پابندیاں , प्रतिबंध
Native toIndia, Pakistan
Native speakers
80,000 (2000–2002)[1]
Devanagari, Perso-Arabic
Language codes
ISO 639-3Either:
ssi – Sansi
kbu – Kabutra
Glottologsans1271  Sansi
kabu1254  Kabutra

The Sansi language, Sansiboli, or Bhilki, is a highly endangered Indo-Aryan language of the Central group. The language is spoken by the nomadic Sansi people.

Ethnologue sees it as a Hindustani language (Western Hindi).[1] Some sources also mention it as a dialect of the Rajasthani language.[2] Glottolog links it to Punjabi. Kabutra, spoken by a thousand people in Pakistan, is mutually intelligible.


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