Association Football is the leading sport in Martinique which is an overseas department of France. Several of France's leading footballers are of Martinique heritage, including Thierry Henry and Raphaël Varane.

The Martinique national football team are associate members of CONCACAF the North American federation. The team compete in CONCACAF competitions, such as the Gold Cup, but are not a member of FIFA as they are not a Sovereign State.

League system

Level League(s)/Division(s)
1 Division d'Honneur
14 clubs
2 Promotion d'Honneur Régionale
14 clubs
3 Promotion d'Honneur
14 clubs
4 Première Division
15 clubs divided in 2 series, one of 8 clubs and one of 7 clubs

Stadiums in Martinique

Stadium Country Capacity
Stade Pierre-Aliker Martinique 16,300