The Global Security Initiative (GSI, Chinese: 全球安全倡议) is an initiative proposed by Chinese Communist Party general secretary Xi Jinping during the annual Boao Forum on 21 April 2022.[1][2][3][4] Officially, the initiative is meant to "uphold the principle of indivisible security, build a balanced, effective and sustainable security architecture, and oppose the building of national security on the basis of insecurity in other countries."[4]


The GSI identifies six commitments: (1) common, comprehensive, cooperative, and sustainable security; (2) respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity of all countries; (3) abiding by the purpose and principles of the UN Charter; (4) taking the security concerns of all countries seriously; (5) peacefully resolving disputes between countries through dialogue; and (6) maintaining security in both traditional and non-traditional fields.[5]: 158  The principles outlined by the Global Security Initiative are long-standing elements of China's security policy.[5]: 158 

Articulations of the Global Security Initiative have included little operational detail.[5]: 158  It has been described as a "concrete manifestation" of Xi Jinping Thought on Diplomacy.[6]

China issued a further statement of the initiative, outlining principles, priorities and platforms, in a concept paper on 21 February 2023.[7][8]


Critics have described the GSI as a way of increasing China's global influence.[2][1]

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