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The location of the State of Colorado in the United States of America.
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This list of prehistoric sites in the U.S. State of Colorado includes historical and archaeological sites of humans from their earliest times in Colorado to just before the Colorado historic period, which ranges from about 12,000 BC to AD 19th century. The Period is defined by the culture enjoyed at the time, from the earliest hunter-gatherers, the Paleo-Indians, through to the prehistoric parents to the modern Native Americans.

There were more than 56,500 recorded prehistoric sites in Colorado by 1996.[1] Important historic and archaeological sites are registered nationally with the National Register of Historic Places (National register) and within the state's Colorado State Register of Historic Properties (State register). Most of the sites below are registered in one more both registers and was the source for most of the information for this section:[2][3]

Prehistoric sites in Colorado

# Site County Period Date range Site type Cultures Historic register Comments
35 Albert Porter Pueblo
(Site ID 5MT.123)
Montezuma, near Yellow Jacket Ancient Pueblo AD late 12th century - early 13th century Residential National, State McElmo Drainage Unit.
27 Anasazi Heritage Center
(Site ID 5MT.6599)
Montezuma, near Dolores Ancient Pueblo AD 1120–1200 Residential National, State
16 Ansel Hall Ruin
Dolores, near Cahone Ancient Pueblo Residential Northern San Juan National, State
91 Apishapa River area sites Otero, near Fowler Plains village AD 1000–1350 Residential Apishapa phase Sites include: Cramer, Canterbury, Snake Blakeslee, Juan Baca, Munsell.
56 Barger Gulch Locality B Grand, near Kremmling Early Paleo-Indian 14,999 - 9000 BC Camp National Not listed on the State Register site.
36 Bass site
(Site ID 5MT.136)
Montezuma, near Yellow Jacket Ancient Pueblo AD late 12th century - early 13th century Residential National, State McElmo Drainage Unit
78 Bayou Gulch Douglas, near Parker Early Archaic-Protohistoric BC - AD Campsite McKean complex
84 Bellwood site Pueblo, near Colorado City Plains Woodland AD 395–505 Residential Bellwood type site, Graneros phase, Arkansas River basin.
30 Bement site
(Site ID 5MT.4388)
Montezuma, near Mancos Ancient Pueblo AD 750 - 850
AD 1000–1150
Residential State
7 Bloomfield Site
(Site ID SME395)
Mesa, near Whitewater Archaic 8999 BC - AD 1799 Extractive National, State
73 Bradford House II
(Site ID 5JF51)
Jefferson, near Littleton Archaic, Prehistoric 499 BC - 1749 AD Residential National, State The state register reports occupancy from 3000 BC - AD 1540.
74 Bradford House III
(Site ID 5JF52)
Jefferson, near Morrison Archaic, Plains Woodland 4999 BC - AD 1000 Village National, State From the State register, at least five occupations (2 Archaic periods, 3 Plains Woodland).
17 Brewer Archaeological District
(Site ID 5DL.578)
Dolores, near Dove Creek Ancient Pueblo AD 1000–1300 Residential State
83 Calhan Paint Mines Archeological District
(Site ID 5EP.3258)
El Paso, near Calhan Archaic to prehistoric 499 BC - AD 1900 Campsite Cody complex, Duncan Complex, Apishapa culture National, State The State register shows historical significance starting about 8100 BC.
3 Cañon Pintado
(Site ID 5RB.984)
Rio Blanco, near Rangely Plains, prehistoric 500 - 1899 AD Campsite, Rock art Fremont, Ute National, State Visited by Dominguez-Escalante Expedition in 1776.
28 Canyons of the Ancients National Monument Montezuma and Dolores counties Paleo-Indian, Basket Makers, Ancient Pueblo 6000 BC - AD mid- 12th century Campsite, residential National, State Lowry Pueblo, Sand Canyon Pueblo and Roy's Ruin
48 Carnero Creek Pictographs Historical Site (La Garita)
(Site ID 5SH.48)
Saguache, near La Garita Prehistoric AD 1000–1749 Rock Art National, State Also a National Significant Archaeological Site.
