Kamareddy district
Temple at Domakonda fort
Temple at Domakonda fort
Location in Telangana
Location in Telangana
Kamareddy district
Country India
 • District CollectorShri Jithesh V Patil IAS
 • Parliament constituencies1
 • Total3,652 km2 (1,410 sq mi)
 • Total1,004,259
 • Density277.2/km2 (718/sq mi)
 • Literacy56.51
 • Sex ratio1033
Time zoneUTC+05:30 (IST)
Vehicle registrationTS–17[1]

Kamareddy district is a district located in the northern region of the Indian state of Telangana.[2][3] The district shares boundaries with Medak, Nizamabad, Sangareddy, Siddipet and Rajanna Sircilla districts and with the state boundary of Maharashtra and Karnataka.


The district is spread over an area of 3,652.00 square kilometres (1,410.05 sq mi) making it the 15th largest district in the state.[4] Kamareddy is bounded by Nizamabad district on North, Rajanna Sircilla and Siddipet districts to the east respectively, it is bounded on South by Sangareddy district and Medak district and on the West and South West by Nanded district and Bidar district of Maharashtra and Karnataka states respectively.


Religion in Kamareddy district (2011)[5]
Other or not stated

As of 2011 Census of India, the district has a population of 974,227. Kamareddy district has a sex ratio of 1033 females per 1000 males and a literacy rate of 56.48%. 111,966 (11.50%) was under 10 years of age. 123,622 (12.69%) lived in urban areas. Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes made up 153,678 (15.77%) and 81,956 (8.41%) respectively.[6]

Languages of Kamareddy district (2011)[7]

  Telugu (73.87%)
  Urdu (9.73%)
  Lambadi (7.57%)
  Marathi (3.89%)
  Kannada (3.23%)
  Others (1.71%)

At the time of the 2011 census, 72.87% of the population spoke Telugu, 9.73% Urdu, 8.57% Lambadi, 3.89% Marathi and 3.23% Kannada as their first language.[7]

Administrative divisions

The district has three revenue divisions of Kamareddy and Banswada and Yellareddy are sub-divided into 23 mandals.[4][8] Dr. A. Sharath is the present collector of the district.[9] village Babulgaon formerly under Sangareddy district was restored to Kamareddy district.

Kamareddy District Revenue divisions
Mandals in Kamareddy district
No. Kamareddy Banswada Yellareddy
1 Kamareddy Banswada Yellareddy
2 Bhiknoor Birkur Nagireddypet
3 Tadwai Nasrullabad Lingampet
4 Rajampet Bichkunda Gandhari
5 Domakonda Jukkal
6 Bibipet Pitlam
7 Machareddy Pedda Kodapgal
8 Sadashivnagar Madnoor
9 Ramareddy Nizamsagar
10 Palwancha

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