Gujarati languages
Gujarat, Rajasthan, Sindh, Maharashtra, South India
Linguistic classificationIndo-European

The Gujarati languages are a Western Indo-Aryan language family, comprising Gujarati and those Indic languages closest to it. They are ultimately descended from Shauraseni Prakrit.[2]

Numerous Gujarati languages are transitional between Gujarati and Sindhi. The precise relationship, if any exists, between Vaghri, the Bhil languages, Wagdi, Rajasthani, and Bagri, has not been presently elucidated.

Language[a] Speakers[3] Region(s)
Aer 100 Sindh
Gujarati 46,857,670 Gujarat
Jandavra 5,000 Sindh and Jodhpur
Kachi Koli 500,000 Kutch and Sindh
Lisan ud-Dawat 8,000 Gujarat and Northeast Africa
Parkari / Koli Parkari 275,000 Sindh
Wadiyara Koli 542,000 Gujarat and Jodhpur
Saurashtra 185,000 Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka
Vaghri 3,660 Sindh
Vasavi 1,200,000 South Gujarat and Khandesh


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