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Governing bodyFootball Federation of Burundi
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Football in Burundi

Football in Burundi has been affected by the civil war that broke out in Burundi.[1] Before that, Burundi football had been doing well.[2][3] Football is the most popular sport in Burundi.[4][5]


The football club Vital'O reached the final of the most prestigious African competition; Inter FC and reached the semifinals.[citation needed]

Just two nights before the war broke out in Burundi, the national team was in Guinea to play the host in the second leg of the playoffs to qualify for the African Nations Cup.[citation needed] The Burundian youth team reached the semi-final of the African Nations Youth Cup as well as qualifying in the World Youth Championship in Qatar.[citation needed]

In the Homeless World Cup, Burundi won the 2006 INSP Trophy, defeating Argentina in the final.[citation needed]

Saido Berahino is the most famous Burundian footballer.[citation needed]

League system




Primus Ligue
14 clubs


Ligue B : Bujumbura
7 clubs

Ligue B : Intérieur
11 clubs divided in 2 series, one of 6 clubs and one of 5 clubs

Women's football

Women's football in Burundi is growing in the country.[6]

Football stadiums in Burundi

# Stadium Capacity City Tenants Image
1 Intwari Stadium 10,000 Bujumbura
2 Stade Ingoma 10,000 Gitega


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