Indiana is in the Great Lakes region of the U.S., in the northeastern-central part of the country.
Location of the state of Indiana in the United States, highlighted in red.
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The Indiana Register of Historic Sites and Structures was created in 1981 by the Indiana General Assembly. The Survey and Registration Section of the Indiana Division of Historic Preservation and Archaeology oversees this state register. All places within Indiana that are listed on the National Register of Historic Places are automatically on Indiana's Register. Additional sites are on the state register, as the state's register does not require as many documents and sources for inclusion.[1]

State register

The following is a list of historic sites on the Indiana register, but not the national register.[2] For a list of historic sites on both the national register and the state register, see National Register of Historic Places listings in Indiana.

Name Image Location County Description
Bash Building Fort Wayne
41°04′53″N 85°08′29″W / 41.0813°N 85.1413°W / 41.0813; -85.1413 (Bash Building)
Montgomery and Edith Beaver House Fort Wayne
41°03′37″N 85°08′48″W / 41.0604°N 85.1467°W / 41.0604; -85.1467 (Montomergy and Edith Beaver House)
Fox Island Nature Preserve Archaeological District Fort Wayne
41°01′09″N 85°14′13″W / 41.0193°N 85.2370°W / 41.0193; -85.2370 (Fox Island Nature Preserve Archaeological District)
William and Louise Thiel House Fort Wayne
41°04′43″N 85°09′41″W / 41.0787°N 85.1615°W / 41.0787; -85.1615 (William & Louise Thiel House)
Lambert-Noblitt House Columbus
39°13′03″N 85°55′20″W / 39.2174°N 85.9221°W / 39.2174; -85.9221 (Lambert-Noblitt House)
Issac and Lula Breeding Farm Edinburgh
39°19′05″N 85°57′17″W / 39.318°N 85.9546°W / 39.318; -85.9546 (Issac and Lula Breeding Farm)
George and Elizabeth Newlin House Columbus
39°13′44″N 85°55′13″W / 39.2288°N 85.9204°W / 39.2288; -85.9204 (George and Elizabeth Newlin House)
Howard School Perry Township
39°55′51″N 86°22′57″W / 39.9309°N 86.3825°W / 39.9309; -86.3825 (Howard School)
Jacob Jones House Lebanon
40°02′58″N 86°28′07″W / 40.0495°N 86.4687°W / 40.0495; -86.4687 (Jacob Jones House)
Jackson Township School Gymnasium Camden
40°36′36″N 86°32′16″W / 40.6100°N 86.5378°W / 40.6100; -86.5378 (Jackson Township School Gymnasium)
Carroll County Bridge #85 Delphi
40°35′42″N 86°40′43″W / 40.5951°N 86.6787°W / 40.5951; -86.6787 (Carroll County Bridge #85)
Carroll Also known as the Paint Creek Bridge.
Reed Case House Delphi
40°35′30″N 86°40′50″W / 40.5917°N 86.6805°W / 40.5917; -86.6805 (Reed Case House)
Law Offices and Pharos Newspaper Building Logansport
40°45′16″N 86°21′57″W / 40.7545°N 86.3659°W / 40.7545; -86.3659 (Law Offices and Pharos Newspaper Building)
People's Bank Building Logansport
40°45′08″N 86°22′00″W / 40.7521°N 86.3667°W / 40.7521; -86.3667 (People's Bank Building)
Walton-Tipton Township Public Library Walton
40°39′40″N 86°14′34″W / 40.6611°N 86.2427°W / 40.6611; -86.2427 (Walton-Tipton Township Public Library)
Montrose (John McCulloch House) Clarksville
38°18′18″N 85°46′36″W / 38.3051°N 85.7767°W / 38.3051; -85.7767 (Montrose (John McCulloch House))
Schwartz-Voigt Farm Jeffersonville
38°20′23″N 85°41′26″W / 38.3398°N 85.6906°W / 38.3398; -85.6906 (Schwartz-Voigt Farm)
Avery House Frankfort
40°16′51″N 86°31′00″W / 40.2808°N 86.5166°W / 40.2808; -86.5166 (Avery House)
Mary Ann Cole Archaeological Site Leavenworth
38°10′58″N 86°19′41″W / 38.1827°N 86.3280°W / 38.1827; -86.3280 (Mary Ann Cole Archaeological Site)
Wolber-Stryker Stone Wall Lawrenceburg
39°07′38″N 84°54′36″W / 39.1272°N 84.9099°W / 39.1272; -84.9099 (Wolber-Stryker Stone Wall)
Second Dearborn County Courthouse and Offices Wilmington
