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The French basketball league system is a series of interconnected competitions for professional basketball clubs in France. The system has a hierarchical format with a promotion and relegation system between competitions at different levels. Some of the competitions are: the LNB Pro A, LNB Pro B, Nationale Masculine 1 (NM1), the Nationale Masculine 2 (NM2), the Nationale Masculine 3 (NM3), and the LNB Espoirs.

The competitions

Level League
1 LNB Pro A
National 1st division (professional)
(18 teams)
2 LNB Pro B
National 2nd division (professional)
(18 teams)
3 Nationale Masculine 1 (NM1)
National 3rd Division (Professional)
(28 teams in 2 groups)
4 Nationale Masculine 2 (NM2)
National 4th division (Professional)
(56 teams in 4 groups)
5 Nationale Masculine 3 (NM3)
National 5th division (amateur)
(144 teams in 12 groups)
LNB Espoirs
Under-21 age group

Other competitions

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