India, Pakistan, Iran, Oman
Linguistic classificationIndo-European

The Sindhi languages or Sindhic are Sindhi, its dialects and those Indo-Aryan languages closest to it.[1] They include some varieties traditionally considered to be Gujarati:

Language[a] Speakers[2] Region(s)
Sindhi 38,000,000 Sindh
Kutchi 1,031,000 Kutch and Sindh
Memoni 1,800,000 Kathiawar [Gujarat]
Luwati 30,000 Oman
Jadgali ? Dashtiari County (Iran)
Khetrani 100,000 Balochistan (Pakistan)
Kholosi 1,800 Hormozgan Province (Iran)

Lasi and Sindhi Bhil are sometimes added, but are commonly considered dialects of Sindhi proper.[3] It's not clear if Jandavra is Sindhi or Gujarati. Though Dhatki is a Rajasthani language, it is heavily influenced by Sindhi and Kutchi.[4]

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