokusatsu that have aired in the past
C–World 2016/12/5[29]
  • Popular Chinese television dramas and movies
ABEMA Anime 1 2018/4/1[30]
  • 24/7 anime channel
  • Focuses on new anime that aired in recent years
  • Abema Anime 2 and Abema Anime 3 also runs irregularly to provide more channels for anime streaming
Anime LIVE 2018/4/1[30]
Everyone's Anime 2018/4/1[30]
  • Mainly streams family oriented anime and nostalgic or older anime
CM 2016/8/8
  • Streams only commercials published by AbemaTV
  • Comments are disabled for this channel
QUEST by Discovery 2019/5/1
  • Channel in collaboration with Discovery Japan,[31] mainly streams documentaries and other similar programs
MTV Hits 2016/4/11
  • Music videos for every music and songs around the world from MTV
  • Sometimes streams every dramas and reality shows around the world
  • This channel is now no longer Available
Hip-Hop[32] 2017/1/1
  • Streams hip hop music videos
  • Has a designated DJ for hip-hop music
ABEMA Radio 2017/11/20 (J-Wave Period)[33]
2017/12/1 (Full Launch)
  • Broadcasts 9 different radio channels across the nation
FIGHTZ[34] 2016/7/31
Sports[35] 2016/3/1 (First Launch)
2017/8/1 (Second Launch)
  • Streams various sports competitions and sports related programs
Keirin 2019/4/2
  • Streams live keirin competitions and keirin related content
Fishing 2016/3/1
  • Streams fishing related content
  • Available worldwide since April 2019[36]
Shogi[37] 2017/2/1
  • Streams shogi matches and shogi related content
  • Available worldwide since April 2019[36]
Mahjong 2016/3/1
Overseas ABEMA News 2019/2/25
  • Aimed at Japanese people who are overseas and out of the country as a news channel
  • Unavailable domestically within Japan[38]

Other Channels

These channels run on an inconsistent schedule

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