Khasa Prakrit
Indian subcontinent
Linguistic classificationIndo-European

Khasa Prakrit (also known as Khas Prakrit, Sanskrit Khasa, Himalayan Prakrit, Northern Prakrit, Khas Kura) is a Prakrit language of medieval India, predominantly spoken in the Nepal.[1] It is considered to be an ancestor of Pahari languages, which includes Nepali, Kumaoni, and Garhwali languages.[2][3] Khasa Prakrit's dialects includes Doteli and Jumli language.

Indian linguist Suniti Kumar Chatterji suggests that Nepali language developed from Khasa Prakrit, however, some linguist disagree with Chatterji.[1] Khas Prakrit is named after the speakers of language, Khas people, who live in the Himalayas.[4]

Language comparison

Language Comparison
  Nepali Kumauni Kashmiri
  Masc Fem Masc Fem Masc Fem
I am chu chu chic chu thus ches
You are chas ches chai chi chukh chekh
He is cha che ch chi chuh cheh

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