The marathon race walk mixed relay is a racewalking mixed relay event over the marathon distance set to be contested at the 2024 Summer Olympics.[1][2]

World Athletics and the International Olympic Committee introduced the race in April 2023. Distance of the race is 42.195km. The relay involves two athletes, one man and one woman.[3]

Each athlete has to complete two legs each, alternating in this order: male 11.45km, female 10km, male 10km, female 10.745km.[4]

The first race, in order to qualify 22 teams for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, will be organised in Antalya, Turkey, during the 2024 World Athletics Race Walking Team Championships.[5] This new event is controversial - criticised by some but welcomed by others for the variation in pace and placement that a relay provides.[6] It was introduced to replace 50km race walk at the Olympics.[7]


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