Iron Patriot
Terrence Rhodes as Iron Patriot. Art by Mike Perkins.
Publication information
PublisherMarvel Comics
First appearanceDark Avengers #1 (March 2009)
Created byBrian Michael Bendis (writer)
Mike Deodato (artist)
In-story information
Alter egoNorman Osborn
Harry Osborn
Rhodey Rhodes
Sarah Garza
Toni Ho
Sharon Carter
Robert Maverick
Terrence Rhodes
Notable aliasesAmerican Son
Iron Hulk
  • Superhuman strength and durability
  • Supersonic flight
  • Flamethrowers
  • Energy repulsor and missile projection
  • Regenerative life support

The Iron Patriot is a patriotism-themed exoskeleton used by several fictional characters appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

Publication history

The concept of the Iron Patriot, which is meant to evoke Iron Man and Captain America, first appeared in Dark Avengers #1 (March 2009) and was created by Brian Michael Bendis and Mike Deodato.

Fictional history

Norman Osborn

Main article: Norman Osborn

Norman Osborn as Iron Patriot. Art by Adi Granov.

Norman Osborn donned the original Iron Patriot armor during the Dark Reign storyline to exert his authority as "commander" of H.A.M.M.E.R. and the Dark Avengers while using Oscorp's resources.[1] However, the Iron Patriot's star-shaped Uni Beam projector had a less powerful output.[2] Unsurprisingly, Osborn's activities as the Iron Patriot have been jeopardized by the original Avengers: Osborn gets tricked into attacking Tony Stark,[3] and when the New Avengers led by Captain America used the Iron Patriot's tracking device on Luke Cage as a trick to destroy his own house.[4] During Osborn's invasion of Asgard on the grounds of a national security threat, the Iron Patriot is disabled during Osborn's fight with Steve Rogers, revealing Osborn's Green Goblin-like face paint.[5] When Rogers, Stark and Thor transfer him to the Raft penitentiary, Osborn blames his Goblin alter-ego for ruining his chance to protect America as the Iron Patriot.[6]

Rhodey Rhodes

Main article: War Machine

James "Rhodey" Rhodes temporarily wore the Iron Patriot armor during the Iron Patriot series.[7][8]

Sarah Garza

Main article: Scorcher (character)

Sarah Garza is an Inhuman who able to generate powerful explosions of energy with her Iron Patriot armor used as a regulator suit, and a rookie member to the Secret Avengers.[9][10]

Terrence Rhodes

Terrence Rhodes[a] is the father of James Rhodes and Jeanette Rhodes, and the grandfather of Lila Rhodes. He provided support for his family and uses the Iron Patriot battlesuit to help stop a conspiracy to which he sacrifices himself.[8]

Toni Ho

Main article: Toni Ho

Dr. Toni Ho wore two versions of her own Iron Patriot armor as a member of the U.S. Avengers; a standard version,[11] and a heavy combat variation.[12][13]

Sharon Carter

Main article: Sharon Carter

Sharon Carter briefly wore the Iron Patriot armor to combat Selene.[14]



Other versions

American Son

The American Son is another patriotic-themed exoskeleton used by Harry Osborn during the "Dark Reign" storyline,[17] and later by Gabriel Stacy.[18]

Iron Patriot Drones

The Iron Patriot Drones make occasional appearances.

One is seen during the Fear Itself storyline to assists the New Avengers, but the Iron Patriot is vaporized by the Red Skull's powers.[19]

Another is seen during the Marvel NOW! event. At a weapons expo, the Iron Patriot now has a low-level A.I. and ends up stolen by A.I.M. for the Scientist Supreme's plans, but is almost interrupted by Nick Fury Jr. and Daisy Johnson.[20] An Iron Patriot army of sentient drones controlled by Marvin Flumm were used to incriminate the United States in international attacks, such as a framed attack on Iran where the Hulk is sent in response.[21] S.H.I.E.L.D. uses holographic communication to hack into the A.I.M. network so the Iron Patriot Drones can understand these programmed actions are wrong.[7]

The Iron Patriot Drones are next seen during the "Inhumanity" storyline as the Secret Avengers' support.[9] However, one is seen during the Iron Patriot series where it is utilized by Terrence Rhodes.[8]

Iron Hulk

The Iron Hulk is an alias used by Robert Maverick / Red Hulk.[22]

Hydra Supreme / Civil Warrior

A variation of Steve Rogers created by the Cosmic Cube utilized elements of Tony Stark's armor in order to control Hydra as the Hydra Supreme / Civil Warrior,[23] which would later be utilized by Veronica Eden.[24]

Ultimate Marvel

The Ultimate Marvel equivalent of the Iron Patriot appears due to Tony Stark / Iron Man inspired by Steve Rogers / Captain America for the Ultimates.[25][26]

In other media



Video games


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