39°03′45″N 84°56′43″W / 39.0624°N 84.9454°W / 39.0624; -84.9454 (Second Dearborn County Courthouse and Offices)
Charles Zoller House Greensburg
39°20′11″N 85°28′47″W / 39.3363°N 85.4797°W / 39.3363; -85.4797 (Charles Zoller House)
Altona Baptist Church Altona
41°21′04″N 85°09′23″W / 41.3511°N 85.1563°W / 41.3511; -85.1563 (Altona Baptist Church)
Samuel DePew House Richland Township
41°22′50″N 85°10′16″W / 41.3806°N 85.1712°W / 41.3806; -85.1712 (Samuel DePew House)
Keyser Township District School 5 Garrett
41°19′48″N 85°08′07″W / 41.3301°N 85.1352°W / 41.3301; -85.1352 (Keyser Township District School 5)
Robert Lindsey Bartlett House Salem Township
40°05′45″N 85°34′18″W / 40.0958°N 85.5717°W / 40.0958; -85.5717 (Robert Lindsey Bartlett House)
High Street United Methodist Church Muncie
40°11′32″N 85°23′18″W / 40.1922°N 85.3882°W / 40.1922; -85.3882 (High Street United Methodist Church)
McCain Archaeological Site Dubois
Johann Bernard Woebkenberg Farm Dubois
Dale-Zook House Elkhart
Elkhart River Race Industrial District Elkhart
Phelps House/Knickerbocker Weddings Elkhart
P. H. and F. M. Roots Company Factory Fayette
J.D. Fine Boggs House Fountain
Alley Ford Bridge #48 Franklin
Grass Creek Railroad Depot Fulton
Jasper Newton Davidson House Gibson
Moore Rockshelter Archaeological Site Gibson
Moss Opera House Greene
Arcadia Depot Hamilton
Carmel Monon R.R. Depot Hamilton
Forest Park Log Cabin Hamilton
Old Carmel Library Hamilton
S. Waltz Farm Hamilton
Leora Brown School Corydon Harrison
Squire Boone Gristmill Mauckport
38°3′51″N 86°8′4″W / 38.06417°N 86.13444°W / 38.06417; -86.13444 (Squire Boone Gristmill)
Harrison Grist mill of Daniel Boone's brother Squire Boone
Walker School (Lincoln Township District School #1) Brownsburg Hendricks
North Salem Commercial Historic District Hendricks
Wabash & Erie Canal Huntington
William Ferris House Jay
Redkey City Building Jay
Butler Elementary School Jennings
Jennings County Carnegie Library Jennings
Grafton-Peek Building Johnson
William Barringer Brown House Lake
Wicker Memorial Park Lake
Martin and Susan Wood House Lake
Charles Danitschek Log Cabin LaPorte
Haskell and Barker Car and Manufacturing Company LaPorte
Logan-Taylor House LaPorte
Long Beach Town Center Building LaPorte
Milwaukee Railroad Depot Bedford Lawrence
William Stickles Hotel Bedford Lawrence
Big Four Railroad Station Madison
Interurban Depot Number 10 Madison
Mendon Episcopal Church Madison
Brookside Building Indianapolis
39°46′54″N 86°07′22″W / 39.7816°N 86.1227°W / 39.7816; -86.1227 (Brookside Building)
Charity Dye School No. 27 Indianapolis
39°47′25″N 86°08′51″W / 39.7904°N 86.1474°W / 39.7904; -86.1474 (Charity Dye School No. 27)
Charles W. Fairbanks House Indianapolis
39°48′35″N 86°09′26″W / 39.8097°N 86.1573°W / 39.8097; -86.1573 (Charles W. Fairbanks House)
Chicago, Indianapolis, & Louisville Railroad Bridge #B178.9 Indianapolis
39°49′13″N 86°08′12″W / 39.8203°N 86.1366°W / 39.8203; -86.1366 (Chicago, Indianapolis, & Louisville Railroad Bridge #B178.9)
Daubenspeck Farm Indianapolis
39°55′02″N 86°11′07″W / 39.9173°N 86.1852°W / 39.9173; -86.1852 (Daubenspeck Farm)
Edwards-Aufderheide House Indianapolis
39°52′58″N 86°09′15″W / 39.8828°N 86.1542°W / 39.8828; -86.1542 (Edwards-Aufderheide)
First German Reformed Church & School Indianapolis
39°46′53″N 86°06′43″W / 39.7815°N 86.1120°W / 39.7815; -86.1120 (First German Reformed Church & School)
Fisher House (Indianapolis) Indianapolis
39°51′47″N 86°10′45″W / 39.8630°N 86.1791°W / 39.8630; -86.1791 (Fisher House)
Florence Fay School No. 21 Indianapolis
39°45′34″N 86°06′57″W / 39.7594°N 86.1158°W / 39.7594; -86.1158 (Florence Fay School No. 21)
Fowler-Mundy Pioneer Cemetery Indianapolis
39°39′37″N 86°12′21″W / 39.6603°N 86.2058°W / 39.6603; -86.2058 (Fowler-Mundy Pioneer Cemetery)
General Motors Buick Showroom Building Indianapolis
