ISO 843 is a system for the transliteration and/or transcription of Greek characters into Latin characters.[1]

It was released by the International Organization for Standardization in 1997. The transcription table is based on the first edition (1982) of the ELOT 743 transcription and transliteration system created by ELOT and officially adopted by the Greek government. The transliteration table provided major changes to the original one by ELOT, which in turn aligned to ISO 843 for the second edition of its ELOT 743 (2001).

1997 edition

Transliteration (Type 1)

Greek Latin Unicode Notes
Hex Dec
Α α A a
Ά ά Á á 00C1 00E1 193 225
Β β V v
Γ γ G g
Δ δ D d
Ε ε E e
Έ έ É é 00C9 00E9 201 233
Ζ ζ Z z
Η η Ī or ī or 012A 012B 298 299
Ή ή Ī́ or ͯ ī́ or í¯ Ī+0301 ī+0301 Ī+769 ī+769 combining acute accent
Θ θ TH
Ι ι I i
Ί ί Í í 00CD 00ED 205 237
Ϊ ϊ Ï ï 00CF 00EF 207 239
ΐ 1E2F 7727
Κ κ K k
Λ λ L l
Μ μ M m
Ν ν N n
Ξ ξ X x
Ο ο O o
Ό ό Ó ó 00D3 00F3 211 243
Π π P p
Ρ ρ R r
Σ σ, ς S s
Τ τ T t
Υ υ Y y
Ύ ύ Ý ý 00DD 00FD 221 253
Ϋ ϋ Ÿ ÿ 0178 00FF 376 255
ΰ ÿ́ ÿ+0301 ÿ+769 combining acute accent
Φ φ F f
Χ χ CH
Ψ ψ PS
Ω ω Ō or ō or 014C 014D 332 333
Ώ ώ or Ó¯ or ó¯ 1E52 1E53 7762 7763


Transcription (Type 2)

ISO 843 also includes a system for transcription, referred to as "Type 2" in the protocol.

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Notes and references

  1. ^ ISO 843:1997, International Organization for Standardization