4 Carrot Men Pictograph Site
(Site ID AR-05-101-98)
Rio Blanco, near Rangely Prehistoric 500 - 1499 AD Campsite National, State
1 Castle Park Archeological District
(Site ID 5MF.5803)
Moffat, near Dinosaur Prehistoric 1500 - 1000 BC
AD 1000–1899
Residential Fremont, Ute, Shoshone National, State
81 Cedar Point Village Elbert, near Limon Residential Dismal River culture
49 Chance Gulch Site
(Site ID 5GN.817)
Gunnison, near Gunnison Paleo-Indian, Archaic, Prehistoric 10,999 - 9000 BC
5500 - 6499 BC
AD 0 - 499
Campsite National, State
47 Chimney Rock National Monument
(Site ID 5AA.985)
Archuleta Ancient Pueblo AD 0 - 1500 Residential National, State
93 Claypool
(Site ID 5WL18)
Washington, near Otis Paleo-Indian 8000 - 5000 BC Campsite or kill site Clovis points, Cody complex The location is about 4 mi. e. and 19 mi. s. of Otis.
5 Collage Shelter Site
(Site ID 5 RB820)
Rio Blanco, near Rangely Prehistoric 500 AD - 1499 AD Campsite Fremont National
86 Colorado Millennial Site
(Site ID 5LA1115)
Las Animas, near Ruxton; Baca Paleo-Indian, Archaic, Woodland, Prehistoric 7000 BC - AD 1900 Camp, village, rock art National, State Sites: Hackberry Springs and Bloody Springs.
11 Cottonwood Cave
(Site ID 5MN.519)
Montrose, near Nucla 270 BC Residential State Large rock shelter, with the earliest finding of corn in Colorado.
18 Cowboy Wash Montezuma, near Cortez Ancient Pueblo AD 1150–1175 Residential
19 Crow Canyon Archaeological Center Montezuma, near Cortez Ancient Pueblo Before AD 1300 Residential
50 Curecanti Archeological District
(Site ID 5GN.1728)
Gunnison, near Gunnison Archaic 10,999 BC - AD 1749 Village National, State Many 5GN--- Site IDs.
43 Darkmold Site
(Site ID 5LP.4991)
La Plata, near Durango Archaic, Basket maker 220 BC - AD 750 Campsite, residential State
66 Dent site Weld, near Milliken Paleo-Indian 9200 BC Kill site Clovis
94 Dipper Gap
(Site ID 5LO101)
Logan, near Stoneham (about 30 m. nne.) Middle to late Archaic BC Campsite and residential McKean complex
14 Dolores Cave Montrose, near Uravan Pre-Pueblo, Ancient Pueblo, prehistoric 600 BC to AD 1400 Residential State
44 Durango Rock Shelters Archeology Site
(Site ID 5LP4134)
La Plata, near Durango Basket maker AD 0 - 1000 Campsite National, State
9 Ferganchick Orchard Rock Art Site
Delta, near Austin Western Archaic, prehistoric AD 0 - 1799 Work of Art Uncompahgre Complex, Ute National, State
58 Fourth of July Valley
(Site ID 5BL120)
Grand, near Tabernash Paleo-Indian, Archaic 7000 - 4000 BC Campsite, kill site, possibly residential James Allen, McKean cultures
67 Fowlers Parrish
(Site ID 5WL100)
Weld, near Orchard Paleo-Indian Bison kill and maybe butchery site Folsom culture
76 Franktown Cave
(Site ID 5DA.272)
Douglas, near Franktown Archaic, Ceramic,
and Protohistoric
6400 BC - AD 1725 Campsite, Residential National, State
6 Fremont Lookout Fortification Site
(Site ID AR-05-101-99)
Rio Blanco, near Rangely Prehistoric 0 - 1499 AD Campsite, fortification. Fremont National, State
61 Hatch site
(Site ID 5WL38)
Weld Agate Bluff site
20 Hawkins Preserve Montezuma, near Cortez Ancient Pueblo AD 1000–1150 Residential, Rock art
79 Helmer Ranch Douglas, near Waterton Early Archaic Campsite Mount Albion complex
21 Hovenweep National Monument
(Site ID 5MT.604)
Montezuma, near Cortez Ancient Pueblo 8000 BC - AD 1350 Residential, Rock art, Solar calendar National, State
70a Hungry Whistler Site
(Site ID 5BL67)
Boulder, near Ward Archaic Kill and butchery site Mount Albion On the slopes of Mount Albion.
85 Indian Petroglyphs and Pictographs
(Site ID 5PE.14)
Pueblo, near Penrose Prehistoric AD 1000–1499 Rock Art Ute National, State In Turkey Creek Canyon.
