Gujarati languages
Gujarat, Rajasthan, Sindh, Maharashtra, South India
Linguistic classificationIndo-European

The Gujarati languages are a Western Indo-Aryan language family, comprising Gujarati and those Indic languages closest to it. They are ultimately descended from Shauraseni Prakrit.[2]

Numerous Gujarati languages are transitional between Gujarati and Sindhi. The precise relationship, if any exists, between Vaghri, the Bhil languages, Wagdi, Rajasthani, and Bagri, has not been presently elucidated.

Language[a] Speakers[3] Region(s)
Aer 100 Sindh
Gujarati 46,857,670 Gujarat
Jandavra 5,000 Sindh and Jodhpur
Kachi Koli 500,000 Kutch and Sindh
Lisan ud-Dawat 8,000 Gujarat and Northeast Africa
Parkari Koli 275,000 Sindh
Wadiyara Koli 542,000 Gujarat and Jodhpur
Saurashtra 185,000 Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka
Vaghri 3,660 Sindh
Vasavi 1,200,000 South Gujarat and Khandesh


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