Banjari, Labanki
Native toIndia
Native speakers
4,857,819 (2011 census)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3lmn

Lambadi or Labanki is a language spoken by the once nomadic Lambadi Banjara people across India and it belongs to Indo-Aryan group of languages. The language does not have a native script.[2]

Regional dialects are divided between the Banjara of Maharashtra (written in Devanagari), Karnataka (written in the Kannada script), Tamil Nadu (written in the Tamil script) and Telangana, Andhra Pradesh (written in the Telugu script). Speakers are bilingual in either Telugu, Kannada, or Marathi.[citation needed]

Lambadi is also a type of graceful dance performed by the Banjari women while carrying metal pots on their heads. The women wore colorful dresses and beaded jewelry. [3]


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