32 James A. Lancaster Site
(Site ID 5MT.4803)
Montezuma, near Pleasant View Ancient Pueblo Residential National, State Also called Clawson Ruin. McElmo Drainage Unit.
37 Joe Ben Wheat Site Complex
(Site ID 5MT.16722)
Montezuma, near Yellow Jacket Ancient Pueblo AD 1075–1300 Residential National, State McElmo Drainage Unit.
95 Jones-Miller Bison Kill Site Yuma Paleo-Indian 8000 - 8050 BC Bison kill and butchery Hell Gap complex
65 Jurgens Site
(Site ID 5WL 53)
Weld, near Kersey Paleo-Indian 7150 BC Bison butchery, campsite, residential Cody complex National, State
60 Kaplan-Hoover Site
(Site ID 5LR3953)
Larimer, near Windsor Archaic 999 - 500 BC Kill and butchery site National, State One of the largest communal kill sites, used seasonally.
63 Keota Stone Circles Archaeological District
(Site ID 5WL.662)
Weld, near Keota Paleo-Indian through prehistoric 6999 BC - AD 1799 Campsite, village National, State Also known as D. J. Shull Tipi Ring Sites.
72 Ken-Caryl South Valley Archaeological District
(Site ID 5JF.2758)
Jefferson, near Indian Hills 3000 BC - 1000 AD Campsites, residential, multi-sites
77 Lamb Spring
(Site ID 5DA.83)
Douglas, near Littleton Paleo-Indian 11,000 - 6500 BC Campsite Cody complex, others National, State
8 Land's End Aboriginal Site
(Site ID 5ME.1057)
Mesa, near Whitewater Archaic State
59 Lindenmeier site
(Site ID 5LR.13)
Larimer, near Fort Collins Paleo-Indian, Archaic, prehistoric 8600 - 8720 BC Campsite, residential Folsom National, State
75 LoDaisKa site
(Site ID 5JF.142)
Jefferson, near Morrison Archaic, Ceramic (woodland periods) 3000 BC - AD 1000 Campsite, residential National, State
31 Lost Canyon Archeological District
(Site ID 5MT.10435)
Montezuma, near Mancos Ancient Pueblo AD 1050–1300 Residential National, State
71 Magic Mountain site
(Site ID 5JF223)
Jefferson, near Golden Archaic, woodland 4999 BC - AD 1000 Campsite, residential National, State
2 Mantle's Cave
(Site ID 5MF1)
Moffat, near Dinosaur Prehistoric 499 BC - AD 1749 Residential, Rock art \ Petroglyph Fremont National, State
22 McElmo Drainage Unit
(many Site IDs)
Montezuma, near Cortez Ancient Pueblo AD 1075–1300 Pueblo National, State Cannonball Ruins, Roy's Ruin, Sand Canyon, Wallace Ruins and other sites.
23 Mesa Verde National Park
(Site ID 5MT.9790)
Montezuma, near Cortez Ancient Pueblo AD 550–1300 Residential, Rock art National, State
24 Mitchell Springs Archeological Site
(Site ID 5MT.10991)
Montezuma, near Cortez Ancient Pueblo AD 500–1000 Residential National, State
70 Mount Albion Boulder or Grand County Mount Albion complex
25 Mud Springs Pueblo
(Site ID 5MT.4466)
Montezuma, near Cortez Ancient Pueblo AD 1000–1499 Residential National, State Also called Toltec Springs.
29 O'Brien Site
(Site ID 5MT.5518)
Montezuma, near Dolores Ancient Pueblo AD 1075–1150 Residential State
Olsen-Chubbuck Bison Kill Site Cheyenne, near Firstview Paleo-Indian, Plains 8000-6500 B.C. Kill site Cody complex
57 Phillips-Williams Fork Reservoir Site Grand, near Parshall Paleo-Indian Campsite
Picture Canyon Baca Paleo-Indian, Plains Archaic, Plains Woodland, Apishapa culture Campsite, residential, rock art, solar calendar
89 Piñon Canyon Maneuver Site Las Animas, near Trinidad Rock art Over 50 structure sites, including La Placita.
33 Pigge Site
(Site ID 5MT.4802)
Montezuma, near Pleasant View Ancient Pueblo Residential National, State McElmo Drainage Unit.
54 Porcupine Peak Site
(Site ID 5ST98)
Summit, near Dillon Paleo-Indian, prehistoric 6999 BC - 1499 AD Village National, State
64 Powars
(Site ID 5WL1369)
Weld, near Kersey Paleo-Indian Campsite Folsom Near the Kersey site, i.e., Jurgens Site.