39°47′04″N 86°09′28″W / 39.7844°N 86.1579°W / 39.7844; -86.1579 (General Motors Buick Showroom Building)
Holy Cross–Westminster Historic District Indianapolis
39°46′16″N 86°08′01″W / 39.7712°N 86.1335°W / 39.7712; -86.1335 (Holy Cross–Westminster Historic District)
Hotel Barton Indianapolis
39°46′27″N 86°09′14″W / 39.7743°N 86.1538°W / 39.7743; -86.1538 (Hotel Barton)
Indiana Dental College Building Indianapolis
39°46′11″N 86°09′17″W / 39.7696°N 86.1547°W / 39.7696; -86.1547 (Indiana Dental College Building)
Indianapolis Automobile Industry Thematic District Indianapolis, Speedway
(various locations)
Julius Gally Wines & Cigars Indianapolis
39°46′49″N 86°09′02″W / 39.7802°N 86.1505°W / 39.7802; -86.1505 (Julius Gally Wines & Cigars)
Kassebaum Building Indianapolis
39°52′13″N 86°08′33″W / 39.8704°N 86.1426°W / 39.8704; -86.1426 (Kassebaum Building)
Lawrence High School (Indiana) Lawrence
39°50′24″N 86°01′19″W / 39.8401°N 86.0219°W / 39.8401; -86.0219 (Lawrence High School)
Minnie Hartmann School No. 78 Indianapolis
39°46′24″N 86°06′11″W / 39.7732°N 86.1030°W / 39.7732; -86.1030 (Minnie Hartmann School No. 78)
Oliver P. Morton School No. 29 Indianapolis
39°47′47″N 86°08′40″W / 39.7963°N 86.1444°W / 39.7963; -86.1444 (Oliver P. Morton School No. 29)
Paul C. Stetson School No. 76 Indianapolis
39°48′35″N 86°08′40″W / 39.8096°N 86.1444°W / 39.8096; -86.1444 (Paul C. Stetson School No. 76)
Reuben Wells Indianapolis
The Children's Museum of Indianapolis
39°48′39″N 86°9′27″W / 39.81083°N 86.15750°W / 39.81083; -86.15750 (Reuben Wells Locomotive)
Spring Valley Cemetery Lawrence
39°51′30″N 86°00′39″W / 39.8584°N 86.0108°W / 39.8584; -86.0108 (Spring Valley Cemetery)
West Park Christian Church Indianapolis
39°45′58″N 86°12′16″W / 39.7662°N 86.2044°W / 39.7662; -86.2044 (West Park Christian Church)
Culver Railroad Station Marshall
District #3 Schoolhouse Marshall
Immanuel Lutheran Church Marshall
Lewis Brooks Home Martin
Paw Paw Church & Cemetery Miami
Saint Charles Borromeo Catholic Church Miami
Borland House & Furst Quarry Monroe
John Campbell House Monroe
North Indiana Avenue Historic District Monroe
Montgomery County Bridge #49 Montgomery
Jones Schoolhouse Morgan
Newton County Bridge #57 The Conrad Bridge
41°06′11.2″N 87°26′58.3″W / 41.103111°N 87.449528°W / 41.103111; -87.449528
Wilmot Milling Company Noble
David Brown House Ohio
Jeffrey and Janet Pickett Log House Ohio
James Alverson House Owen
J.J. Daniels House Parke J.J. Daniels House and former Rockville Motel
Governor Joseph Albert Wright House Parke
Clarence H. Martin House Porter
Bone Bank Archaeological Site Posey
Hovey Lake-Klein Archeological Site 37°49′49″N 87°57′13″W / 37.83028°N 87.95361°W / 37.83028; -87.95361 (Hovey Lake-Klein Archeological Site) Posey Archaeological site of the Mississippian culture
Medaryville Calaboose Pulaski
Highnote House Putnam
Julian Family Home Putnam
John Eckert & Sons Hardware Store Ripley
Hackleman Log Cabin Rush
Downtown South Bend Multiple Resources Area South Bend St. Joseph
Union Station (South Bend) South Bend St. Joseph
Daniel Ward House St. Joseph
Vevay Historic District Switzerland
Agriculture Hall Tippecanoe
Joseph Hawkins House Tippecanoe
Hawkins-Bower House Tippecanoe
Levi & Lucy Morehouse Farm Tippecanoe
John Purdue Block Tippecanoe
Downtown Evansville Multiple Resource Area Vanderburgh
Old Fellows Temple Terre Haute Vigo
Alfred Pegg House Vigo
U.S. Trust Company Building Vigo
Hopewell Church Wabash
Presbyterian Church of Williamsport Williamsport Warren
Livonia Presbyterian Church Livonia Washington
Salem Presbyterian Church Salem Washington
Charles Deam House & Arboretum Wells
Leaman-Stewart Farm Whitley
Jonas Nolt Homestead Whitley
Swihart House Whitley

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