Turkish basketball league system
Promotion and relegationYes
National system
FederationTurkish Basketball Federation
ConfederationFIBA Europe
Top divisionSuper League
Second divisionFirst League
Cup competition
Basketball in Turkey

The Turkish basketball league system or Turkish basketball league pyramid, is a series of interconnected competitions for professional basketball clubs in Turkey. The system has a hierarchical format with a promotion and demotion system between competitions at different levels. There are currently five different competitions on the pyramid: the 1st-tier Turkish Basketball Super League (BSL), the 2nd-tier Turkish Basketball First League (TBL), the 3rd-tier Turkish Basketball Second League (TB2L), the 4th-tier Turkish Men's Regional Basketball League (EBBL), and the 5th-tier Men's University League (Ünilig).

The tier pyramid

Level League
1 Basketball Super League (BSL)
(formerly known as Turkish Basketball League (TBL))
National 1st Division
(16 teams)
2 Turkish Basketball League (TBL)
(formerly known as Turkish Basketball Second League (TB2L))
National 2nd Division
(16 teams)
3 Turkish Basketball 2. League (TB2L)
(formerly known as Turkish Basketball Third League (TB3L))
National 3rd Division
(39 teams in three 10 team groups and one 9 team group)
4 Turkish Men's Regional Basketball League [tr] (EBBL)
National 4th Division
(25 teams in five 4 team groups and one 5 team group)

Other competitions

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