34 Puzzle House
(Site ID 5MT.11787)
Montezuma, near Pleasant View Pre-Pueblo, Ancient Pueblo AD 650 and twice between AD 1075-1225. Residential State
69 Rock Creek Site
(Site ID 5BL2712)
Boulder, near Boulder Archaic, Ceramic 5500-3300 BC,
AD 1-1550
Multi-component State
80 Roxborough State Park Archaeological District
(Site ID 5DA.343)
Douglas, near Waterton Paleo-Indian, Archaic, woodland 4999 BC - AD 1000 Campsite, residential National, State
38 Seven Towers Pueblo
(Site ID 5MT.1000)
Montezuma, near Yellow Jacket Ancient Pueblo AD 1150–1300 Residential National, State McElmo Drainage Unit.
10 Savano Valley Rock Art Site
(Site ID 5MN.5)
Montose, near Montrose Archaic, Protohistoric 1000 BC - AD 1881 Work of Art State
82 Smiley Rock shelter Elbert, near Limon Residential Upper Republican
42 Spring Creek Archeological District
(Site ID 5LP.1254)
La Plata, near Bayfield Basket maker, Ancient Pueblo, prehistoric 499 BC - AD 1824 Village Athabascan, Ute. National, State
12 Tabeguache Cave
(Site ID 5MN.868)
Montrose, near Nucla Residential State
15 Tabeguache Cave II
(Site ID 5MN.890)
Montrose, near Uravan Pre-Pueblo, Ancient Pueblo, prehistoric AD 600–1500 Residential State
13 Tabeguache Pueblo
(Site ID 5MN.1609)
Montrose, near Nucla Ancient Pueblo AD 1100 Residential State
45 Talus Village
(Site ID 5LP.4223)
La Plata, near Durango Basket maker Residential State
51 Tenderfoot Archaeological Site
(Site ID 5GN.1835)
Gunnison, near Gunnison Prehistoric State
90 Torres Cave Archeological Site
(Site ID 5AL1310)
Las Animas, near Villegreen Woodland AD 1 - 1500 Campsite Apishapa, Granersos, Panhandle National, State
88 Trinchera Cave Archeological District
(Site ID 5LA9555)
Las Animas, near Trinchera Archaic, Apishapa culture 499 BC - AD 1749 Campsite, residential National, State
52 Unnamed site
(Site ID 5EA484)
Eagle, near Basalt Archaic, Prehistoric AD 1000–1499 Campsite Ute National, State
41 Unnamed site 5MT4700 Montezuma, near Yellow Jacket Ancient Pueblo Residential National, State McElmo Drainage Unit.
87 Unnamed Sopris phase sites 5LA121, 5LA1416 Las Animas, near Segundo Plains village AD 1000 - 1225+ Residential Sopris
46 Ute Mountain Ute Mancos Canyon Historic District
(Site ID 5MT.4342)
La Plata, near Red Mesa and Montezuma Ancient Pueblo AD 500–1499 Residential National, State
92 Vogel Canyon
(Site ID 5OT.551)
Otero, near La Junta Prehistoric State
68 West Stoneham Archeological District
(Site ID 5WL.2180)
Weld, near Stoneham Paleo-Indian, Archaic, prehistoric 6999 BC - AD 1749 Camp, Residential National, State
62 Wilbur Thomas Shelter
(Site ID 5WL45)
Weld, near Carr Archaic, Woodland (ceramic) McKean complex
55 Windy Gap Archaeological site
(Site ID 5GA151)
Grand, near Granby Early Archaic
39 Woods Canyon Pueblo
(Site ID 5MT.11842)
Montezuma, near Yellow Jacket Ancient Pueblo AD 13th century Residential National, State
53 Yarmony House
(Site ID 5EA799)
Eagle, near Radium Paleo-Indian, Archaic, Ceramic 6499 - 1000 BC Residential Mount Albion complex, Archaic, Pinto, late prehistoric National, State At least 5 periods of occupation.
40 Yellowjacket Pueblo
(Site ID 5MT.5)
Montezuma, near Yellow Jacket Ancient Pueblo Residential National, State McElmo Drainage Unit.
26 Yucca House National Monument
(Site ID 5MT.5006)
Montezuma, near Cortez Ancient Pueblo AD 1100–1300 Residential National, State

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